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The hand, having writ, moves on, but that doesn't mean it can remember effing anything. Therefore these lists.

Damage done so far

Uncyclopedian of the Month Award Uncyclopedian of the Month July 2018


My name is Ozymandias, king of kings!
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!
Ordered newest to oldest
Faraday cage
6th century Beast of Bodmin Moor Eurg Numa Numa Kimchi
Lego 7th century 3rd century Polybius 14th century
15th century 16th century 8th century Bayeux Tapestry 13th century
2nd century Cellphone Decade, in progress Uncyclopedia paranormal activity 11th century 10th century
9th century 1st century Violet Jessop, featured article Rasberry Crazy Ant Chipotle Mexican Grill
Edward Hopper, American painter, featured article Pufferfish Takeru Kobayashi, eating champion Loch Hess Monster Keeping Up With the Kattarshians
Cat meme Triumph, what the Romans did Triumph (motorcycle) Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Zuul
Another article that contains nothing but a full stop Minotaur Mission burrito Cerberus, a featured article Kinder egg, a featured article

Major rewrites, expansions

Editing (and fishing) with hand grenades is so easy.
Ordered newest to oldest
Du hast King George I Hirohito African Grey parrot
Occamy Welsh Marsh Owl Unlucky number Korean-American women Los Angeles Kings
Langolier Map Throwing things into canals, a featured article Riverdance Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy, a featured article
Ultimate Yahtzee, expansion of a stub Yahtzee, expansion of a stub Oregon Trail, the game, expansion with more pictures as well Ipswich, Queensland, footnoted to within an inch of its life Empire State Building, expansion of existing stubby, featured article


The short form, with 50% more venom for FREE. This list is no longer being updated.

Ordered newest to oldest
UnNews:Musk unveils Tesla Y UnNews:Manafort to join pals and biz partners UnNews:Cardi B shows her cards UnNews:Rodent gives US the cold shoulder UnNews:Twitter adopts anti-goat stance
UnNews:Musk digs a new hole for himself UnNews:Paul Allen joins Norwegian Blue parrot UnNews:Russian rocket blows UnNews:Connecticut is dangerous in the dark UnNews:If you meet an oligarch on the road
UnNews:Justify wins Triple Crown UnNews:Trump insults another land, only 3 left to go UnNews:Jump, might as well jump UnNews:Planet X to destroy Earth UnNews:What's for Launch?
UnNews:Hamster flushed with Spirit UnNews:Dinosaur outed as imposter UnNews:Manson found innocent UnNews:Virginia vote vexes UnNews:Yuli tide cheer
UnNews:Flipper flips out, finds Flipper, flops UnNews:White House double trouble UnNews:Yank woman presumes to speak to the Empire, a special translation of the article at right UnNews:Nicki to Brits: Pound the alarm UnNews:BART gives, BART receives
UnNews:N. Korea eats, shoots, and leaves UnNews:BART: Don't have a cow, man UnNews:Hospital stocks rise UnNews:TEPCO takes a dump UnNews:No Bolt can stop Christie
UnNews:Pence touches hearts, minds, more UnNews:Sears closes more stores UnNews:Amelia Earhart photo: genuine UnNews:Gigantic iceberg threatens UnNews:Kroger's sues newcomer Lidl


Overhaul of:


Potatochops can be found here and there, where least expected and perhaps least wanted. Those are, however, demanded by the forces of the universe in order to fill the hollow void of futile nothingness for mollification of the non-reading masses. Or something. See articles above. Examples include: