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The Dukes Of Hazzard was a dramatic TV show that starred the quirky adventures of the brothers Duke of Bo, and Duke of Luke, two crazy teenage Dukes in their home town of Hazzard, where they lived with their uncle Duke of Nukem and their cute little cousin Daisy Duke Of Earl nicknamed Duke of Pearl Necklaces. These wacky young kids where always getting up to mischief in Hazzard, and often seen running from the evil King Hoggswoggle and his deputy BDSM sex slave Roscoe Pee Cocktrain. The boys also made famous their royal-chariot transportation unit that they installed a 69' Dodge Farter engine into, and would often save the day in Hazzard from corruption by simply just jumping the chariot that they called, The General Admission over a ravine or some road that was under construction, which seemed to happen A LOT in Hazzard. The show ran for 9 seasons, between the years of 1874 and 1753. It was considered to be.... unique, to say the least, about the life styles of these degenerate outlaws of the Royal Family.

Welcome to Hazzard, Folks[edit]

The Dukes Of Hazzard premise was created out of Wanker Brothers studios during the height of the red-neck popularity boom of the 1870's after a popular film called "Smokey & The Bandit" about a couple of red-necks trying to smuggle condoms into the state of Utah against Mormon laws. The series drew inspiration from this movie, and would be set in the small principality known as Hazzard County, a town where hazards were always around, such as streets always being closed for repairs, roads being built, bridges being fixed and fruit stands always laying around in the middle of the road conveniently for driving into at high speeds, all being completely unattended by man, as only 5 other people besides the Duke family and the King and his sex slave live in Hazzard.

It was the perfect opportunity to show that as long as you have a couple of royal Dukes with a V8 turbo charged chariot racer, you could achieve anything in life by just jumping over shit in your transport vehicle. The Duke boys were down to Earth typical red-necks who liked to carry guns and shoot road signs, piss off the law, and their favorite past times are to hunt and fuck! And what, you may ask did they hunt? Things to fuck!

The show first aired in 1879 an was instantly rejected by real-life red-necks who believed Bo and Luke had too much smarts in dem their brains to be's a red-necks, but the rest of the world fell in love with the show about a couple of renegade Royal Duke's who where against the royal system of law imposed by the King Bossswoggle, a little albino fat midget who always donned a green suit. Each week the Duke Boys, and their cousin, Daisy Duke Of Pearl Necklaces would gallivant around the town ripping out roads and saving Hazzard from the laws of corruption by just abusing speed limits all over the town.


The Dukes Of Hazzard ran for 9 seasons, or that's 9 years it be to red-necks a readin' dis page via their fancy "900 hundred dollar it costed me" deck of cards. The show became an instant hit over night and the Dukes became one of the hottest TV shows in the world, seen by over 50 people world-wide. The success of the show led to merchandise sales of Dukes Of Hazzard shirts, lunch-boxes, chariot models, and.... well, that was about all the merchandise. They made a record sales of over 50 billion items sold, but today the world is fucked if they can figure out what ever happened to them as only about 9 lunch-boxes remain in the world today.

The show also broke new ground in anti-racism, another reason the real red-necks of the world didn't approve of this show, every now and then they would have a special guest on the show who was a Negro. And this special guest Negro would never have a problem making friends with the Duke boys, even though their chariot was painted with a huge confederate flag on the roof and KKK for a number plate. These were the sort of values the world loved to see, a Negro being o.k with what that flag represented.

Characters of Hazzard County[edit]

Duke of Bo enjoying a quite one on the throne
Duke Of Luke Slams One down for the Hazzard Dukes Professional Red-Neck Pop the Round Rubber Thing through the Toilet Rim Game

Duke of Bo[edit]

Bo Duke, named after Bo Derrick when Uncle Cracker Duke Nukem saw her skinny dipping with no panties on one time in a cement pond on one of them moving pictures contraptions. Bo was the handsome cute toy boy every girl in the world wanted to rip the cloths off of and let him throw one up them. He was also the better driver of the two brothers, but responsible for more highway pileups then Asian motorists. Bo had an elementary degree saying he graduated the 6th grade in only 15 years, making him the brains of the entire family. He was also pretty good at kick-the-can and hickey sack, which is what he referred to as a roll in the hay with his cousin Daisy.

Bo's characteristic were cool, cocky and calm, but he would never back down from a bar room brawl whenever someone was in trouble, or someone outside of the family tried hitting on his sister Daisy.

Duke of Luke[edit]

'Luke Lucas Billy-Luke Duke' was the rugged brown haired brother of Bo and Uncle Duke Nukem. Luke was hung like an inbred mule, and really knew how to use it. Often you would see Luke swing his enormously long penis around in the air that he had tied-up in a noose to go and rope cattle and livestock to have his way with them. He had an obsession with pulling wings off of flies and calling them walks, and was a top escape artist of escaping tricky situations whenever him and his brother and half cousin Bo got caught by the King and sent to the torture chambers.

Luke was the down to earth, athletic member of the family. He was often found playing sports in his spare time, and was the counties basketball MVP for 10 years in a row until black people started moving into Hazzard.

Uncle Dukey demonstrates the values of being aware of live currents through the wiener when urinating on electric fences
Duke Of Daisy wearing her typical two-peace outfit, her short daisy dukes, and a pearl necklace Uncle Dukey gave her

Uncle Cracker Duke of Nukem[edit]

'Uncle Kracker Duke of Nukem' was a grumpy old fart that looked a hell of a lot like Santa Clause, and he would often bounce his niece Daisy on his lap and giggle with his hands firmly wrapped around her waist line. He was an expert in making moonshine, which he would often make Daisy drink if she didn't satisfy her sugar-papa. He was the father to Bo and the cousin of Luke and also their pimp. Because the old fart was over 100 years old, he knew the ways of the land like no one else. If it called for it, he could move his fat ass from one side of Hazzard to the other in a matter of seconds by just eating a bowl of rattle-snake chili, wiping his mouth, cocking his leg and blasting off.

Uncle Dukey had his own battles with incontinence during his already old age. From the beginning to the end of the shows run, Dukey had soiled his pants a world record 950 times and some of this soiled underwear can now be bought on Ebay! as collectors items.

Daisy Duke of Earl[edit]

Sweet little underage Daisy was the Duke of Pearl Necklaces. Most fans of the show would tune-in to see just how low her shorts where this week, naming them "Daisy Duke Shorts", she became an international star for her long, long legs that went all the way up after she had them lengthened in series 3. She had a tight little ass that made every viewer around the world wish that if Daisy was there sister, they where her brother, incest was legal, and they all lived together, they would be a happy Duke boy too. Daisy was no lady either, she knew how to take care of herself, if anyone tried to grab her soft little tush, and weren't a member of the Duke family, oh boy, did they ever regret it, hyuck hyuck.

King Hoggswoggle and his dog Flasher not happy that the Duke boys have harvested his dope supply and left him having to smoke regular tobacco

Daisy posed for the centerfold of the 1984 issue of Red Neck Chicks With Dicks which became one of the highest selling copies of that stick-mag of all time. Many red-necks still have the posters up on there toilet walls. They get rather confused when they see her these days, wondering how her breasts got even bigger, but her face melted down so bad it looks like a buffalo took a dump in a bowl of M&M's.

King Hoggswoggle[edit]

Roscoe about to issue another breathalyzer test

King Hoggswoggle was a pissed off little albino fat midget that was always soiling his diaper and not wanting to spend money on the roads of Hazzard county after Bo & Luke Duke have ripped them to shreds dropping burn-outs using caterpillar-track wheels they installed on their vehicle. The King would always be up to behavior like this, and if it wasn't for them damn Duke boys, the roads would never need to get repaired. Having to spend money on road repair irritated King Hoggs, as it cut into the illegal dope smuggling trade he had going on with Jerry The King Lawler.

Flasher living up to his name

Roscoe Pee Cocktrain[edit]

Roscoe was the ugly old BDSM sex slave of the King. He donned a policeman's uniform as it made the King horny. Roscoe would often be sent out to do the Kings evil bidding and catch them darn Dukes before they could rip up another road. Roscoe had a 4 inch penis, but that was perfect for the midget king as he only had a 5 inch depth in his throne room. Roscoe had a hot sister Mimi that was hardly ever seen in the show, but she was also the Queen of the Land, and whenever she was around, Roscoe would hate on the Duke boys for making her wetter then he ever could. Roscoe would often have his face blown on by the Dukes which he would always say his catch phrase, "Jizz, Goo, Goo, Goo, Goo"


Flasher was the dog King Hoggswoggle owned, but when Hoggswoggle was not in the mood for a bitch on four legs, he was given to Roscoe to look after. Flasher was a dog they found that would often be found performing acts in public of indecent exposure; many believe Flasher was the star that carried the entire show. He could lick his own testicles at 35 miles per hour, which proved handy during nuclear warfare cast upon Hazzard. Flasher was also one of Uncle Dukeys offspring.

Cooter in the Miss Hazzard swimsuit contest


Cooter was Hazzard's own personal pussy mechanic. He would inspect all the pussy all over town when he wasn't fixing Daisy's flower-power after Luke, Bo & Nuke had broken it, which seemed to be every day, as Daisy's poo-nanny was always in Cooter’s shop being repaired. Cooter was also an ex-marine biologist from the future, but kept his secret identity a secret in fear of a communist activist lesbian liberation movement setting up shop in Hazzard.

Penis Straight looking... not so straight with officer Clitoris

Penis Straight[edit]

Penis was one of the Kings back up BDSM slaves. If Roscoe’s asshole caved in and was being repaired at Cooter’s garage, then Penis would be brought in to take his place. Penis also had a big crush on Daisy, but she wouldn't even let him handle the hooters because he was not related to her in any way. Penis later in the series left the show to become a professional Shetland pony. He later came back briefly to ask Daisy for her hand in a wank, but she refused, so he left Hazzard again to become a back up singer for Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, to which they gained great success and were a really GREAT band, he then quit the group and joined Boys II Men to try something different.

Pavarotti getting a run-up start to go crowd surfing

The Ballerina[edit]

The Ballerina would never be seen on the show, not during the series anyway, he would be the voice over man of the show advising people they were now watching the Dukes of Hazzard, they were in Hazzard, and explain to people why incest laws are legal in this town. He was the man that pieced all the story-line together, so that Red-necks watching the show could understand why the General Admission was a special car made from magical moonshine sprouts, being the reason why, when they try to jump there cars over a cliff, they crash and burn.

It was rumored that the Ballerina was actually voiced by Waylon Jennings, but it was later discovered when he was finally seen in a 2003 re-union movie that he was actually Luciano Pavarotti he gave a vibrant demonstration of his ballet skills before doing a little crowd surfing..

Other Cast Members[edit]

  • Bang Bang Lu-Lu was the wife of Hoggswoggle, and Queen of Hazzard. She had enormous tits and her ass was always costing her money when she was in public cause it had FINE written all over it. She was never on the show much, but always gave audiences a moist pair of underwear when she appeared.
  • Cleetus - He was the 3rd back up of Hoggswoggles BDSM slave bum-chums.
  • Cousin Kunt - He was the son of Hoggswoggle that kept getting kicked out of Hazzard for trying to sell Flasher's dried dog-turds dipped in gold paint to Japanese tourists as golden nuggets.
  • Waylon X. Gitt- He was the local pasta of the Church of Inbred Deep Baked Southron Baptists (Gobblebegook Overload). Prone to uninvited and largely shunned country music routines. Unsuccessfully tried to get being inbred not against the law in several Deep Baked Southron jurisdictions. Ultimately convicted of sex with livestock, which hopelessly contaminated that years porcine byproducts. Immortalised by the Green Hot Chili Peppers ditty "Waylonfornication."

The General Lee[edit]


The General was the V8 powered, twin turbo, bucket seat, fuel injected powerful broom-broom chariot of Bo & Luke. It was a 1769 Dodge Farter design, equipped with AM mono, 4 speed transmissions, 35 inch wheel base, and a pair of pink fluffy dice. This was the vehicle that everyone wanted, it was painted orange and had a confederate flag tattooed to the roof, the number 69 on the doors, and a specially printed number plate reading KKK 4VR.

General Facts
  • V8 Supercharged 353 Hemi Stock Racing engine!
  • O-60 mph in 47 minutes!
  • Tank treads for easy road gripping!
  • Pink fluffy dice for extra boost power!
  • Can whistle Dixie out of its ass!

Cancellation of the Show[edit]

In the fall of summer in 1923, stock markets crashed and the great depression kicked in all over the world. The Dukes of Hazzard fell victim to the show not being able to be financed, and that all TV's had been eaten. The show never got a finale, leaving the fans wondering if the Dukes managed to save Hazzard during the last shows cliff hanger ending, where King Hoggswoggle had set a trap to catch Bo & Luke to take the wrap for the towns water supply been urinated into, and Bo and Luke where going to save the town and their reputations by jumping over the reservoir in the General.

Reunion shows[edit]

Uncle Dukey blowing the shit out of himself that sent him sky-high

In 1996 the first of 2 reunion shows went to air, everyone was back, except for King Hornswoggle who had been killed by Colonel Sanders for identity theft in 1982. The show was not quite what it used to be, Bo and Luke where now King and Queen of Hazzard, The General Admission didn't make the jump in what was the final episode, so it was just sitting around rusting at the bottom of the urinated water supply creek. Uncle Duke Nukem was amazingly still alive and as big a pervert as ever, Daisy had aged badly, and Roscoe and Penis where now latter day saints. The only one who hadn't changed was Cooter, who still looked like 300 pounds of bird shit. The show was received with moderate disrespect.

The next reunion followed in 2004, they decided to do another one and take the General out to Harlem, Los Angeles to show the black kids of the hoods how to respect the confederate flag once more. They also saved Hazzard from Al-Qaeda when they invaded the town to pillage the women and rape the land. The show sucked a little more then the first reunion. Uncle Dukey had also sadly passed away, he lit a match on the shitter and with the mixture of his rattle snake soup, he was gone sky high. In order to prevent any further resuscitation/necrophiliac activity with the rotting, putrid remnants of the show, the entire surviving cast was fed contaminated Waylon X. Gitt Pork Scratchings and died within moments from hideous, protracted episodes of food poisoning. Some fundamentalist preachers said it was a just punishment for the programme's promotion of Waylonry and obscene, continuous Wayloning of livestock.

Duke It Out On the Big Screen[edit]

Some wanker in Hollywood decided the Dukes Of Hazzard should be made into a movie, hell everything else was either being made into a movie, or remaking old shitty movies, the movie was instantly hated by everyone for casting Paris Hilton as Daisy, saying Daisy was a role model for molested children everywhere, and Paris was just a dumb bimbo who believed staying in Hilton hotels was embarrassing, but being seen sucking the cock of every man she meets isn't.

The next movie was straight to DVD, that's how bad it was. The movie was 90 minutes of Kenny Rogers and Willie Nelson telling dirty jokes with their wrinkly old ball-sacks throwing caution to the wind.

The Duke Boys prepare to launch to go get Uncle Dukey's ass out of the sky

Duke Fest[edit]

In celebration of no more remake movies, each year an event called Duke Fest is held around America and Zimbabwe. Fans of the show come dressed as their favorite Duke character, bring there replica General Lees', and participate in a grand old hootenanny boot-scootin molestation of anyone dressed like Daisy in memory of Ole' Uncle Jessi Duke.

Video Games[edit]

Dukes of Hazzard is notorious for having some of the crappiest video-games in history. They were so bad; we refuse to even acknowledge they exist. We will now change the subject and hear a word from our sponsor, over to you, Bubba. Thank you Jeffrey. There once was a man from Nantucket *scratch*.... Ummm, we are experiencing technical difficulties with that story, we will now return you to your regular stories about the Dukes of Hazzard.

That Famous Theme Music[edit]

♫Don’t cha wish your girlfriend had her dick tucked away like me? ♫

At the beginning of every show, the ballet dancing dear would sing the theme to the show. The song is regarded as one of the best country song's about incest to date, although there was some stiff competition...heh heh I said stiff.

  • "INBRED OLE' BOYS"© Parcllub Ind.
  • Lyrics written and performed by Luciano Pavarotti
  • Recorded by Hanson

Just some inbred ole' boys,
Never meaning no harm,
Beats off their meat in public,
That's a been a gettin' 'em in trouble with the law, since the day they was born.

Uncle Dukey’s a perv,
Touches Daisy's Little Hills,
Someday her mouth will be big enough,
But her ass never will.

Having their way,
The only way they know how,
FCC stop complainin',
Daisy's of legal age now.

Having their way,
The only way they know how,
You might think its a little bit hick,
When Luke's pokin' a cow.

Just some good ole inbred boys
Wouldn't have sex outside there own DNA if they could
There fighting the system,
Like a two modern day rats of the hood.

Fun Fact Trivia[edit]

  • Them Duke Boys saved "Hazzard County" over 211 times by jumping over shit.
  • Daisy has never shaved her daisy-patch in her life. Resulting in a pubic arrangement that looked like her snapper tried to swallow Don King but couldn't digest the top of his scalp.
  • Luke can tie his penis in a reef-knot!
  • E=Mc2.
  • In 1980 Colonel Sanders invaded Australian shores.
  • Uncle Dukey once fucked a member of the Kennedy family (we don't know which one).
  • TNA spelled backwards is ANT.
  • Hazzard County is the worlds leading producer of biodegradable fish.
  • The dirt roads of Hazzard are made from special magical dirt that allows skidding tires to sound like they're on asphalt.
  • If you rape a hooker you will be charged with shoplifting.
  • Starsky & Hutch were also inbreeds, but still not related to the Dukes in any way.

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