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The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian black background.svg
Is he a Fett? Nope.
Format Series
Created by John Flavourful
Starring Actors
Country of origin Neverland
Language(s) Human
Picture format 4K
Followed by The Book of Boba Fett
This article is about the television series. For the species, see Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian is a 2019 American space Western television series created by the guy who directed Iron Man for the company that should just stick to animated princess movies, Disney+. It is the first series set in the Star Wars universe (live-action that is, cause The Clone Wars and Rebels exist and are great) and is set five years after the events of Return of the Jedi (1983). It stars Pedro Pascal, who before this was pretty much a nobody (not that Nobody, that's Bob Odinkirk), as the character The Man De Lorian who is a child smuggler on the run after he kidnaps the love child of Jedi Master Yoda and Yaddle.

Cast and characters[edit]

Moff Fring cooking a new batch of fried chicken.
  • The Man De Lorian, or for the French audience, The Man dé Lorian, or for the ghetto audience, The Man Da Lorian: the character was named after Doc Brown (the guy from Back to the Future not the rapper) who used a Delorean for the purpose of time travel or something, however, Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni did not think the name was masculine enough, so they made it more "manly" by literally adding 'Man' to the start of it. Genius!
  • Goku: (not to be confused with the Dragon Ball character) who is also known as Baby Yoda, Baby Unknown Tridactyl Species and Yeed among Star Wars fans or simply just referred to as 'The Kid' in universe. An escapee of Order 66, eater of frogs, and likes to choke.
  • Bow Katana: the former (animated) princess of Mandalore, who is now played in live-action by the same voice actor. After not being in the third season, and only being in two episodes of season two, she becomes the main character of the third season for no reason.
    Can't Dune helps grandpa Griffen Cargobob set up his new iPad.
  • Griffin Cargobob (Griff Cargo for short): is one of a handful of black people in the Star Wars franchise. In season 1 of the show, Mr Cargo is the manager of a Bed and Breakfast on the planet Nevarro. However in the post-credits scene of "Chapter 8: Very Cool Climax (Is what I wish my girlfriend says after sex)", his hotel is closed down by a Health Inspector due to a Womp Rat infestation which was teased in "Chapter 5".
  • Can't Dune: Can't, real name Caramel, took her last name from the 2021 movie Dune which inspired the 1977 Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (not the book, cause nobody reads books). She was sacked from the show for having larger biceps than Pedro, despite all of the metal stuff he wears.
  • Moff Fring: After his supposed death by the hands of Walter White aka Hisenburg, Gus Fring travels to a galaxy far, far away. He then meets a bummed out Darth Vader after his fight with Obi-Wan Kenobi on Mustafar. The two go into business together and open an intergalactic chain of Los Pollos Hermanos which Man De Lorian frequents during the show.
  • IG-69: is Man De Lorian's sex robot which is repurposed into Goku's nanny.
  • Boobs N Feet: After getting the best blowjob of his life by a Sarlacc Pit, Boba Fett now going by Boobs N Feet, meets Fox Sharp and the two then team up for plot convience to the story only to be given their own spin-off show.
  • Fox Sharp: is the first Star Wars character (besides the main cast of the main movies) to go from live-action to animated form unlike Bo-Katan and Ahsoka Tano who managed to go from animated to live-action.


Disney cloned Pedro Pascal to save money on stunt doubles.

Pascal spends nearly the entire series inside of a helmet. This was intentional as they used a stunt double on set while filming scenes that featured The Man De Lorian. To save even more money on production costs, Pedro didn't even record his lines inside of a booth but instead while on a phone call with Favreau. This is evident in the final version due to the fact that the audience can clearly tell that the voice was added post-production as the lipsyncing with the helmets' lips were off as well as the body language. For the final episode of season 2, it was clear that the emotional send-off was not working with the helmet over Pascals' face, so they invited Pedro to be on-set for the first time to fake cry.

Gina Carano firing[edit]

After the second season, Can't Dune actress, Gina Carano, was fired from the show after it was revealed that she was a former wrestler. "It explains why she fit the character so perfectly," creator Jon Favreau said of the incident. "But this is a Disney show, so we can't be endorsing any violence."

Franchise starter[edit]

Despite being based on and set after the original Star Wars trilogy, The Mandalorian was also the catalyst for kick starting the live-action Disney Star Wars television universe that nobody wanted. The Book of Boba Fett being the first, which follows Mr. Feet and his quest to become the King of Candyland. Ahsoka came soon after, that is, if two years is 'soonish' for you. After that was Skeleton Crew, which can only be described as the The Walking Dead: World Beyond set in space.


Season 1 (2019)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal release date
11 "Chapter 1: The Man De Lorian" Dave FiloniJon FavreauNovember 12, 2019  (2019 -11-12)
Mando cracks open a cold one without any distractions.
The Man De Lorian is a child smuggler who is one of the most un-wanted criminals in the galaxy. With a measly 10 credit bounty on his head by the New Republic, Mando is a deadbeat dad who left his daughter and wife after the destruction of the first Death Star. After the fall of the second Death Star however, the Imperial stormtroopers stationed on Navarro are forced into hiding. Their boss, known as The German, hires Mando so that they can rebuild the Galactic Empire to what it once was. The German tasks Mando with kidnapping a 50 year old baby whose father was none other than the Grand Master of the Jedi Order way back during the prequel trilogy. Oh, and his mum was also a Jedi but she only had less than 5 minutes of screen-time so who cares about her, right? Anyway, Mando sets out to capture the Kid. He travels to Arvala-7 (a discount Tatooine) and meets midget pig man Krill. Krill and Mando travel to the strip club where Goku is laying low at. Mando gets into a shootout with some pimps after he refuses to tip one of the strippers. IG-69, a disgruntled droid who wishes to be free from the sex trade, assists Mando in the blaster-off. Mando and Krill find the Yeed and lock him inside of a white egg hovering contraption. 
22 "Chapter 2: The Kid" Rick FamuyiwaJon FavreauNovember 15, 2019  (2019 -11-15)
The four on their return to Mandos' ship, the Gilette Razor, Mando offers Krill some of the bounty money for his help however the midget pig refuses and instead asks for the robot. Mando agrees, much to the dismay of IG-69. The group are attacked by a furry rhino and Mando does most of the work to take it down. During the fight, Goku's egg cage is damaged and the little green man crawls out. Instead of escaping, Goku instead raises his hand at the beast and get this, the thing starts to float! Like actually float. Like magic or something! Mando uses this to his advantage and stabs the creature, killing it. The group finally returns to the Gilette Razor where Krill and IG-69 stay behind. 
33 "Chapter 3: The Escape" Deborah ChowJon FavreauNovember 22, 2019  (2019 -11-22)
Mando returns to Navarro with the "little green guy" where he deposits him with The German. The German pays The Man De Lorian with some bars of Beskar, which is basically the Star Wars version of Vibranium. Mando returns to his crib that is infested with his Mandalorian cousins. Mando's aunt melts the Beskar and makes a new suit of armour for him to replace his old suit that have been turned brown due to the fact there is no toilet paper in space. With his new shiny suit, Mando reflects on his past bounty and compares Goku to his daughter, whom he hasn't seen since her conception. Mando, against his better judgement, decides to 'rescue' the Kid. He returns to The Germans hideout, murders all of his Stormtroopers, takes the Kid from some random, unimportant, Doctor guy, shoots fucking missiles out of his wrists and leaves. The German, pissed, sends out a "hot bounty hunters in your area" message that attracts everybody to Mando to get a piece of the action. Mando kills all of these perverted lunatics with the help of his cousins. 
44 "Chapter 4: The Love Interest" Bryce Dallas HowardJon FavreauNovember 29, 2019  (2019 -11-29)
On the run, Mando and Goku stop at a Los Pollos Hermanos to get some food. The store manager, Moff Fring offers some blue crystal meth on the side but Mando refuses. Mando and Goku leave the fast food restaurant, with their fried chicken. Moff Fring, mourning over the loss of his bussiness partner Darth Vader who had been killed five years eariler, plots to kidnap the already kidnapped Goku. Mando and Goku travel to Sorgan. The two go to a bar and drink some soup with a big kitty cat. Caramel Dune, an ex-cop, tries to claim the 10 credit bounty on Mando's head but the two are no match for Goku's cuteness. The three then stay at a motel at a small village nearby. Upon arrival, Mando is reunited with his wife and daughter. But before Mando could bounce to avoid paying child support, the village is attacked by a robot T-Rex. Mando and Can't quickly, like really quickly, trains the villagers to shoot blasters and use sticks. With the power of friendship, they take down the AT-ST. With the threat gone, Mando can finally slip away, however, Goku and Mandos' daughter had struck up a friendship eating frogs together. Bloody weirdos. Omera asks Man De Lorian if he wants to file for divorce and if he wants to give her sole custody. Mando quickly agrees and takes Goku to Tatooine. 
55 "Chapter 5: The Sand-Off" Dave FiloniDave FiloniDecember 6, 2019  (2019 -12-06)
The Man De Lorian's famous ship, The Gilette Razor.
The pair land and go to the local pub, which many would recognise as the one from A New Hope. Mando is approached by a young Bounty Hunter who blackmails Mando into joining him for a hunt in return for not turning him in. Mando agrees and leaves Goku with a Crazy Droid Lady. Mando and eToro grand theft auto some speeder bikes and go track down Fox Sharp, their bounty. eToro is yapping away, getting on Mandos nerves, when they spot a cow. Mando, thirsty from the desert heat, goes to milk the cow. However, the cow was not a cow but a camel. Mando, quickly realising the mistake he just made, shoots the camels toe before getting shot by a sniper. Mando and eToro use the sand for cover, which is rough and course and gets everywhere. The two hunters finally get to Sharps location and hold her at blaster-point. eToro attempts to arrest her but she does some sort of ninja kick and her foot goes straight through his chest, killing him and lowering the chances of him taking Goku hostage later down the line. Mando, not caring about the loss of his former partner, straight up just shoots her, setting up the next season. 
66 "Chapter 6: How The Fuck Is This Not A Horror Movie?" Rick FamuyiwaChristopher Yost and Rick FamuyiwaDecember 13, 2019  (2019 -12-13)
Mando and Goku, hungry, go to the Los Pollos Hermanos again. Moff Fring, still plotting his kidnapping plan, serves Mando his fried chicken and secretly puts a tracking device inside the chicken box. Mando visits an old mate who asks Mando to help bust out a criminal from a space-prison. Mando tags along with the crew which consists of Bill Burr, Satan, She On (Mandos' ex-fwb) and Robot Richard Ayoade. The team bust into the New Republic Prison Ship trying their best not to set off any alarms. They get to the ships cockpit and they find the voice actor for Anakin Skywalker from The Clone Wars. Matt Lanter tries to convince them that he doesn't know how he even got on the ship, let alone space in the first place. Since he has no purpose, She On throws a knife at him, killing him and explaining why there won't be an eighth season of Clone Wars. By killing the voice actor, the ships alarm is set off. The crew quickly find the prisoner that they were looking for... She Ons' brother, who hates Mando. They backstab (not literally, but metaphorically) Mando and throw him into the cell, well more like push, actually it was closer to a shove to be exact. Anyway, Mando escapes by jacking off one of the Security Guard Droids and the rest of the episode turns into a horror movie. Mando picks them off, one by one. Satan? Dead. She On? Dead. Her brother? Dead. Bill Burr? Not dead. Robot Richard Ayoade? Decommissioned. Hotel? Trivago. 
77 "Chapter 7: Rise The Tension And Finish The Episode For The Epic Season Finale That Sets Up A Second Season" Deborah ChowJon FavreauDecember 18, 2019  (2019 -12-18)
Speaking of hotels, Mando returns to Navarro and stays at Griff Cargobob's Inn. The German finds out about this and so does Moff Fring. Gus makes a dramatic entrance by folding his TIE fighter. The Moff also calls in some of his old contacts he got when he knew Vader, which included a squad of Death Troopers, or, black Stormtroopers, as well as some of the normal white ones. The Moff, with no regard of The German, opens fire on Griffs' Inn where Mando and The German are having a nice meal, resulting in the death of the little old man. 
88 "Chapter 8: Very Cool Climax (Is What I Wish My Girlfriend Says After Sex)" Taika WaititiJon FavreauDecember 27, 2019  (2019 -12-27)
The Man De Lorian robs Bob Iger for a few credits.

Mando, Griff, Can't and Goku take shelter behind some chairs and tables when some bloke with one of Elon Musks Flamethrowers comes in and shoots fire everywhere. Can't kills him but Mando is seriously injured. Moff Fring then reveals The Man De Lorian's real name, Bin Barin. Suddenly, IG-69 and Krill show up and save them. IG-69 shoots some vaper mist on Bin's face that magically heals the burns, I mean, c'mon it's Star Wars, what did you expect at this point? So, Krill and IG-69 take Goku back to the ship but two Stormtroopers who are trying to become stand up comedians stand in their way. Krill is shot and killed but IG-69 gets some revenge. Mando, Griff and Caramel are now in the sewers where it is revealed that all of Man De Lorian's cousins were killed by The German, and people still think not all Germans are Nazis. The group then take a tour cruise on a lava lake and are attacked by Fring and his folding TIE Fighter. Mando pulls a jetpack out of nowhere and goes on a quick joyride before coming back and blowing Moff Fring (out of the sky, not his dick). Celebrations all around. In the post-credit scene, cause everything needs one nowadays, thanks Marvel. Moff Fring is showed surviving the crash and pulls out a black lightsaber. It needs a cool name like... the dark... saber?

End of season 1. 

Season 2 (2020)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal release date
91 "Chapter 9: Wild Wild West" Jon FavreauJon FavreauOctober 30, 2020  (2020 -10-30)
Mando and Goku are back on Tatooine. Mando, looking for more of his kind, has heard word that famous Bounty Hunter Boba Fett has been spotted somewhere in the desert. Goku, who now has a severe case of Stockholm syndrome, has forgotten that he was kidnapped and now believes he is the son of Bin Barin, despite being a different species. They come across a small town and enter the saloon. The Sheriff walks in wearing the armour of Boba, Mando isn't happy. The two are about to have a good ol' stand off but are interrupted by a giant sand worm. The Sheriff makes a deal with Mando; help kill the worm and he will give Mando the armour. So, the trio set out to kill the worm. They then hire a group of Tuskeen Raiders to join their entourage so they can make some cool cinematic shots. They find the worms den and start to plan on how to take it down. They plant some landmines and set up some x-bows from Clash of Clans. The worm emerges and the battle is on. The Sheriff, Corn on a Cobb, and Mando use their jetpacks to fly around and shoot and look cool. After a reasonable amount of time and some dead Tuskeens, the worm is defeated. Mr Corn gives Mando Boba Fetts' armour and they part ways. 
102 "Chapter 10: Egg-Cellent" Peyton ReedJon FavreauNovember 6, 2020  (2020 -11-06)
Bin and Goku return to their ship only to find that Crazy Droid Lady has signed Mando up as an Uber driver. However, before Mando can close his account, he gets a passenger; a Frog Lady who has a backpack full of eggs. 
113 "Chapter 11: This Is Getting Out of Hand, Now There Are Four of Them!" Bryce Dallas HowardJon FavreauNovember 13, 2020  (2020 -11-13)
Frog Couple.
Mando drops the Frog Lady off on the moon Trask, skipping the ice planet Australia 2, which is infested with spiders and even worse.... X-Wing Pilots. During the flight however, Goku ate all the ladys eggs which we find out were actually her eggs. Like, her eggs eggs. Like her ovaries.... to give birth to little frog ladies and gentlemen. And with adoption off the table, the Frog Lady leaves Mando a one star review on Uber and Yelp. Mando, devastated, goes to the bar to get a drink. Inside he meets Bo-Katan, a character from the animated TV shows The Clone Wars and Rebels, who is another Mandalorian, but blue. Bo-Katan tells Mando that if he helps her become live-action, he will tell him the location of another animated character that will be able to help him. Mando, confused from what he needs help with, agrees to help Bo-Katan become real. The two then take down an Imperial Cruiser, killing all the Stormtroopers onboard. The captain however, bites his teeth together and since he hasn't been to the dentist lately, he dies. After all this, somehow, Bo becomes a real female and is no longer a cartoon. Being a man (sorry, woman) of her word, she tells Mando that Ahsoka Tano, a Jedi that was Anakin Skywalkers underage side-chick, is on the planet Corvus. 
124 "Chapter 12: Old Mates" Carl WeathersJon FavreauNovember 20, 2020  (2020 -11-20)
While on their way to Corvus, Bin and Goku stop at Los Pollos Hermanos only to find Moff Fring. Gus says that he has forgiven Mando since the events of season 1. Gus gives them coupons for free chicken and they part ways. Mando returns to Navarro for a side mission with Griff Cargo and Can't Dune. After skipping most of the cut-scenes, Mando is done and we can get back to what we really want. 
135 "Chapter 13: Return of the (Orange) Jedi" Dave FiloniDave FiloniNovember 27, 2020  (2020 -11-27)
Ahsoka Tano: Two blades are better.
Mando and Goku arrive on Corvus and find Ahsoka Tano. They get into a fight with an Asian lady with a metal spear and her robot bodyguards. They win, of course and Ahsoka starts to train Goku in the ways of the force. Ahsoka, not learning from the mistakes made in the Prequels, tells Bin that she cannot train him and to instead take Goku to Tython. Talk about a wild goose chase (minus the geese.... or goose, if there's only one). Ahsoka gets her own show after this episode cameo for no reason. 
146 "Chapter 14: Guess Who's Back, Back Again" Robert RodriguezJon FavreauDecember 4, 2020  (2020 -12-04)
Goku sits on top of a rock on Tython when a mysterious ship lands nearby. Mando, being the responsible parent, leaves Goku alone and investigates. Mando comes face to face with Boobs N Feet aka Boba Fett. But that's not all! He is joined by Fox Sharp. Mando is shocked! Everyone is shocked! Plot twist? Not really. Suddenly, Moff Fring and some Stormtroopers arrive. Turns out, Gus had lied about all being forgiven. Now that is a plot twist! Fox and Boba handle the Stormtroopers while Mando goes to retrieve Goku. However, some dark.... troopers? Dark Troopers kidnap Goku and fly off. To make matters worse, Gus also blows up the Gilette Razor as a big fuck you to those that had bought the Lego Razor Crest (renamed for copyright reasons). Mando, Fox and Boba then team up to rescue the Kid. 
157 "Chapter 15: Bill-(Burr)-iever" Rick FamuyiwaRick FamuyiwaDecember 11, 2020  (2020 -12-11)
The three then also team up with Can't Dune and Bill Burr to find the location of Frings' Star Destroyer. The five of them, now calling themselves the Power Rangers, break into an oil rig which results in multiple people seeing Mandos' face and Bill Burr shooting a guy point black and blaming it on PTSD. They get the location and make a dramatic escape. As a thank you, they just leave Bill to fend for himself in the middle of a jungle. 
168 "Chapter 16: How To: Make Grown Men Cry" Peyton ReedJon FavreauDecember 18, 2020  (2020 -12-18)
Unmasked at last! Pedro Pascal takes his helmet off to collect his pay check.

With Bill gone, they then recruit Bo-Katan to join their band. She accepts and becomes the groups bassist. They then take the unimportant doctor guy from season 1 hostage and bluff their way onto Gus' ship. Mando goes to look for Goku while everybody else goes to get Fring. Mando finds the Kid and has to 2v1 against the Moff and a Dark Trooper. Mando wins and captures Gus. He regroups with the others in the bridge but is challenged by Bo-Katan for ownership of the Darksaber, which Mando got after disarming Gus during their fight. I should have mentioned that earlier. I mean it's a lightsaber, it is kinda important. Anyway, the two are about to have an epic fight when the rest of the Dark Troopers return. Shit. I've done it again, haven't I? You see, before Mando's fight with Gus, he threw the Dark Troopers out of the airlock and into the depths of space. Alright, all caught up? I hope so. So, with the Dark Troopers banging on the door, everyone is ready for a fight, that is, until, a single X-Wing flies past. The masked figure enters the ship and using a green laser-sword and invisible magic coming out of his hands, destroys all of the Dark Troopers. Could this be a Jedi? Yes it is. And would you believe it, it is Luke Skywalker. Y'know, the guy from the Original trilogy? Nevermind. So, Luke takes Goku off of Mandos' hands. Bin cries but at least now he doesn't have to waste credits on the Kid.

End of season 2. 

Season 3 (2023)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal release date
171 "Chapter 17: The Apostate" Rick FamuyiwaJon FavreauMarch 1, 2023  (2023 -03-01)
Goku trying his best not to catch COVID-19 during filming.
After the events of The Book of Boba Fett, Mando and Goku save a group of Mandalorians from the Loch Ness Monster, and instead of being thanked, are tasked with going to Mandalore to take a bath. The duo return to Navarro, where King Karga has turned the planet into a utopia, and pull a Palpatine on IG-11. This doesn't work, so Mando shoots it hoping it will bring it back to life. It does not. Mando then goes to visit Bo-Katan, who swiftly tells him to leave. Bin Barin asks if she is cranky because he has the Darksaber. She responds that she is on her period, and that she doesn't want to do anything for the remainder of the season unless she gets to become the bad guy. Mickey Mouse interrupts telling her that general language is not allowed and to be more inclusive, and brands her the "bad girl for the season" and reassures audiences that there is nothing woke going on. 
182 "Chapter 18: The Mines of Mandalore" Rachel MorrisonJon FavreauMarch 8, 2023  (2023 -03-08)
Disney+ added commercial breaks, to make as much of a profit from the limited amount of those that watched the third season.
So, Bin and Goku travel to Mandalore alone and explore the ruins of Atlantis, before being attacked by a robot spider thing. Bin gets kidnapped, and Goku floats away and goes back to ask Bo-Katan for help. She refuses at first, but changes her mind when is told that Jack Black and Lizzo will show up later in the show. Bo returns to Mandalore to free Bin from his captor, and gives him a cookiee after he donates some blood. The two then go for a swim, even though they didn't wait 20 minutes after eating. Bin almost drowns, but is saved by the Mythosaur life guard. 
193 "Chapter 19: The Convert" Lee Isaac ChungNoah Kloor & Jon FavreauMarch 15, 2023  (2023 -03-15)
Mando, Bo and Goku return to her palace just as the Empire is about to blow it the fuck up — what good timing! After they get away before they get themselves blown up, it cuts to Coruscant and we spend an hour of an episode walking around eating candy floss, yellow biscuits, and seeing how bad the New Republic handles things. Dr Persona is tricked into helping the Empire cover up Moff Fring's cloning plan, and is tortured — not really, but also really
204 "Chapter 20: The Foundling" Carl WeathersJon Favreau & Dave FiloniMarch 22, 2023  (2023 -03-22)
215 "Chapter 21: The Pirate" Peter RamseyJon FavreauMarch 29, 2023  (2023 -03-29)
226 "Chapter 22: Guns for Hire" Bryce Dallas HowardJon FavreauApril 5, 2023  (2023 -04-05)
237 "Chapter 23: The Spies" Rick FamuyiwaJon Favreau & Dave FiloniApril 12, 2023  (2023 -04-12)
248 "Chapter 24: The Return" Rick FamuyiwaJon FavreauApril 19, 2023  (2023 -04-19)

Season 4 (2024)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal release date
25-321-8 "Season Four" Jon Favreau2024
Jon Favreau confirmed a fourth season in May 2022. Why? Money. 


The reception to show, mainly the first two seasons, hailed it as the greatest Star Wars show ever created, that is, until Andor came out. The three year gap between the second and third seasons also dwindled viewership, and caused Jon Favreau to rush the scripts for Chapters 17 through 24, making countless plot holes and a main story line that only came to fruition in the last two episodes. Spin-off shows like The Book of Boba Fett and Ahsoka take characters who appeared in the second season, in order to "expand on the universe and lore."