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Black is a type of nationality race that was first used in Europe when Benedict VIVI called these people "Black" after a colour that was used earlier. The word "Black" came into existence in 521 AD in general as a colour. The name became so common that by the 570s, it was used over 200 times in every sentence, and by the next decade, it was commonly used 770 times. The word's common use made it impossible to leave it as a colour, and was strating to be used for other things. In 1475, starting in Africa, a new type of people starting forming as a new race where their skin was darker than the majority of the population. The White majority started calling these people Black because of their skin. Eventually, after years of staying in one continent, the Europeans decided to invade the black people's lands, where they colonized the whole continent. Some explorers made the trip in 1492. To this day