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15 December 2021

The TIE fighter during the fight.

Bangkok, Thailand -- The most anticipated fight of the century, second to that of Elton John vs. Aids, took place earlier today. Imperial TIE/LN 72 took on Thai boxer Fuk-Yaow, the champion of the Asian heavy weight division. Spectators filled the crowd, many of whom who were placing high stake bets on the outcome of the fight, many of which were putting Fuk-Yaow as the losing party. The TIE fighter in the pre-game interview stated that it had not trained at all for the fight whereas Fuk has spent the last 8 months training against Republic X-Wings for the big day.

The fight only lasted for less than 40 seconds, most of which showed that Fuk was going to be the victor; throwing jabs, kicks, punchs, you name it. It did seem that Yaow was losing strength per each hit but it didn't matter when the TIE fighter shot a green blaster bolt, blowing the Thai fighters' head clean off.

The TIE fighter was named the new champion while paramedics tried to reattach the human fighters head back on.