Ecce Homo (Weezer album)

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Ecce Homo
Ecce Homo cover
Rivers could've used the actual Ecce Homo painting, but he didn't.
Demo by Weezer
Released 1474
Recorded 2011–2014
Genre Alternative rock
Length Yes
Label Sharpie-marked
Producer(s) No
Weezer chronology
Death to False Metal
Ecce Homo
Everything Will Be Alright in the End

Ecce Homo is a demo album from the American rock-band Weezer. Recorded from 2011 to 2014, the album was set to be released as the bands ninth studio album, but after the malfunction of the time-machine that Rivers Cuomo used to make the demoed album Songs from the Black Hole, Ecce Homo was sent back to the year 1474 — never to be seen again.

Rivers of Time[edit]

After the album was sent back in time, the band picnicked; with sandwiches and iced tea — and then panicked, as unfortunately, Rivers had not backed up any of the songs, nor wrote down any of the lyrics. With the band now back at square one; with no songs, and no album — and the fact that they were contractually obliged to release a new album within the next twelve months; Rivers wrote 11 new songs, which was released as 13, after he split one of the songs into a three part trilogy; with two of the three just being epic, guitar shredding instrumentals. This new and improved album would become the bands actual ninth studio album Everything Will Be Alright in the End. Once again proving to the world the genius Cuomo was.


In 2021, Rivers managed to build a new time-machine, one that would hopefully not malfunction again. He used the new time travel device to recover the lost album and bring it back to modern times. He then bundled the would-be Ecce Homo songs in with demos from Everything Will Be Alright in the End, making the biggest digital compilation album containing 1190 songs on his storefront that contained his Spotify clone Weezify — all for just $9 (USD) — yet they still sell the 10 track Green album for $28 and the 7 track SZNZ: Spring for $21 in Australia.


"Rules of Life"

"Rules of Life", or "The Rules of Life", has five known versions. Despite this, they are not labelled 1 through 5, but 58, 36, 38 and 8, with the fifth going without a number. Each version keeps the main chorus, but with different verses on different subjects such as Carlthorp, hitting the grindstone, Berkshire, Czerny, to people fucking you. On "Rules of Life (ver. 36)", the band bought in special guest vocalist Adolf Hitler to sing the first verse. This version featuring the Führer is considered to be the best version by fans that it almost started the Fourth Reich.

"I Won't Flake on You"

"I Won't Flake on You" also had an alternative take in which the main chorus and title was changed to "I Won't Let You Down". The lyrics of this alt-take also removed the swearing featured and replaced with sound-alike words. This is because Rivers doesn't like to add swears to Weezer songs; although he would later contradict this on the 2019 Black album.

"Does Anybody Love Anybody"

The song "Does Anybody Love Anybody" uses verses from the song "Meet Up With Our Maker" as Cuomo couldn't be bothered to write a full song, I mean why would he?

"Only a Cockroach"

The song "Only a Cockroach" was rewritten into the song "Rock and Roll Cockroach" after the song was lost. Rivers had managed to remember a majority of the lyrics and also the music itself, however, forgot that it was "Only a Cockroach" but in a misspelling labelled it as "Only a Rockroach" which gave him the idea to now call the song "Rock and Roll Cockroach". Afterwards, Rivers rewrote the song once again and then another time in 2020 while recording the album Van Weezer, in which the fourth installment of the song was added to the album, which was now missing any references to cockroaches being titled "Beginning of the End". At least Keanu Reeves was able to make use of the song, though.

"Everybody Needs Salvation"

Although the original recording was lost in 2013, and then recovered in 2021, the band re-recorded the song "Everybody Needs Salvation" in 2015. Instead of releasing it to the public, however, they only shared the song with those in the Weezer Fan Club — at an additional cost along with the monthly joining fee.

Track listing[edit]

1."Pigs Bacon" 
2."Laws of Death" 
3."Gravity Will Bring You Down (Obviously)" 
4."Talk My Reds Away" 
5."Meet Up With The Baker" 
6."Why Am I Getting So Happy?" 
7."The Leaning Tower of Babel" 
8."I Won't Shark on You" 
9."Ivory Mobile Phone" 
10."The Worst of Me" 
11."Don't Show Us Cody" 
12."Only A Beatle" 
13."A Ship on the River" 
14."Does Anybody Love Somebody?" 
15."Curse The Whole Wide World" 
16."Pissing in the Wind" 
17."I'm Full (Can't Eat Anymore)" 
18."Everybody Needs Salmonella Poisoning" 
Total length:TBD


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