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According to PoKéGuRl42, this man has fucked a Pokémon. Several times. began in 1939, invented by Josef Mengele as a means to test the limits of human endurance on Jews. Formed with the sole purpose of Harry Potter slash in mind, the basic premise allowed German teenagers to write their own stories, usually involving already-established pop culture icons such as Adolph Hitler, Kylie Minogue or Peter Pan, having graphic fucking each other. No shame, no taboos, no talent, no holds barred.

After World War II was won by Big Bird and the concentration camps were investigated, the project was reported missing. It later resurfaced in Argentina in the 1960s and was immediately extradited to America, where it stood trial for crimes against humanity, crimes against literature, and failure to make a decent bowl of chili. The jury took only two hours, however, to stun the world and announce that during its exile in Argentina, somehow learned to cook, and it made the best chili in the world. It was acquitted on all charges, though shame would forever be linked to its dubious name.

Following its newly-won independence, faded into obscurity for several decades. Many unsubstantiated rumours liked it romantically to Your Mom, however. Then, in 1999, reappeared online, reverting back to, and expanding upon, its intended purpose. Thousands of children the world over, lured to the dark side by its promises of reviews stating "wow holy shiet d00d ur such a godo writer u shud get pubelished!!!!12" began writing about their own favourite pop culture characters having sex. Interpol investigations have begun, but remains elusive, covering its tracks better than a South American coke lord. also has a warrant out for its arrest for 156,000 charges of child pornography.

Population currently holds roughly 121,000 children, teenagers and sad, lonely middle aged men, though numbers grow by the minute. All estimates suggest that the population is broken down as follows:

  • 10,200 children under the age of twelve
  • 50,000 teenagers
  • 10,000 sad, lonely middle aged men
  • 30,000 twenty somethings doing academic sneaks (in the right place as they have accounts too.)
  • 40,800 vacated accounts of people who realized that they have something better to do with their life
  • 50,000 tourists, at any given moment, masturbating to stories about Hermione turning into a cat and being savagely raped by Lord Voldemort.

Side Effects

Prolonged exposure to has been linked to many debilitating diseases, including but not limited to:

Did You Know?

Did you know. . .

  1. can speak 32 languages fluently?
  2. was a contender to be the next Pope?
  3. There is a popular sandwich in Britain named the Fictioner, made of ham and hard-core sex scenes?
  4. is also a town in Wyoming?
  5. On any given day, there will be three times as many people offended by the deviant actions described on as the population of Japan?
  6. God once had a account, with only one posted story (Adam & Eve Meet Pokémon)?
  7. This fact has absolutely nothing to do with
  8. once had moderators, but they were eaten by a wave of horny thirteen-year-olds who demanded more homosexual sex scenes between minors and anthropomorphic animals?
  9. used to play back up for N SYNC?
  10. and are siblings. The two were tapped for publication pending on fandoms in public domain or Twilight Zone. Archive of Our Own wants none of this and Mark Coker supports Organization Of Transformative Works, as in he's publishing the next story about butt-babies.

examples of notorious work

The links that had been removed are dead links but click on the section where it has outside links permitted, you know what you're looking for. This will be notorious works on both places as you will see academic sneaks too. To be fair we're even featuring from on equal level of notorious. The closing link is notorious for a PG rated work. in the 2004-2007 era as defined on Urban Dictionary they gain some respect among the small press, and the first time the sibling rivalry and brawls were a truce for one publication. A message to some of you who are considered Fantard do not even attempt to try to feature established properties on or because it's a $700 fine and up to $130,000 each offense of infringement.

Incoming From

  • The Misadventures of Draco Malfoy, Ferret:

keep going

  • half life full life consequences:

yes links are beyond this point.

  • halo halos in space:

don't say we warned ya!

  • Harry Potter And The Eagle Of Truthiness (discussed on Fan Fiction)

yes it's here and held hostage

  • Castlevania: Wisps of Dracula:

Does Konami Know

  • best of both worlds:

keep going...

  • The Day Of All Things:

in the mouth is what you're looking for...

  • a weredingo stole my baby:

the notorious work here, the size of some of the small press output. She has material on smashwords Fan Fiction saw her very real blowups when asked a pointed remark. She was actually called serial plagiarist ala Christine Morgan.

  • cloud mows the lawn:

From The side:

Lake Fossil Found as a link on pinterest to piss off CreationWiki.
The Gatekeeper
The Fandom Writer (the anathema among Fan Fiction producers everywhere.)
Bonnie 'n Clyde: 60172 discussed on Luke Perry and quoted.
Le Nain Rouge noteworthy piece came from a lawyer.
Now Seating the author appeared in the second namesake with Hellplex.

The author quoted from White people and teased on Fan fiction.

Echoes from Radioland British Columbia based author who appeared in the same publication as Data Geek and Steven Morgan as the latter debuted. The publication is linked on as a discussion about plagiarism plays up.

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