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The real-life actors of Regular Show.

Regular Show is an unfittingly-named cartoon created by Jay Gee Quintel. Unlike other shows on Cartoon Network, Regular Show is unique for its stoner-oriented humor and has received a surprisingly large amount of praise from adults.


violence is quite prominent on the show.

The show stars two friends named Mordecai and Rigby, who work as groundskeepers in the park. Most episodes revolve around them being lazy slackers and finding a way to ditch work so they can play video games. Unfortunately, they always screw things up and end up nearly destroying the world in an epic way. Due to the park's poor management, no humans work there. Only animals, monsters, and objects are prevalent in the park.



Mordecai is an insecure, six-foot tall blue jay who frequently gets himself in awkward situations with girls due to his lack of social skills. To make up for this, Mordecai owns Rigby at many things and constantly punches him in the shoulder to assert his dominance. Despite being a bird, Mordecai can't fly. He probably doesn't know he's a bird, but nobody cares to tell him. Between him and Rigby, he is the smarter one, though still pretty dumb.


Rigby (also known as Trashboat) is the loud, foul-mouthed, lazy-ass crybaby of the show. He is three years old but somehow fooled everyone into thinking he was 23. He is often talked down to by Mordecai because he owns Rigby at almost everything in life. He is the oldest of two siblings, including with his younger brother who is the size of an average adult man despite being a raccoon. This implies that Rigby is either a midget, or a completely normal raccoon while his brother is the bastard child of a raccoon and a human being.


Believe me: You don't WANT to eat gumballs from this thing!

Benson is a possessed gumball machine who enjoys bossing around Mordecai and Rigby and gets angered from almost everything. He is single and alone because of this. Benson has the annoying habit of turning red and going ape shit every time he finds his employees slacking off. If you eat his gumballs he will hunt you down. Seriously, he knows where you live! Let him in or you're fired!


Skips is a talking albino gorilla who is the smartest character on the show. He Is immortal and has lived for hundreds of years. His true name is Watts, though he changed it to Skips because of how he skipped with his fallen girlfriend. He is the only one who understands Benson's pain, and gets along with everyone. He is also naturally talented at all jobs in the park, making the other groundskeepers jealous of him. Still, Skips hates his life. This understandably sucks, considering he has been granted eternal youth. He fought in the Revolutionary War, American Civil War, World War 1, World War 2, Korean War, Vietnam War, and the Gulf War.


Pops is an optimistic and enthusiastic old man with an unusually large head, Despite this, he has a tiny brain and the thinking capacity of a small child. In fact, Pops has been known to use lollipops as money. Oddly enough, Pops himself is a lollipop, which means that he spends his own children on material goods. Pops was born on the planet, Lolliland, and adopted by the park’s owner, Mr. Mallord. He gets away for doing anything but does not try to do anything bad. He is a kind old man who wants the best for all. Pops is actually the hero of the universe as every 14 billion years, he fights against Anti-Pops, who’s wants death for all. The most recent fight ended in a stalemate (for the very first time), in which Pops and Anti-Pops died while everyone else lived.

Muscle Man[edit]

Mitch "Muscle Man" Sorrenstein is a confident, fat, green-skinned mass of lard of indeterminate species. He constantly makes unfunny jokes about his mom in order to gain public approval, only to come off as confusing and only funny to his best friend, High Five Ghost. He also lives in a trailer located in the outskirts of the park and squeals like a wild boar when in distress. Muscle Man and High Five Ghost are best friends and work together on everything. Muscle Man also has a hobby to drive cars into a giant hole in the park, the crash pit.

Hi Five Ghost[edit]

Hi Five Ghost (HFG) is a ghost with a cold bony hand growing out of its brain. It talks in a weird, echo noise and serves as the leader of the park when Benson is not there. High Five Ghost also gets along well with everyone.


Some hot Canadian chick from Toronto who works as an escort/bartender at Mordecai and Rigby's favorite strip-club. Mordecai gets an erection every time he sees her, but doesn't have the courage to ask her out. She is completely unaware that Mordecai has a crush on her, even though he once raped her when she wasn't looking. She is also a bird with boobs, that about sums it all up.


Cloudy Jay "CJ" was Mordecai's temporary girlfriend that he cheated on Margaret with, then did the same thing in reverse a few seasons later. She's similar to Margaret, except she is a cloud person.


Eileen is a mole, beaver...gopher...thingy ma bobber. Nobody, even Margaret gives a shit about her. They only talk to her and give her 0.000001% of their attention because she is a homocidal maniac. Eileen wants to ride Rigby's pulsing Rigboner. Eileen secretly masturbates to pictures that she takes of Rigby in the coffee shop when he's not looking. She is also secretly a lolicon.


A new character who was introduced to the show to make it slightly more interesting, even though he is not. Thomas is surprisingly not a tank engine, but rather a goat with a goatee, a sort of [ Griffin's] analog. The writers soon got bored of him, turned him into a Russian spy, and removed him from the series.

Critical Reception[edit]

Regular Show is universally praised for its gore, racism, religious references, and educational value. It is also believed that Jay Gay Quintel was on shrooms when he came up with the idea for this show. Oscar Wilde believes that Regular Show will educate children for the future. Unfortunately, it had to be a cartoon.

Actually, We're lying. critics hate Regular Show and Cartoon Network wanted it cancelled. But thanks to the brute force of the fearsome Regular Show fanbase, it will stay on the air for a long, long time. Nostradamus predicts that it will last for 500 more seasons. Apparently, the critics are also on shrooms for disliking the most well-constructed piece of trash on television in years.

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