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Uncyclopedia's Foreign Office - A place where all nations of the world can meet and greet, and discuss WORLD DOMINATION mutual cross wiki projects. We are here to mock you help.

UFO - Uncyclopedia's Foreign Office[edit]

Please go to The Foreign Office talk page if you want to make suggestions about the lay out/contents of this page.

Please go to The Assembly if you want to discuss The Foreign Project as a whole (including ideas for collaboration, the running of the project etc...).

Please contact Lars or Praetorian if you come across this page and want to know how you can get involved, or are confused by anything and need help.

For all other enquiries, please hold the line (i.e. read further down the page).

The Dutch Chief Translator has made a concept for a Foreign Times, which Ambassadors may put on their Embassies. The English version can be found here.

If used on their Embassies, Translators should translate it to their own language. The International News is set, but of course may be edited for cultural reasons. The International Advertisement isn't necessary in the first place, and may be different for each country. The Translation News should be filled in by the Translator.


A list of all suggested articles for translation is now located HERE.

Please add new articles to this list and feel free to steal those articles already suggested.

If you wish to request a particular article, please add it here.



A list of all articles translated through the Foreign Office can be found (and added to) HERE.

A list of all articles translated in the history of the universe can be found HERE.


The Ambassadors

Name Site Language Abbreviation Ambassador Current Status
Uncyclopedia English ENG (England) Siddhartha-Wolf / TheLedBalloon (ESP) / Dexter111344 (JAP) Sid = Back in England... Send me a fresh message if you want to reopen communication channels or whatever, the English embassy is now officially reopened :D
Oncyclopedia Dutch NED (Netherlands)

BE (Belgium - Flanders)
Lars (Translator)
Roy (Casual Translator)
Faith (Translating Assistant)
Cartoonist Henning (Ambassador)
Lars = Working.
Roy = I sometimes translate from English to Dutch, and maybe some random languages as far as I can understand. Also I want to help with some random things.
Faith = I'm working on a translation of 'La Blague Dangereuse'.
Cartoonist Henning = In exile. See him at UnMeta.
Desciclopédia Portuguese BRA (Brazil) Franklin Kerber / Fire Wolf br Embassy working on full power. Over 9000 articles already translated.
Ansaikuropedia Japanese JAP (Japan) Ore Tatieno / Old-Gamer
Nonsensopedia Polish POL (Poland) Bartd94
Nonciclopedia Italian ITA (Italy) MFH (DEU) / Citroen CX / Hans Magnus (FRA) MFH = Here, waiting for input. For help contact me, I'll answer ASAP.
Désencyclopédie French FRA (France) Wiikend
Inciclopedia Spanish ESP (Spain) Catracho18 / es:Usuario_Discusión:The Dark Leviathan / Kurraudo / Ratachu Currently translating News and Books.
偽基百科 Traditional Chinese CHI (China) SunnyChow Always translating something. Contact me by Talk page. I will reply in one working day.
Uncyclopedia German DEU (Germany) NaturalBornKieler / Zyniker NBK and Zyniker: working on translation of articles from German to English and vice versa
Spademanns Danish DEN (Denmark) Frode Fenis
Ikkepedia Norwegian NOR (Norway Howie
백괴사전 Korean KOR (South-Korea) Salamander
Absurdopedia Russian RUS (Russia) Praetorian (contact) Currently doing some administrative stuff in A. Translates articles at random.
Unciklopedia Hungarian HUN (Hungary) Vacancy
Uncyclopedia Thai THA (Thailand) Brandy Frisky ( at Thai)
Frikipaeidia Greek GRE (Greece) JimmyX / Woody! Looking for help with our skin! We want to change to Vector. Anybody help?
Eincyclopedia Hebrew ISR (Israël) Mctomerd / Amitarbel / (Amitarbel in Hebrew) Looking for translatable article in Hebrew
Psyklopedin Swedish SWE (Sweden) No Response
Hikipedia Finnish FIN (Finland) No Contact
Desgalipedia Galician ESP (Spain) Rhubella Marie
Kwatsjpedia Limburgish (Lèmburgs) LIM (Limburg - region Belgium/Netherlands/Germany) CartoonistHenning I can translate pages in the future, I actually don't have a lot of time. I administrate the wiki.
Kweenipedia Flemish (Vlamsch) VL (Belgium (Flanders)) Tiz I am trying to build up the wiki. I administrate the wiki.
Kengencyclopedia Luxemburgish (Lëtzebuergesch) LUX (Luxemburg) CartoonistHenning Searching for native speakers, I understand the language very well.
Oisquipedia Occitan (Okkitán) OC (Spain-France-Italy) CartoonistHenning I can translate pages in the future, I actually don't have a lot of time. I administrate the wiki.
Ikkjepedia Nynorsk (Norwegian, nynorsk) NN (Norway) CartoonistHenning It's moving from Wikia to .org. Administration is priority work on that wiki. Perhaps I can translate to nynorsk in the future when all administration work is over.
Simple Uncyclopedia Simple English ALL ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES CartoonistHenning All Uncyclopedia-users welcome to edit the wiki.
Frithchiclipeid Gaeilge IR (Ireland) CartoonistHenning Searching for native speakers.
Anciklopedia Georgian (ქართული) GEO (Georgia) CartoonistHenning Searching for native speakers.
Angragitaran Armenian (Հայերեն) ARM (Armenia) CartoonistHenning Searching for native speakers
Scotypedia Scottish (Scots) SCO (Scotland) CartoonistHenning Native speakers? It's a funny language!
Uncyclopedia.km Cambodian (ភាសាខ្មែរ) CAM (Cambodia) CartoonistHenning Searchig for native speakers.
Necyklopedie Czech (Česky) CZ (the Czech republic) Vygoš Looking around how to start and thinking about the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.

Helpers - If you would like to help with this project, just add your name to the list below.

  1. Zalibus : I can help translating subtleties (if any) of french articles. Contact me on my discussion page.
  2. PiRK
  3. José Monteiro translates from English and Ukrainian to Russian.
  4. Ктулху Фхтагн translates from English to Russian.