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“Content from websites whose content is largely user-generated is also generally unacceptable. Sites with user-generated content include personal websites, personal blogs, group blogs, internet forums, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb),, content farms, most wikis including Wikipedia, and other collaboratively created websites.”

~ Wikipedia on itself
This user bleeds once a month and doesn't die. Do not trust her.

US flag.png This user is from the land of extremist ideologies, school shootings and junk food. Oh yeah!


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Vir: He's in touch with his inner self.
Sinclair: He's passed out.
Vir: That too.
Babylon 5, "The Parliament of Dreams"

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The P12s watch the P6s, but who watches the P12s?

I've been an off-and-on editor since Valentine's Day 2013. I used to be a naive teenager who made bad decisions, but I grew up.

Contrary to popular belief, I am not Welsh. I picked this name because at the time I was obsessed with Welsh stuff. I've since moved on to other things; if I'd signed up later I'd probably be called something entirely different.

Rats look an awful lot like big mice.

Kelsey: You are not helping this situation.
Ivanova: You are the situation.
Babylon 5, "Mind War"