UnNews:Editorial - Were the 2022 Grammy Awards rigged?

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4 April 2022

This man should have been the one to accept the award.

LAS VEGAS, United States -- The 64th Annual Grammy Awards, or the 2022 Grammys for simplicity, took place today in the city that somehow keeps your secrets despite not being a living thing; Las Vegas.

Much like previous years, the Grammy Awards have not been that interesting and have only featured the most "popular" pop stars that only teenage girls listen to, but then again, that is the target audience for the Grammys. This year, however, in the Rock category, namely for Best Rock Song, two artists were nominated that actually made sense. These being former Beatle Paul McCartney, and 90s nerd-rock-band; Weezer. McCartney's song "Find My Way" (McCartney III) and the Rivers Cuomo penned song "All My Favourite Songs" (OK Human) main competition was "Waiting on a War" by the Foo Fighters. Along with this, McCartney III and the Foo album Medicine at Midnight were nominated for Best Rock Album. For that award, the only feasible opponent was Power Up by OG Australian rock band, AC/DC.

Of course, there was no doubt that McCartney would walk away with Best Rock Album and Weezer with Best Rock Song. But then, tragedy struck. On the 25th of March, Foo Fighter drummer Taylor Hawkins passed away. It is at this moment, that the editors and writers of UnNews, believe that the Academy went in, and changed the votes. But why would they do that? Well it's quite simple really, if Weezer won, people would be "outraged" that Foo Fighters did not win during their "difficult" mouring period. So, if they snubbed Weezer out of the award that they deserve, and give it the Fighters, those on social media would not boycot the Grammys. Not only is it genius, but it is disgraceful. Rivers Cuomo has been snubbed three other times at the Grammys, one of which he deserved, but still, he was snubbed of the other two. McCartney also should of won Best Rock Album, not because it's a good rock album, but it could be one of the last things he does and it would be nice knowing that his final album won a Grammy, as he passed away peacefully.