Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

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Foster's BLOO'S Home for Imaginary Friends

The logo for Bloo's Home for Imaginary Friends.

What it is Cartoon
Creator John Lennon
Starring Sean Connery
Chris Crocker
Michael Jordan
Michael Jackson
Who's running it Fartoon Network No One
How long is it 44 minutes
No. of episodes 95, three movies
Would Oscar Wilde watch it? Hell yes.

Foster's Bloo's Home for Imaginary Friends is an American animated television series that aired on Cartoon Network in the mid-2000s. It takes place in some alternate universe where imaginary friends come into physical being once they are imagined by their lonely, reclusive creators.

The show's title seems to be derived from the fact that it revolves around a house owned by an infirm 105 year old woman named Madame Foster and her 22 year old granddaughter, Frankie Foster, who takes care of her. They take in imaginary friends who are no longer needed by their creators, due to the fact that they have grown up enough to make themselves a Facebook account and find themselves some real friends. The show also stars a kid named Mac and his imaginary friend Bloo, who both seem to live in Madame Foster's house. However, it is only Bloo who lives there.

The show proved to be popular with audiences, and was one of the few good shows after our beloved Cartoon Cartoons were taken away and replaced with shite like Squirrel Boy, My Gym Partner's a Monkey, and Camp Lazlo.



Mac is a boy with an oddly square-shaped head taking up the size of his body. He is seemingly the main character of the show, as he has appeared in almost every episode. Mac is responsible for the creation of Bloo, his imaginary friend. Mac can also get hopped up on sugar, and goes as far as running around naked. After getting I'd of Bloo, he turned to other means of entertainment to replace Bloo.


Mac and Bloo, having a pleasant conversation about birds.

Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo is a short, blue, phallic imaginary friend created by Mac. He is the show's comic relief, which says a lot. Like Mac, Bloo has appeared in most episodes in the series except for one in which he is kidnapped by the Blue Man Group, who make a guest appearance in the show. Bloo is well known for his stupidity and get rich quick schemes.


Coco is a bizzare imaginary friend who resembles some kind of mutant bird. She was created by accident by 2 nerds who at the time were debating what animal they should release their pent up sexual aggression on. Coco has been known to lay eggs at random times, resulting in hundreds of children.


Eduardo's alter ego, Potato Man, a hero to children all over Peru.

Eduardo is a large, hairy, behemoth-like imaginary friend with a Mexican accent and 2 large horns on his head. Despite his immense size, he is scared of almost everything in life. He likes potatoes for some reason. He was mistaken for a demon by the catholic church.


Wilt is a tall, red imaginary friend with an arm and a half, and one working eye, as a result of playing basketball against a rabid gorilla. He is known for being nice to a fault and being the world's greatest non-human basketball player. He was created by Michael Jordan just before the basketball tournament with said gorilla.


Terrance is Mac's abusive older brother. He has a mullet style haircut, which may imply that he's a closet homosexual. However, it is just thought he's lazy. He spontaneously exploded after a long battle against indigestion.

Madame Foster[edit]

Madame Foster is a senile 1005 year old woman and owner of Foster's, AKA her house that takes in "abandoned" imaginary friends. She too has an imaginary friend, an antrhopomorphic rabbit named Mr. Herriman who has a severe addiction to carrots, especially if they've been dipped in cocaine.

Mr. Herriman[edit]

Mr. Herriman is an old pompous imaginary friend who looks like a badger rabbit and speaks with a British accent. Herriman's creation could be the result of Madame Foster's trip to Great Britain and being "attacked" by the Easter Bunny when she was 4. He is known for his addictions to carrots dipped in cocaine.

Mr. H with Goo.


Frankie is Madame Foster's granddaughter. It is her job to take care of the imaginary friends, as well as her senile grandmother who has been known to hallucinate. After getting an advanced degree in child psychology, she got a job at her grandmother's place. She is very punk rock, according to Kurt Cobain and a rock. She also has an addiction to cookies so severe that she can devour an entire factory. She may seem somewhat like an enemy to Mac but a surrogate mother to Goo, and a big sister to all imaginary friends.


NOTE: Goo was added to the show because there were no black people on the show until her. Goo is a girl with an over active imagination and addiction to coffee and kittens. She is responsible for creating 1/3 of the imaginary friends who live in Madame Foster's house. Her biggest regret was accidentally creating Mecha Hitler in one episode, which sparked controversy to viewers (see controversy section).


Cheese was an imaginary friend created by some mentally-retarded criminal. He is addicted to cereal and chocolate milk (though strangely never eats them together). He also once found a carrot. It was once thought that he was Bloo's brother, because Mac found him in his bed and Bloo is a retard like him.


By far the worst best thing to happen to anyone or anything. Made by an irate French artist sometime in the 1930's in memory of his mother. She hates everything and only likes herself and filet mignon after being fried in black top. She also may like giving everyone makeovers, so they resemble herself more.


Karl was a grue who kidnapped Mac in one episode. He gave Mac back to Bloo after Karl found out Mac wasn't a grue, but a child with a square head. Karl eventually got adopted by Lady Gaga later on.

Criticism and Controversy[edit]

Foster's Home for Imaginary friends is often slammed by critics for featuring imaginary friends that you can actually SEE. As some people believe being imaginary is the same as being invisible, it may be noted that the characters aren't really imaginary friends, but monsters: Bloo could be a blue ghost, Eduardo could be a minotaur, Wilt could be some zombified basketball player, Coco could be a mutated ostrich. And Mr. Herriman... some sort of demon rabbit badger, I guess.

Mecha-Hitler Controversy[edit]

Hitler, after being summoned to watch Three Reichs, You're Out!.

Three Reichs, You're Out! was a controversial episode in which Goo creates Mecha Hitler, an abominable imaginary fiend, after watching too many WW2 cartoons. In the same episode, Mecha-Hitler begins turning everyone in the house into a robot to be his army- except for Goo, Mac, and Bloo. and maybe Duchess. Somehow, everyone survived, except for Mecha-Hitler, who was thrown into an oven and baked into a scrumptious queef loaf. Only Bloo ate it, and thought it tasted like old socks.

This episode became the subject of a lot of controversy from various Christian groups, as well as the Vatican for the episode's mention of Hitler and the fact that that one of the main characters in the episode was some incarnation, despite the fact that Mecha-Hitler was merely a caricature of the dictator. The main group that was outraged by the episode was P.A.H.O.T. (Parents Against Hitler On Television) who made it very clear that they did not want their teenagers seeing a man as evil as Hitler in any shape or form on television. As a result of the controversy, the episode was banned from television. However, bootleg versions of the episode can still be found on Youtube. The real Hitler temporarily rose from the dead to watch the infamous episode, only to die again from seeing how terrible it was. If you haven't seen it, don't bother.


After many instances of 6 year old children screaming for chocolate milk and sugar, and 500 tons of erotic Frankie fanart, Fartoon Network finally cancelled Foster's, amid much protesting from angsty 15 year olds, 56 year old hippies, and plain old weirdos. It was going to replaced with some piece of garbage called "Chowder", which doesn't feature imaginary friends, nor square headed children or anything worth watching. However, both shows were cancelled in favor of 30 minute long advertisements for sugar rolls, amid budget cuts. It is implied in the last episode of Foster's that nothing changed and everything got more boring. So you're not missing anything! Really! Now go watch something else like My Little Pony or something! Don't waste your life over a cancelled cartoon!