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Keep it calm and respectful.

Welcome to the Village Dump. Oh, yeah. Unlike a village pump, we throw crap out here, instead of making water cooler conversation. Make community-relevant discussion here. This is it. Follow the links below for other discussion areas; any topic posted in the Dump that should go somewhere else will be moved without mercy.

You now only have 3, goddamnit 3 days to nominate and vote for Writer of the Month, Noob of the Month and Uncyclopedian of the Month, GET VOTING!!

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Proposed user access level for viewing deleted pages by Dark Web, White Hat05:01, 13 March 2022 by Dark Web, White Hat
Templates that reference other wikis by Spike03:27, 25 January 2022 by Spike
Confirmation email not working by OnePunch03:04, 24 January 2022 by OnePunch
MediaWiki 1.35.5 hiccup by Spike13:13, 27 December 2021 by Spike
InstantCommons by Spike13:26, 22 December 2021 by Spike
UnBestiary to become a proper project by Spike14:11, 17 November 2021 by Spike
Regarding "Beta" by Spike12:37, 8 November 2021 by Spike
Nav-templates by Spike10:36, 8 November 2021 by Spike
New main page layout: Episode II by Leonel Sohns11:58, 1 December 2021 by Leonel Sohns
New main page layout by Llwy-ar-lawr19:01, 4 August 2021 by Llwy-ar-lawr
MediaWiki upgrade 2021 by Llwy-ar-lawr18:08, 11 June 2021 by Llwy-ar-lawr
Updated MediaWiki gadgets by Llwy-ar-lawr09:08, 11 June 2021 by Llwy-ar-lawr
This page does not exist by Dark Web, White Hat21:24, 1 May 2021 by Dark Web, White Hat
Displaytitle bis by Spike00:37, 23 February 2021 by Spike
Article clean-up by Spike14:52, 29 December 2020 by Spike
Question about profile deletion by Llwy-ar-lawr02:31, 8 June 2020 by Llwy-ar-lawr
File cannot be deleted by Llwy-ar-lawr06:56, 9 March 2020 by Llwy-ar-lawr
Korean? by Carlb18:06, 21 January 2020 by Carlb
Some projects disconnected? by Spike00:33, 21 April 2021 by Spike
FEATURED stamp is offset by Nigel Scribbler09:49, 31 December 2019 by Nigel Scribbler
Article editing reports non-existent eternal link by Nigel Scribbler00:37, 12 November 2019 by Nigel Scribbler
On This Day/Anniversaries not synced by Llwy-ar-lawr05:00, 6 November 2019 by Llwy-ar-lawr
Recent articles bullshit by Llwy-ar-lawr00:45, 20 October 2019 by Llwy-ar-lawr
References 2 column format instability by Spike01:43, 23 July 2019 by Spike
User CSS and JS redux by Nigel Scribbler00:48, 23 July 2019 by Nigel Scribbler
UnBestiary categories are not reporting to category list by Carlb21:39, 18 July 2019 by Carlb
Thumbnail images sizes have doubled by Nigel Scribbler01:00, 14 July 2019 by Nigel Scribbler
Length-challenged pages listings by Llwy-ar-lawr00:06, 13 July 2019 by Llwy-ar-lawr
Dead-end pages, Orphan pages by Llwy-ar-lawr06:31, 3 July 2019 by Llwy-ar-lawr
MetaWiki pages found in Orphaned pages by Carlb15:15, 24 June 2019 by Carlb

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