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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Suicide?
Most Successful Game 2018 IGN
Footnight Goals V2.jpg Footnight copied image.jpg
Society In 2018 Loading Screen
Motto "GUYS I GOT A SCAR, WAIT!!!! It's a fucking SCOPED RIFLE!!! Reeeeeeeee" - Every obnoxious kid on Fortnite
Footnight Map V7.jpg
Capital Twin Towers (Tilted Towers)
President Ninja
Vice President Some dude from the Middle East (Maybe John Wick as he looks a bit Arabian)
Official Language Ninjonian, Squeakers, Arabic, Boy trying to imitate a teen but fails, The Autists (Language of autistic kids).
Official Religion Fortnitianity, Fortunaism, Fortatholics, Fortism, Forthism, Ninjarism.
National Sport Twitch Streamers, mostly just Ninja.
Independence From V-Bucks?
Unofficial languages Just more autistic kids screaming in their own native tongues (that no one can understand)
Currency What do you think noob?!
Population? Pretty much anyone that watches Ninja
GDP Per Capita 1500 V-Bucks Per Battlepass
Starter Pack: 600 V-Bucks
Ethnic Composition Ninja fans 187%
Literacy Rate Most of them can't read due to Fortnitian players brain cells being degraded over time by the 8K graphics that Forknife has. Overwhelming their pubescent brains.
Special abilities Make kids skip school on Thursday to get their weeklies done.

Fortnite is a game developed by SEGA during the Second World War to distract the Americans from joining the war effort. SEGA went bankrupt in the early 2000's because they focused too heavily on a mutant colour-dyed hedgehog who does pornos because the income from SEGA just isn't enough. The remains of this company's employees these days are deep-rooted into prostitution, Hindi Porn, toilet adverts, and anime penis tattooing.

Fortnite starter pack[edit]

Fortnite Marvel skins

Upon entering a game of Fortnite you'll instantly take into account the amount of people that waste money on the highest grossing currency in the world: That being the V-Bucks. You might feel slightly shit compared to these players because of there aesthetic features, but don't worry they're complete shit themselves. Btw if you can't afford Battle Royale just leave now because your kind isn't welcome here (Greece). Some people may experience seizures,one week old fetuses combusting, autistic fits, cardiac you're under arrest(freeze), brain tumours or even toe nail cancer from the shock the game forces on the player when they first jump out a bus on a collision course with a Russian missile (which later misses its target, twin towers, and accidentally creates a second twin towers.). This amount of trauma alone could leave any fetus scarred for the rest of their unborn life. Many newbies may become paranoid partly because they haven't realised that the bright glowing strap-ons that you can see from literally half way across the map aren't ghosts, but dark voyagers. Also once their eyes adjust to the lights being emitted form Tilted Towers due to the amount of combat, now you've already got over half the challenge ((Average amount of players at Twin Towers 3000 Players: In a match with only a hundred players) makes sense, right?). Next is too avoid going to Twin Towers because like the original World Trade centre you'll probably not survive. Also remember this, just because a gun may have a purple rarity, it doesn't mean it's a good gun, that's the exact case for the depressing and useless Scoped Assault Rifle (Automatic crossbow essentially). Use it, and you're committing one of worst sins of all that a PUBG... i mean Fortnite player can commit, it's the sin of using a bad gun. Please don't think sneaking around with suppressed weapons is effective because crouching is probably more loud than the casual sprint and jump technique adopted by anyone that has died to a Shotgun at least once. It can sure be annoying in gunfights when people are essentially bouncing around like its some weird dystopia future where everyone looks like the characters from Lazy Town (Use this dickhead technique as you desire). Also avoid combat with John Wicks, it's impossible to win as these warriors have 20 noobs fused inside of them too make them a Twitch streaming pro player, which is the reason why you have too knock off 2000 Health before these Fortnite keyboard warriors need a revive, which btw it takes another 2000 damage to completely kill these warriors (Advice is to just avoid them, especially if their is an orgy of them).


Like all games, Fortnite had a dark age. This involved something called Save The World which plagued this game in its very early days until they figured out the biggest trending game on Twitch (Well.... We all know what that game is). They took inspiration (It was a plain out copy without cars), and they managed to pull it out of the Dark Ages skipping the Industrial Revolution and experiencing a golden age like none other (Not Destiny's Golden Age). Just like Cod points, V-Bucks is just as tumorous as it is profitable. This is the main reason this game also excels compared to other games. COD WW2 which had a DLC about the French (No one likes the French, and the French don't even like the French, so it's a mystery how they thought this would be a good idea). Battlefield 1 (No one has a clue what DLC they've got out at this point). Overwatch (Do people still play that game?). So this is why a game with graphics more simple than the graphics on the Macintosh with a age rating of F (Fetus) would somehow shit on the gaming market. This game has been available on many platforms including the Colossus machine, Macinschlosh, Commodore 69/ 911, Sega Megadive, Nintendo Lube, Huge box/ Xbox 360/ XbOne, PS1/PSLads/PS3/PS4, Nintendo Wii nUUse (Suicide feature exclusive to just this console).

John Wick[edit]

Game of Wicks

These mystical beings called John Wick are the second coming of Jesus. John Wick's have the ability to pummel noobs into the ground by simply walking past them. The Official Forknife Science Community have long speculated that the air pressure alone that resonates of these fellers could cut a noob clean in half. The reason why we haven't got reports of this occurring yet is because deep within a John Wick lies many, many noobs (20 Noobs Co-Exist inside One John Wick), and this god like being may be able to feel a tad bit of sympathy for these frustrated depressed four year old's. Other abilities of John Wick include, aim assist, ability to change to a $30 skin at will, literally melt kids by staring at them with their laser eyes, whip out a rocket launcher whenever they desire, get a yellow scar right of the ghetto, don't even need a rocket to rocket ride, have 2000 health, devolve into a fetus and hide inside a noob until the very end and crawl out and evolve back into John Wick to finish of the games (carrier of the John Wick fetus will die a prolonged death because when fetus's leave the fetus canal the noob will experience a cardiac you're under arrest until the storm swallows him up from the Inside Out), the ability to one punch all the noobs out of tilted over too Pleasant Park and the noobs will only have one health remaining. Many other abilities are getting rather heated when discussed right now such as the 100% accuracy that comes standard when John Wicks enter a gun fight.