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“I expected these articles to taste like chicken, but they don't really taste like anything.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Category:Tasteless

Spinning neon brain.gif
The articles listed below may not be brain safe!
If your mind or personality notice these articles, claim that it was spam and blame a virus.
Otherwise, continue to read them until you spork out your own frontal lobes.

Some people do not appreciate tasteless humor. If you are one, then now is a good time to learn to appreciate it. Do do so, choose one of the articles listed below, carefully print it out on a color printer, take the resulting printout and, using scissors or a sharp craft knife, cut a small portion (approx 1cm square) from near the center. Place this in your mouth and chew it thoroughly for about 3 minutes. Be sure not use printer whose ink contains vegetable-based dyes, as you may be tasting the dye rather than the article itself.

Nuvola apps important.svg Attempt to explain joke
This article attempts to explain a joke in minute detail, as if to an idiot, a very small child, or a very small child who is also an idiot. It also attempts to explain its own explanation, which, if successful, could result in crashing the universe. Please do not crash the universe.


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