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In the 20th century the term Parody Movie was the description of a funny and humorous spoof film. Its comical humor would make fun of existing popular movies, or sometimes even movies that were not so popular, but they where done in such comical ways that the audience did not need to know what the film's humor was based on. They where guaranteed to laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh, then stop laughing, groan, then resume laughing at things that were not meant to be laughed at.

However, in the 21st century, misfortune struck. As each parody film being released spewed out of Hollywood's ass, audiences went from being able to laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and moan, then laugh again to making the audience moan and moan and moan and moan and chuckle and moan and groan and leave the theater with a very bad taste in their mouth. Even Siskel's own sophisticated and delicately-constructed reviews we have come to expect from him are just as simple as every other underachiever who witnessed these movies: a review as simple as "Fuck, that sucked!".

When Parody Movies Meant Something[edit]


Slapstick comedy has been around since the days when Charlie Chaplin wrote his first screenplay and directed "Gone in the Windpipe," a story about a man named Richard who works in an underground Subway.The term "parody movie" was not invented until the late 1970's when a couple of Jew kids saw another Jews movie called "Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex... with minors". It was upon viewing this futile attempt at "slapstick humor" that they decided they would not let this guy ruin the reputation of Jews and make people think Jews are not capable of being funny (So a Jew gets a boner and walks into a wall, What part of his body does he break? His nose. That was funny the first time).

Before the world knew it, a young group of kids, 'Jim "The Dreidel" Abraham' and two brothers; 'Jerry' and 'David Zucker' began work on what was set to become the funniest f***ing thing on film 'til something even funnier came along! They began production on something titled "Closed For Renovations". The film was finished and they set out to find some shmucks who owned theatres to show the film in. Unfortunately, no one would show it unless they changed the title, because if people came along and saw "Closed for Renovations" on the theaters' "Now Showing" advertisement, they thought people just might take it that the theater was actually closed for renovation. So the Zucker/Abraham combo had to come up with a new name. They pitched the title ideas of "Free Popcorn", "KKK Meeting Here Today At 3" & "Walker, Texas Ranger", but were again were told that none of those titles would make any revenue. They came up with a sure winner while they ate lunch at their favorite fast food joint, and came up with the title McMovie. But, a certain fast food corporation claimed copyright to owning a large M and a small c next to each other in that order, so their attorneys informed them that another franchise had no copyright on their fast food trading name, so the movie was released as Kentucky Fried Movie.

Spacedballs: The chapter insert for visual pleasure.[edit]


The movie was released, seen, and got the laughs it intended to, proving that Jews can in fact make comedy movies. Soon other Jews started to give it a go, and comedic Jews spread like a plague, showcasing such names as Mel Brooks, and... ummm... well, okay, just Mel Brooks! More and more parody movies began to arise, such as classics "Blazing Saddles," "Young Frankenstein," "History of the World Part 1" and... euhh, that's about it. It was then that the Zucker/Abraham combo really hit hard with a movie considered to possibly be the greatest comedy ever made, "Airplane".

After "Airplane", the Abraham/Zucker trio, Mel Brooks and other Jews would make more classic parodies during the 1980's to early 1990's, with classic comedy titles such as "The Naked Gun", "Hot Shots", "Repossessed", "Silence of the Hams", "Spaceballs", "Robin Hood Men In Tights" and many more others. The parody movies enjoyed their fame as a goofy gag spoof at current and old films, and people were able to laugh and laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and laugh and laugh and laugh, and groan, then resume laughing some more, all the way until the end of the 21st century.

The Transition[edit]

Blast from my ass.jpg

Along the coarse of good parody films, there was also a bunch of attempts at parody that are best described as a pile of shit. Such movies as the late 80's attempt at a sequel to Kentucky Fried Movie called "Amazon Women on the Moon", and even worse attempts called "The Godson" and "Fatal Instinct". These where the mistake movies made by non-Jews attempting parody film making. This was meant to become outlawed at the end of 1999 to keep the reputation of parody films being funny; however, once Hollyweed financial advisers get their greedy little hands on something, they no longer care about quality comedy, they just wanna make a quick buck, and laugh in the face of the suckers who give it to them.

That's when in 2000, the last of the decent Parody movies where made. Scary Movie was released in 2000, directed by half the Wayans Brothers, and starring the other half. The movie was released to up and down reviews, but to most, the film was decent, and worthy of the title "funny". It was then that Hollywood realized, "we can actually make money off this sort of shit?" so they ordered the Wayans Brothers to do a sequel. At first they didn't want to, but they where offered a deal they could not refuse... free fried chicken on standby throughout production.

When Parodies Go To Shit[edit]


Once the sequel was out, it was reviewed as, "Euhh, okay, not as good" but made the Wayans a shitload of money. They where ordered to make a 3rd movie, but they said, "FUCK NO! We made us a million dollars, mother fucka', we be getting the fuck outta here and making us a real movie!", so the studios had no choice but to suck up to the Jews once again. However, the trio of the Fucker/Abraham where also in the same boat of "Pay us big money mother schmucker", but the studio would only agree to enough money to pay 1 of the trio, so the 3rd and 4th sequels where only 1 1/2 as good as it could have been. However, Scary Movie 3 & 4 did rake in a few million dollars... which gave Hollyweed the idea of; "FUCK HIRING TALENTED JEWS AND BLACK MOTHER FUCKERS TO WRITE COMEDY FOR US, WE WILL JUST RIP THE AUDIENCES OFF WITH BAD WRITERS WE DON'T HAVE TO PAY SHIT TO THEIR TALENTLESS ASS"

The next thing you know, every month a new "parody" movie is being released, and most of them are recognized by having a title with "movie" slapped on the end of it. Such hideous titles began to spew out of Hollywood's ass like a flow of unstoppable diarrhea; first came Epic Movie, then Teen Movie, Then Date Movie and just when it looked like Hollywood was done and beginning to stand up to wipe it's ass, it's stomach grumbled and it quickly sat back down and spewed out "Superhero Movie", "Crappy Movie", "Vampire Movie", "Movie Movie", "Shit Movie" and the liquid fecal flow is still blasting from the anus of Hollywood to this day like it has caught a classic case of amoebic dysentary.

Can the Damage Ever Be Un-Done?[edit]

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Many attempts have been attempted or meant to be attempted to be attempted to try and save the parody movie from Hollywood's greedy overflowing asshole. Unfortunately since Jerry Fucker won an Oscar for his sequel to "A Fish Called Wanda" titled "Scent Of a Woman", he has not wanted to make pocket change on the old classic parody game. It was the same story with Mel Brooks; he stated, "After that shit I did called 'Dracula Dead But Still Fucking It', I thought I had blown my career, but with the stage set to show The Producers and their movie, pheww, that was a close call, oy-vey! Now that I have money, FUCK your parody movies"

Even offering the Waynas brothers a life time membership to free KFC was not a good enough deal for them to return to working "parody". So where will the future of "parody movies" take us now? Will there ever be a time we can watch a parody film again, and enjoy it, and not maybe laugh once, or twice, but overall, not at all. As we now ride the waves of the new Millennium, suffering from the sounds of so called "music" and "entertainment" directed only at teeny-boppers because they are the only one's with the lack of enough braincells to be convinced that Lady Gaga can create music, Twilight is real literature, and Angelina Jolie only adopts foreign orphans because she is a media slut... we have to ask ourselves one thing; "Have the terrorists already won?"