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SZNZ cover
Studio album by Weezer
Released 2022
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SZNZ is a four-part series of EPs by American rock band Weezer that was released throughout 2022. Each EP represents a different season of the year, and when combined is supposed to flow together and make one big album.

In 2021, when the project was first announced, Rivers Cuomo had not yet decided if whether those who lived in the Southern Hemisphere would get their respective EP for the season that they were currently in, as opposed to the Northern Hemisphere season EP. For some time, Cuomo wanted Americans to get the Spring EP, while those in Australia would get the Autumn EP. However, this was later scrapped by the record company as it would mean that the entire album would be released in only two seasons if people worldwide banded together and shared their two SZNZ with the other two. This would also make the entire concept fall apart, as the band wanted to watch fans suffer as they wait three months between each EP.

The Four SZNZ[edit]

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Rivers was unable to eat while recording, so he always gets a taste of fresh air whenever he's able.


The concept is pretty straightforward: one EP, one season. Well, more accurately: four EPs, four seasons. SZNZ is also Weezer's biggest and longest album to date. Containing 32 unique songs, some say that it's almost like they combined four smaller albums to make one big album!


To begin with, the project was first called SZNS. But on March 7, Rivers said that the project had been renamed to SZNZ, due to SZNS being the name of a girl band. Not wanting to cause confusion, since Weezer is a band of four guys, Cuomo changed the second S to a Z. However, another problem occured by doing this, as the hip–pop duo, Mother Nature, had just released an album titled SZNZ in 2021. This left Rivers perplexed, so much so that he just didn't think about it, hoping that nobody would care or notice.

Cuomo was then accused of being illiterate by fans after it was pointed out that SZNZ does not stand for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter — that would be SSFW. If that was the case, it may have meant that the title stood for 'Super Safe For Work', making it the only Weezer album that would not need to have an explicit warning on the cover.

Broadway shows[edit]

In June, Weezer announced that they would be doing five shows at the Broadway Theater in New York during September. However in August, SZNZ: In Residence on Broadway was cancelled due to low ticket sales after many already booked attendees refunded their tickets after it was revealed that Cuomo had a crippling gambling addiction.

Jimmy Kimmel[edit]

Weezer performed the single from each EP on Jimmy Kimmel Live! but only because their first choice was Conan O'Brien whose show was cancelled early in the year, and although Conan's podcast format would have been ideal for Weezer to play their music, Cuomo really wanted to dress up for each show, and so Kimmel's show was chosen for the four one-song concerts throughout the year.


Wait a minute, who is this guy? Where the hell is Pat?
Guest stars
  • White Rabbit – Spring
  • Minotaur – Summer
  • Tattooed Raven – Autumn
  • Snow – Winter