Star Wars Holiday Special

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Star Wars Holiday Special
HS cropped.jpg
Directed by Steve Binder
Produced by George Lucas
Written by Getty Images
Starring Same cast as the OT
Music by John Williams
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date(s) November 17, 1978
Running time 98 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget Too much
Box office Aired on TV, but still managed to flopp regardless

“What if the Ewoks are like elves in the galaxy, and Santa is like a Sith Lord or something?”

~ George Lucas on writing the Holiday Special

The Star Wars Holiday Special is a 1978 comedy-space-christmas movie, which also acts a spin-off film set in the Star Wars galaxy. It was directed by Steve Binder, while being produced and overseen by George Lucas. It served as a pivotal point in the franchise, airing across every major television service in the United States, Canada, Antartica, and even Alaska.


Not until 1980 would Lucas see the potential of putting a golden bra on Leia. He could instantly have attracted millions of nerds hoping to see a kinky scene with Grandpa Wookie and a strap-on.

Narrated by the guy from Discovery Channel, we set foot into the Wookie forests of the Amazon Rain Forest, where the Wookies are fighting a war against the Americans — who are attempting to acquire some exotic Christmas trees. Wait no, that was the plot of Avatar, wasn't it?

Rather, we are shown the daily lives of fur-creatures babbling while watching a TV cooking show hosted by a tranny. We also see the inclusion of softcore porn, where Grandpa Wookie watches 20 minutes of some lady saying "Well, aren't you excited? Ooh, someone's excited!"

On the other side of the galaxy, Luke visits a dozen Target and Kmart stores looking for the perfect set of sexy lingerie for Princess Leia, who he still doesn't know is his sister. This has implications in the following movies, reflecting the attempted significance of this film.


The Star Wars Holiday Special started off as a joke between Lucas and his wife while having Christmas dinner in 1977. George was working on the sequel to the first Star War, but now better and cooler with the now pop-culture icon, Boba Fett.

Instead of calling it something like Star Wars: The Last Christmas or Star Wars Episode 4.5, but technically 1.5: The Christmas, Hannukah, and similar Movie, the producers agreed that Holiday Special was more inclusive and non-judgemental and might refer to any number of real-life or made-up holidays — and not just Jesus's birthday. To put a really vague edge on it, they took the Christ way out of Christmas and had the characters celebrate 'Life Day', which could refer to anything.


AT-AT sex is truly eye-opening.

AT-AT sex[edit]

Careful viewers will note that two AT-AT walkers are breeding during one of many cool, and interesting fight scenes. This means that there would be major implications in the Star Wars saga if Imperial Machines are fertile, such as: that's how vehicles/ships are made, if baby AT-ATs's grow up to become big AT-AT's, and if there is a market for AT-AT porn in the galaxy.


Since it doesn't snow on Tatooine, children there build Sandmen, instead of the much more cooler Snowmen that kids on Hoth have the luxury to make during the holiday season. Director Steve Binder said that this was an easter egg to the real-world fictional character, Mr. Sandman, who much like the Ghost of Christmas Past who visits Darth Vader in the film through dreams. However, this does not mean that the 2022 Netflix series, The Sandman, is connected to the Star Wars expanded universe.

Life Day[edit]

The Holiday special omits any semblance with real holidays that anyone would actually care about, and instead opts for 'Life Day'. Many Star Wars nerds have attempted to decode the true meaning behind this day of life, with some spectacular speculations entail a tale of original life and all the reproduction involved with increasing the galaxy's population. Another theory speculates that it is a celebration of sex and all the sexy things that come with sex, especially fascinating undergarments like Princess Leia's golden bra. However, for whatever twisted reason, undergarments technically do not exist in the Star Wars universe. Others believe that it is a celebration of the movie Avatar, in which people can imagine native two-legged blueberry/human erotic fan-fictions.