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The Lord's work is never done.

So much to be done...but where to start? Uncyclopedia may be a waste bucket but stuff placed there is - surprisingly - not always random.


Award someone
Here's a list of awards that you can either give to someone or nominate them for, if you feel they've done something worthy of it. Feeling generous? Don't be shy! Let them know what you think!
Give out ninja stars
99% of the good stuff that gets done goes unthanked. While even the most modest yet awesome writer pretends they do it just for the fun of it...not a soul on earth doesn't like a bit of gratification from time to time. It might even be the one kind thing that keeps them from ending it all.
Steal Borrow someone else's idea
Sometimes people have an idea, but they're too lazy to write anything. So they dump the responsibility on you.
For the VERY charitable
ICUs are new articles which will need a lot of help if they are to survive. Kinda like children with terminal cancer. Together, you can find a cure, and give the gift of life to articles which otherwise wouldn't have had it.
Make a friend
These pages are lonely. Nobody loves them or wants to link to them. You can force other pages to be their friends! Bribe them or threaten to beat their faces in, whatever it takes!

What concerns articles

What? Review someone's article Proofread Rewrite Help out a stuck article Spruce up an article that is in disrepair Help with links Expand on something short
Why? The author may be stuck or simply does not know how good (or bad) his work is. Their mite bee some righter, hose grandma and spellin argh wars than the persons who wrought this sane tense. Rewrite an unfunny article so hard, that it won't know what hit it. There are plenty of authors who can't finish what they started or start what they finished. Don't you prefer pretty and funny articles to pretty funny articles? These blue links are like blood vessels, which allow more people to find them more pages Short is not always funny
Where? Uncyclopedia:Pee Review Uncyclopedia:Proofreading Service Uncyclopedia:Articles to fix will help you Category:Stuck articles needing a push Category:Ugly Category:Articles with insufficient links and Category:Articles with excess red links Category:Articles to be expanded and Uncyclopedia:Ideas

But that's not all

Create some pictures
If you have image manipulation or creation talent, go fulfill some image requests.
How about adding pictures? These articles need some pictures added. Perhaps search for some unused images at the image gallery or the unused image list.
I pity this fool. And so should you. With cleanup.
These pages don't know where they belong. Help them find their path home. Use the Map. If you're logged in, enable HotCat in your settings and use it to the limit!

Also if you have a VERY large attention span categorise some of these

Move pages of overly populated categories into subcategories.
If you want to find out how we decide which articles and pictures are featured on the front page, check out VFH and VFP. Basically, we vote for them. Anyone can vote. Especially you!
Take out the trash
We here at Uncyclopedia are dedicated to humour, satire and generally funny things. Surprisingly to some people, the same name spammed over hundreds of pages does not make it funny.
Chuck Norris, Oscar Wilde, Steve Ballmer, Samuel L. and Kanye West are not funny in every context. We don't want their names mentioned in every article for no good reason.
You can help by removing such unfunny and irrelevant references where you see them.
Note: Good Oscar Wilde quotes have always had their place in Uncyclopedia. Feel free to delete the worse ones, but if in doubt, just leave the poor things be.
Clean out the Wild Quotes in the Wilde project as well
You can start here and work your way down.
Get a job
Rather than sitting at home at 2 in the afternoon pissing time away on Uncyclopedia.
Do your homework!
Colleges these days don't accept featured articles as credits. Crazy, isn't it? And remember, if you do your English homework, your article may not end up here.

Differences between articles in need of fixing

Name of fix Ugly or Cleanup Fix WIP Expand ICU
Problem Bad formatting Bad execution Work in progress Needs to be expanded New, lots of work required
What you do Sectionalize, order Take out crap, make coherent Finish it! Finish it! Flesh out concept and add images
Difficulty In your sleep Easy Medium Medium Hard
Idea, material, execution Good idea, good material, bad execution Good idea, OK material, bad execution Good idea, some material, not finished Good idea, has potential, but needs more Some idea, little material, execution needs work


  • A few of the pages in Category:Things are just put there by certain individuals because they are too lazy to find the actual category that the page should be in. All that needs to be done is for the category to change from things to the correct category depending on what page it is.
  • Adopt a N00b with the Uncyclopedia:AAN Foundation.