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The Walking Dead
Format Series
Created by Robert Kirkman
Starring Andrew Linkedin
Chandelier Briggs
Mormon Greedus
John Bernstein
Jiffy Jean Jorgon
Stephen Ying
Lauran Conan
Melissa McGroom
Theme music composer Bear Grylls
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
Producer(s) AMC
Distributor AMC+
Picture format 1080p

“Coral stop eating pudding! The walkers are about to walk all over us!”

~ Rick Grimes on Carl eating pudding instead of staying inside the fucking house

The Walking Dead is an American romantic-comedy, action-adventure, thriller-horror, drama-cooking television series that ran for eleven seasons between 2010 and 2022. The show is based on a 2003 comic book of the same name created by a couple of fat slobs obsessed with the film Dawn of the Dead. AMC, which had not read the source material, picked up the show after the colossal failure of the predecessor, Breaking Bad, hoping that The Walking Dead could boost TV ratings for the studio — which, like the walkers in the show, were dead. The show quickly received a large audience, but didn't catch on with those of smaller stature.


Season 1[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
11 "As the Days Gone Bye" Frank DarabontFrank DarabontOctober 31, 2010  (2010 -10-31)
Deputy Rick "Grimey" Grimes is hit by a car while performing a traffic stop. His partner, Shane Walsh, rushes Grimes to the hospital. The doctor is too busy, however, and puts Rick into a coma to keep him alive. After an unspecified number of days/weeks/months, Rick awakes in an empty hospital. Upon investigating, Grimes finds out that the world has crumbled and is now overrun by Walkers — a subcategory of runners, joggers and cyclists. Rick then makes his way to his house, looking for his son Coral, and wife Lori. The house is also empty, but he finds two black people looting and breaking into his neighbours place. Instead of arresting them, Rick takes them to the police station with him and lets them take a few guns and a shower. Instead of taking one of the cars, Rick instead chooses a horse for his mode of transportation, and starts his journey to Atlanta. When he gets there, Rick spots a RC helicopter flying around, and follows it. Turns out that the Walkers are smart, and can operate battery powered toys, and as Admiral Ackbar would say “it’s a trap!”. With Rick now in front of a giant Walker horde, he takes shelter in a water tank that just so happened to be in the middle of the road. Inside, Rick shoots Darth Maul and steals his walkie-talkie when someone on the other end calls Rick a “dumbass”. 
22 "Guts (Do You Have It)?" Michelle MacLarenFrank DarabontNovember 7, 2010  (2010 -11-07)
Glenn (the voice from last episode) distracts the Walkers by throwing a protein bar in the other direction, so that Rick can escape the tank. Along the way, Rick drops his hat and Glenn goes back to get it — already establishing that he will be Rick's bitch for the remainder of the series. Glenn takes Rick to a group of more survivors that are held up in a tower with a clothing store for a lobby. On the roof, Blue Mary Poppins from Guardians of the Galaxy is sniping Walkers. Instead of calling a SWAT team on him, Rick instead arrests him for having blue crystal meth in his possession (most likely sold to him by the late Walter White). Rick and Glenn take advantage of the clothes store and go undercover by using some gear they found in the sportswear section. The two lead the Walkers away, giving enough time for the others to escape. In the chaos, however, T-Bone Steak eats the handcuff key, as he was so hungry that he could eat a horse (which he could have, had the Walkers not already eaten Rick’s horse). Merle is consequently left on the roof along with Rick’s bag of water guns, while Glenn is let off with a warning by Rick for speeding in his new red Dodge Challenger (that Rick also helped carjack in the first place). 
33 "Tell It to the Frogs" Gwyneth Horder-PaytonCharles H. Eglee, Jack LoGiudice and Frank DarabontNovember 14, 2010  (2010 -11-14)
The group return to their camp, where Rick is reunited with Coral and Lori. Shane is also there, and the sole reason why the two are still alive. However, Shane had told Lori that Rick had died before he was put in a coma, and it was his last wish for Shane and Lori to “get together” and “if Rick somehow lived, not to speak about anything had the two hooked up while Rick was away”. Merle’s brother Daryl shows up with his crossbow and becomes Rick’s other bitch for the rest of the show. The group figures out that they need weapons if they are to stand a chance against the Walkers, and that they should probably also rescue Merle while they are at it. Back in Atlanta, they return to the rooftop to find the guns and Merle missing. The only thing left behind being Merle's right foot. Rick puts his policing skills to the test, and figures out that Merle was probably high and cut off his foot instead of his hand to escape the cuffs, and took the guns for himself. When walking through the city, the group come across a Mexican gang holding some old people hostage with the water guns from Rick’s bag. Rick offers a trade; they would get some tacos, while Rick gets his guns back. They agree. The old people, however, remained hostages and were most likey forced into sex work. 
44 "Vatos, You Won't Believe What I Saw" Johan RenckRobert KirkmanNovember 21, 2010  (2010 -11-21)
The group, now heavily armed with the best water guns, return to their car, only to find that Merle has stolen it. Instead of stealing another car, they choose to just walk. They return to camp to find that a Walker horde had attacked and had converted some of the survivors into Walkers themselves. These being the blonde’s sister Amy, Carol's husband Ed, and a few other unnamed background actors. Good thing that Shane stayed behind so that he could protect everybody with his massive, black penis shotgun. What a hero! Wait, isn't he supposed to be the bad guy for the first two seasons? Anyway, a few hours earlier, Jim had suffered from heat stroke and dug the exact number of graves needed for the dead. This concept of people seeing the future was never brought up or mentioned again for the rest of the series lifespan, since after Frank Darabont left the show, the new showrunner/s and writers had no clue what to do with the show. 
55 "Wildfire" Ernest DickersonGlen MazzaraNovember 28, 2010  (2010 -11-28)
With the camp now in shambles, Rick (now the leader of the group despite literally just showing up a day prior) takes the group into Atlanta once again so they could take a tour of the CDC building; since Coral was unable to go on his school excursion there due to the world collapsing and all. When they get there, Walkers close in on the group, and the doors to the CDC are all locked. Not wanting to break any more laws, Rick begs for whoever is inside to let them in. Dr. Jenner reluctantly lets the group inside, but only if he could take a sample of Coral’s DNA for a reason that totally isn’t creepy or for cloning purposes. 
66 "THS-1119" Guy FerlandAdam Fierro and Frank DarabontDecember 5, 2010  (2010 -12-05)
Jenner lets the group shower, sleep, and eat all of his food. When asked why he doesn’t want any of his own supplies, Jenner simply states that the entire CDC building is rigged to explode on the sole reason that if he hasn’t found a cure for the Walkers yet, he probably never will. This causes all the non-suicidal people to panic and try to get the hell out of there, while the black chick and the annoying blonde chick side with Jenner for being blown to bits. Rick and Shane manage to break a window and everyone who wants to live escapes, but Dale being a senile old man, stays behind so that he can convince Andrea to stay on the show for another two seasons. The remaining survivors now hit the road in a RV that is probably yet another Breaking Bad reference. 

Season 2[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
71 "What Lies Ahead" Ernest Dickerson & Gwyneth Horder-PaytonFrank Darabont and Robert KirkmanOctober 16, 2011  (2011 -10-16)
While traveling to Fort Benning, the group plays a game of hide-and-seek to pass the time while a walker horde passes. When Rick finds Sophia, she is bad sport about it, claiming that Rick cheated, and she runs off into the woods and gets lost. Coral finds a reindeer in the woods while looking for Sophia, and gets shot by Santa Claus
82 "Bloodletting" Ernest DickersonGlen MazzaraOctober 23, 2011  (2011 -10-23)
Turns out that Santa didn't mean to shoot Coral, and he helps Rick bring Coral to a farm where an animal doctor named Hershel Greene can magically heal Coral. However, Hershel needs a few more medical supplies, and so Shane and Santa search a nearby high school for the supplies of all places. The two get the supplies, but when a Walker horde attacks, Shane steals Santa's candy-cane which causes the Jolly Old Man to get eaten. 
93 "Save the Last One for Me" Phil AbrahamScott M. GimpleOctober 30, 2011  (2011 -10-30)
Shane returns to the farm, and Hershel can start to heal Coral. Daryl continues the search for Sophia, while the other survivors just sit around and do nothing. 
104 "Cherokee Jack Kiss from a Rose" Billy GierhartEvan ReillyNovember 6, 2011  (2011 -11-06)
Coral is now fully healed, but Hershel tells Rick that he wants them all to "fuck off" once Sophia is found. Daryl continues the search, while the others continue to do nothing but drink Walker infected water. Glenn and farmer's daughter Maggie begin a romantic relationship when the two discover condoms. Lori discovers she is pregnant, but is unsure if it is Rick's or Shane's. 
115 "Chupacabra" Guy FerlandDavid Leslie JohnsonNovember 13, 2011  (2011 -11-13)
Daryl continues to search for Sophia. But a horse tries to kill him, which leads to him seeing his brother dressed as bigfoot, which then makes the make-up department too scared to have the dirt on Daryl's face have continuity for a few scenes. 
126 "Secrets" David BoydAngela KangNovember 20, 2011  (2011 -11-20)
Glenn and Dale find out that Hershel is delusional, Rick discovers that Lori is pregnant, and Daryl continues to look for Sophia. 
137 "Pretty Much Dead Already" Michelle MacLarenScott M. GimpleNovember 27, 2011  (2011 -11-27)
Glenn tells the group that Hershel has a shit ton of Walkers locked up in the basement as sex slaves. Hershel tells Rick they can stay if they promise not to fuck any of his walkers, or kill any of them. Rick agrees. However, Shane lets all of the Walkers out, and kills them all in front of everybody. When he thought he had got them all, one last Walker appears: Sophia. Rick shoots her in the head, making this the second little girl he has killed within a 13-episode span, and all of Daryl's searching efforts useless. 
148 "Nebraska" Clark JohnsonEvan ReillyFebruary 12, 2012  (2012 -02-12)
Hershel goes to get a drink with Rick and Glenn at the town bar. While there, the trio get into a bar fight with Dave and Tony. Rick kills the two men and proceeds to not pay the bartender, who wasn't even on shift. 
159 "Littletriggerfinger" Billy GierhartDavid Leslie JohnsonFebruary 19, 2012  (2012 -02-19)
The bar security show up and kick Rick, Glenn and Hershel out. When walking back to their car, a drunk Randall throws up over Glenn, and a sober Rick chops off his leg and shoves him in the boot of the car. 
1610 "18 Miles Out" Ernest DickersonScott M. Gimple & Glen MazzaraFebruary 26, 2012  (2012 -02-26)
Rick and Shane take Randall several miles from the farm to drop him off at the hospital, but Shane doesn't like that idea and tries to kill Rick. When Walkers show up, Rick and Shane are suddenly besties again, and they return to the farm with Randall. Meanwhile, the blonde farmer's daughter attempts suicide when Andrea tells her that God is giving out $100 to the next ten people who walk through the Pearly Gates. However, Maggie and Lori don't allow this to happen. 
1711 "Judge, Jury, Jaywalker" Greg NicoteroAngela KangMarch 4, 2012  (2012 -03-04)
Shane, Rick and Daryl take Randall out to the barn to execute him in order to keep everyone safe, but stops when Dale starts bitching about how they shouldn't kill a kid. Later, Dale is killed by a Walker who had over heard Dale complaining and wanted to save the rest of the group anymore trouble of dealing with the old man. 
1812 "Charlie's Better Angels" Guy FerlandEvan Reilly & Glen MazzaraMarch 11, 2012  (2012 -03-11)
Shane kills Randall, and takes Rick out into an open field so that the two can have a good ol' western standoff, however, Shane had forgotten to even load his gun with bullets and so Rick stabs him. Shane comes back as a Walker and is then shot by Coral. 
1913 "Beside the Dying Fire and Flames" Ernest DickersonRobert Kirkman & Glen MazzaraMarch 18, 2012  (2012 -03-18)
Hershel's farm is swarmed by Walkers, causing everyone to abandon it, but not before Hershel can put his infinite ammo shotgun to good use. Andrea is separated from the others during the evacuation from the farm, but instead of being killed like she deserves, Michonne who thinks she is doing the right thing saves her so that everyone needs to deal with Andrea for another fucking season. 

Season 3[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
20-351-16 "Season 3 - The Prison Season" Tout le mondeDittoOctober 14, 2012  (2012 -10-14)
The group take over a Prison and make that their new base of operations. Lori gives birth and despite surviving child birth, Coral shoots her in the head so that Sarah Wayne Callies could return to doing Prison Break. This causes the first (of many) emotional breakdowns by Rick, who is then haunted by the Ghost of Lori Past for a few episodes. The group finally get their first proper villain in the form of The Governor: a one-eyed, AUG toting, weirdo. Andrea and Michonne come across Woodbury, the place in which the Governor governs. Andrea, being both dumb and blind, starts a romantic relationship with the pirate while Michonne joins Uber Eats and delivers some baby food to the Prison for Rick's Shane's baby Judith, and joins them instead. Later in the season, Andrea is finally killed off, making sure that Rick won't have to marry her like he did in the comics. 

Season 4[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
36-511-16 "Season 4 - On The Road" VariousVariousOctober 13, 2013  (2013 -10-13)
The Governor returns after meeting a new group of people. His new gang, which includes a bloody tank, rage war against Rick and the Prison employees. The Governer chops off old man Hershel's head, and when the disembodied head turns into a Walker, makes it eat the rest of Hershel's dead body (but only so he could film the part of the head eating the penis so he could upload it to Rick, Glenn and Coral kill the Prison space wanting invaders, while Daryl blows up the tank with plot conveience. After a horde of Walkers break into the Prison (to free their wrongly convicted friends), The Governor is killed by his new girlfriend for the life insurance money, and everybody splits up. All the split up survivors follow a trail of blood. Meanwhile, Rick is put into his second and final coma for the series, while Coral pulls a Walter White, but instead of pizza, he throws a tin of chocolate pudding onto a roof. He could of ate that! Anyway, the group rejoin with each other, with a few new characters, at Terminus. 

Season 5[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
52-671-16 "Season 5 - Cannibals Galore" VariousVariousOctober 12, 2014  (2014 -10-12)
It turns out that the people of Terminus are cannibals. They kill the Penguin by slitting his wings off with the watch Rick gave him. Rick, Daryl and Glenn manage to escape when Carol blows up the petrol station — wasting both the gas they could of used, and the killer cannibals that wanna eat them. Beth is arrested for breaking and entering, and sent to Grady Memorial Hospital to serve out her sentence. With Rick being a cop also, albeit a sheriff's deputy, he does not convince the other cops to join him, so Daryl shoots their leader after Beth is shot despite being inches away from walking away alive. This causes Maggie to sad cry, while everyone else cries tears of joy since they don't have to listen to Beth's awful singing anymore. After the group migrates to Virginia, a two-handed Aaron with apple sauce, lets them join Alexandria. The group arrive in Alexandria, a walled off community filled with a bunch of rich folk and idiots who have never killed a walker, despite it being like five years since the apocolypse started. Rick gets promoted from homeless bum to Sheriff by Diana Monlow. Rick also pulls a Shane with local hairdresser Jessie, while Coral also pulls a guy he killed at the end of Season 2 with a girl that likes to feast on turtles, has a fetish for balloons, and is currently dating the son of the married woman that Rick has a stalking for. Rick beats up Pete, Jessie's husband, and is then knocked-up by Michonne. Now pregnant with her baby, Rick takes a break from doing anything important for the remainder of the season. That is until Pete, the jealous husband, tries to kill Rick, and instead kills Deanna's husband, which causes Rick to become judge, jury and executioner. Seconds later, Morgan Jones arrives so he can be on this show for a while before leaving to join Fear the Walking Dead

Season 6[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
68-831-16 "Season 6 - Alexandria (Hamilton)" VariousVariousOctober 11, 2015  (2015 -10-11)
Glenn and Eugene Levy go on a supply run and get a bunch of Alexandrians killed in the process after a walker that was late for work used the revolving door and got a black kid killed. Carol bakes some raw beetroot cookies, Abraham takes over as the Portaloo Guild leader, and Daryl becomes a third wheel for a gay couple. Jesus is resurrected and forms the Hilltop Colony, filled with food and even a convenient placed pediatrician. The season ends with Maggie having her baby and the group taking her to the Hilltop, but not before the Saviors and Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V stop them, and deliver them to their leader, Jeffery Dean Morgan Negan. Negan lines them up and kills the cameraman. 

Season 7[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
84-991-16 "Season 7 - Glenn Dies" VariousVariousOctober 23, 2016  (2016 -10-23)

Season 8[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
100-1151-16 "Season 8 - All Out War" VariousVariousOctober 22, 2017  (2017 -10-22)

Season 9[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
116-1311-16 "Season 9 - No Rick = No Point in Watching" VariousVariousOctober 7, 2018  (2018 -10-07)

Season 10[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
132-1531-22 "Season X - Dress Up Party" VariousVariousOctober 6, 2019  (2019 -10-06)

Season 11[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
154-1621-9 "Part A - Commonwealth Good" VariousVariousAugust 22, 2021  (2021 -08-22)
163-16910-16 "Part B - Commonwealth Bad" VariousVariousFebruary 27, 2022  (2022 -02-27)
170-17717-24 "Part C - Take Over The Commonwealth" VariousVariousOctober 2, 2022  (2022 -10-02)


A very accurate pie chart representing the content of The Walking Dead.


One Thursday afternoon, at approximately 4:30pm, Robert Kirkman was watching his favourite gardening programme of all time, Dawn of the Shed. Crying over his inability to plant even the most basic of crops, he had an epiphany to instead focus his energies on creating his own "original" zombie story — having previously enjoyed seeing a screenshot of Resident Evil in 1998. The next day, he used Microsoft Paint to quickly hash out The Walking Dead, and placed it on the shelves of every comic book store across the country. After failing to sell a single copy of his horrendous graphic novel, Kirkman decided to make a TV show out it. Kirkman then traveled to AMC Network Headquarters in New York City, and used his knowledge of fruity sounding alcoholic concoctions to deliver such delicacies as "Hand Shandies" and "Five Finger Cocktails" to the company executives. This was enough to convince them that Kirkman was not of sound mind, but they saw the potential for cashing in on his idea and immediately set about locking him in one of their "Milking Chambers".


Taking place in the State of Georgia, The Walking Dead follows a rag tag group of people as they struggle to cope with the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. What sets the show apart is the special way in which the zombie virus works. It infects people in such a way that the surviving groups always end up being Politically Correct in their makeup. For instance, the Atlanta outbreak of the virus ensured that the only survivors contained at least one African-American, one Asian, one disabled person, one redneck, one blonde Caucasian female, one child, and one member of Glee. Some viewers think this may be a central plot point, and that the outbreak of the virus was in fact perpetrated by a lone member of Multiculturists Anonymous.


The show takes place in an alternate universe to ours (much like everyother show and movie). That is to say, one in which filmmaker George A. Romero was never born. This is indicated by the fact that no character is familiar with the word "zombie", thus each group of survivors must invent a new descriptive word (i.e. walkers, biters, day players). In genre tradition, the zombies are rotting corpses whose heads crumble under a good punch, yet they have the biting power of a steroidal jungle cat. Death by zombie attack comes in one of two ways. Either a person succumbs under a horde and is ripped to shreds (thus making it impossible to return from the dead) or they receive a small bite which they hide until their group finds out and puts a bullet in their head (thus making it impossible to return from the dead). This leaves one wondering: just where the hell all the zombies are coming from?


In the comics, Carl Grimes survives to the very end. However, for the TV show, his father Rick who is an all American cowboy cop, was played by British actor Andrew Lincoin. For nine seasons, Lincoin faked an American accent which caused his words to not come out correctly at times. Most notably, the one word Lincoin had trouble saying the most in his Rick voice was "Carl" — his characters son, which one would think a father would be able to say since he did name him after all. Throughout the series, everytime Rick would say 'Carl', it would come out either as "carr", "coral", "curl", "crawl", and many other iterations. Since Lincoin was not the only one who had trouble saying the name of Rick's son, the writers on the show decieded to just kill the character off entirely half-way through Season 8. This caused backlash from all the comic readers who had previously praised the show for killing off Glenn The Asian in Season 7, despite him being one of the best characters on the show, like how the comic depicted.[1]


Rick once bit the neck of a guy off who tried to give Carl some lollies. Maybe the Walking Dead was Rick all along.

Main group[edit]

Rick Grimes

A police officer who was hit by a car, slipped into a coma, and woke up in a zombie apocalypse. Throughout the series, he has constant mental breakdowns, and cannot even say his own son's name correctly 90% of the time. Rick Grimes is also one of, if not, the greatest Badass to ever appear on televison. When not being a badass, Rick is either crying or sleeping.

Lori Grimes

Rick's useless wife. She slept with Rick's best friend while he was still in a coma. Aside from being a terrible wife, she was also a terrible mother who never looked after her own son. She died when Carl, doing what his father would have wanted, but never had the balls to do on his own, shot her in the face after he and Maggie were compromised in the prison's boiler room, during a zombie attack, with no viable means of escape. A bitch to the end, her dying words to Carl were simply "I still don't know whose baby this is." After the attack, when Carl told his father what had happened, now furious as ever at Lori for saying such a thing, Rick stormed into the boiler room in an attempt to cut his now-dead wife limb-from-limb. Killing two dozen zombies in his plight. Upon arriving, however, he discovered her body missing and, later, having taken the form of a ghost inside of an old telephone. Periodic hauntings would occur over the next half of the season by Lori, driving Rick to the point of insanity. He absolved himself of her in the penultimate episode by taking in the entire Woodbury community and devoting himself to "becoming a better father."

Carl Grimes

Rick's equally useless son who refuses to listen to people when they tell him to stay in the fucking house. Which is exactly what caused his death in Season 8. As an adolescent, he goes through puberty and slowly transforms into a woman throughout the show — as evidenced by his long hair. He even forms a lesbian relationship with a girl who has a penchance for eating turtles.

Even in the Zombie Apocolypse, kids will eat chocolate over their veggies.
Daryl Dixon

A known fan-favourite. He is the best character on the show. Daryl always is getting the bitches. Fun fact: he is too cool to have sex. (Season 11 spoiler: he dies a virgin)

Glenn Rhee

The token Asian who, somehow, gets the hot farm girl. He is quite a clever, but slippery little bastard. He spends most of his time either being bait for zombies, fucking the hot piece of ass that is Maggie, or cry-wanking over the prospect of her being raped by other men.

Carol Peletier

The firestarter. A known sociopath who stabs people in their sleep and burns people if they show any signs of illness. Without her husband's guidance, Carol was successfully able to indirectly or directly kill any child she grew close too by making them look at the flowers. She enjoys flirting with Daryl, and blowing up cannibal death camps. Her comic book iteration was hot and wanted a three-way. AMC really missed a trick there... bunch of cunts.

Also in the Apocolypse, school shootings continue to happen.
Hershel Greene

Dale's replacement as the wise old man after Dale's actor quit. Hershel is a known vet that has a supply of infinite ammo in his shotgun. Before he lost his head, he used his peg leg in combat. Like Dale, he fucking dies horribly.

Maggie Greene

AKA hot farm girl, and Hershel's daughter. She is the Mary Sue of the group and fucker of Glenn. She soon develops amnesia after the assault of the Prison and forgets she has a sister. Upon learning that her sister was kidnapped in the nearby area, she ignores this and goes to D.C., and continues to fuck Glenn. She gets pregnant after the token Asian used up all remaining condoms in the apocalypse.

Beth Greene

Hershel's secondary Maggie. Once the token farm girl in the background of discussions, Beth soon becomes the singing farm girl in the background of discussions. Beth is useless to the group, but stays as the token caregiver of Rick's Shane's baby. She later becomes the daughter/girlfriend of Daryl after her real father's execution, but soon gets kidnapped. She stays as a prostitute in a hospital. In a last minute character development ploy by the writers, she suddenly discovers she has weaponry skills and knowledge of medicine in trying to save the Firestarter's life.


A mute survivor suffering from PTSD. She has the unfortunate experience of spending 8 months with Andrea. When realising Woodbury is fucked up, she decides not to tell Andrea and leaves her to figure it out for herself (which she knows won't be until she's about to die). Michonne returns to Woodbury as her friend Andrea holds her at gunpoint but decides not to tell her about Woodbury or her group. Knowing Andrea is probably dead, she returns to Woodbury to watch her satisfyingly blow her brains out with a gun after being bitten. Off camera, Michonne smiles for the first time ever. Seasons later, Michonne becomes Rick's second wife and the mother to his third child because, why not?

After being killed off in Season 2, Shane moved to New York and started to punish people.
Abraham Ford

Red head soldier guy with cool handlebar moustache. Was about to blow his brains in so he could be with his family, but after being lied to, made it his life goal to get to Washington D.C. like he was Frodo. Luckily, a couple seasons later, his wish of getting his brain smashed to bits and someone sucking on his nuts was fulfilled (although we had to wait an entire year to see it).

Eugene Porter

A fat man with a mullet. Eugene bullshits his way to safety. None of the survivors question that he is not a scientist who has the knowledge to save the world which he obviously doesn't.

Rosita Espinosa

The token Hispanic character who replaces Maggie as the hot chick of the show.


Token gay guy that gets a cool metal arm that is used to jack off his dead boyfriend.

Only the really, really cool guys look at explosions with one eye. Too bad he was killed off before he and Carl could bond over having an eye patch.

The token lesbian who somehow feels guilty about doing nothing. She is the only character on the show not suffering from melodramatic soap-depression.

In the Season 6 finale, everyone thought Negan killed the cameraman, but no, it was you, the viewer he killed.

Token Muslim. He's basically just a random guy Carl met on the road after being unable to stay in the fucking house. Since Carl saved him, he suddenly becomes an important character in the next season.


Shane Walsh

Rick's best friend and the only useful person in the zombie apocalypse. After fucking his best friend's wife, he became an emotional bitch and started to developed feelings for Lori and her illegitimate son. This would later cause him to get stabbed by Rick and shot in the face by Carl.

The Governor

Is apparently a dangerous man, but he usually does fuck all other than talk stupid and look at fish tanks with terrible looking models of severed heads. He also likes to get stabbed in his eye. He soon becomes the main protagonist, killing threats and villains such as Andrea, Hershel and Merle.


The reason why you can breathe, blink and piss your pants. Named his awesome barbed wire baseball bat after his dead wife, played golf and got a birdie by using Carl's empty eye socket as a hole, and cooked spaghetti for Judith and Carl cause he's just that nice of a fucking bloke. Also, he swears a lot.

Beta gives Alpha a new necklace walker face, after her daughter switches teams for... love?

Alpha is the leader of the group known as The Whisperers; a group that skins walkers and wears the skin over their own skin — skinception?


A famous country singer who is now a murderous, Zombie flesh wearing beta male.

The Commonwealth

A large community of about 50,000 survivors led by the daughter of the President from before the Zombies came. The Commonwealth Army are basically low-budget Stormtroopers led by an orange rip-off of Darth Vader.

Scott Gimple

The showrunner who took over the show after they fired the show's second showrunner, Glenn "Rhee" Mazzara. It is debated among fans whether he is an actual character or not. But if there's anything most fans will agree on, it is the argument that he is the worst villain of The Walking Dead. Unlike the show's traditional villains like outlaws, bandits, cannibals, and disabled people, Gimple possesses supernatural abilities to make survivors talk as vague as possible and in incomplete sentences, teleport zombies away from the characters so that they can have time to mope in the apocalypse, generate a fake CGI deer which doesn't fool anyone except Rick Grimes, and teleport zombies back to the survivors so it infects one of them, leaving the remaining survivors to have another reason to mope in the apocalypse.

Other people[edit]

Ed Peletier

Ed is the moral compass of the Atlanta camp. Many characters on the show often ask for his advice and he shares his wisdom. In his spare time, he enjoys "playtime" with his daughter Sophia, and discipling his wife Carol.

Sophia Peletier

Ed's girlfriend and daughter. Sophia has no sense of direction and dies.

Dale Horvath

An annoying old man, who may or may not have sexual feelings for Andrea. He disagrees with the killing of a young man and gets torn apart by the zombies who are tired of his shit later.


The most emotional bitch on the whole show. She wanted to blow herself up in the Season 1 finale due to the loss of her sister, but was guilted to stop by Dale. For the rest of her life, she was the crabbiest bitch on the show which lead to her being left behind by the group. Therefore, she was eaten at the end of Season 3. People often mention that she looks like the lesbian cop out of the quite poor, but not too poor film version of Silent Hill. She doesn't take too kindly to this, and shoots humans by 'mistake' that make the comparison. This is attributed to her being a stupid useless woman. She shags the current Bad Guy without realising what a stupid dumb bitch mistake she is continuously making.

Apart from being one of the cooler, realistic looking Army Forces in sci-fi history, the Commonwealth soldiers also know how to pose for pictures in-universe.

The once token black until being replaced and killed by another guy who was also replaced and killed. T-Dog is a character who was supposed to die in the first season, but was kept alive to avoid the writers being called "racist". T-Dog had no real role in Season 2, but he managed to gain popularity somehow. In Season 3, he died and no one really remembered him — because they were too busy being sad about Lori's over-dramatic death.


The first main black character on the show of any relevance. Tyreese suffers from emotional fragility, constantly refusing to resort to violence or kill a cannibal that is about to murder a fucking baby (Shane's baby, not Rick's). He continues to whine and annoy until his death.


The first female black character to speak like a human being. Sasha is Tyreese's sister. Unlike her stupid brother or anyone in the group, Sasha is the only person in the entire series to recognise that the supposed safe haven, Terminus, is fucking bad news. The writers will later forget Sasha shows any sign of intelligence when she is fooled by her hostage — a police officer with the same name as her boyfriend.

Bob Stookey

A single leg amputee who enjoys laughing at cannibals who eat him as he is bitten. As any character who shows any sort of happiness, Bob is an optimist, who also fucking dies due to being TAINTED MEAT!

Spin-offs and other shows[edit]

  • Fear the Walking Dead — After three seasons of okay television, Morgan Jones from the main show takes over as the protagonist of Fear for five seasons of bad writing.
  • Tales of the Walking Dead — Stealing the concept from Tales of the Jedi, Terry Crews joins The Walking Dead Cinematic Universe.[2]
  • World Beyond — No need to bother with this one.
  • Rick and Michonne — Michonne looks for Rick for some reason.
  • Daryl Dixon — Daryl heads to France for some reason.
  • Dead City — Maggie and Negan head to New York for some reason.

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  2. which they also stole the concept of from Marvel