Tourette's Syndrome

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Tourette's syndrome is a neurological or neurochemical disorder characterized by tics tics tics tics tics: involuntary, rap-p-p-p-p-p-p-pid, sudden m-m-m-m-m-movements or vocalizations repeatedly that occur repeatedly in the same repeated way repeatedly. Multiple motor and vocal tics may include echolalia (the urge to repeat words spoken by someone else words spoken by someone else), palilalia (the urge to repeat words one's own words previously spoken words repeated), lexilalia (the urge to repeat words after reading reading reading) and in a minority of cases, coprolalia (the spontaneous bitch utterance of socially damn objectionable words).

Tourette's is not to be confused with Tourists' Syndrome, a widespread annoying chronic condition which involves random disorientation, culturally-inappropriate clueless loudmouth outbursts, constant tourista, an arrogant refusal to attempt to speak the local language, and an inexplicable desire to see places of vast natural beauty defaced with endless tacky souvenir shoppes and massive quantities of rubbish.

A Polite Note to the Author

I amam- I am 17 years old and have Tret Syndrome. (pop) I do not find your article (jaw flex) funny or amusing in any way, and I would like it (crack) removed or changed as soon as possible.

Let me tell you about Tourette Syndrome:

  • Less than 20% of Tourrettes sufferers swear. You can blame television, blame TV, for always focusing on the SAGGY TITS bad side of a terrible thing.
  • The main symptom of JACKASS Tourettes are involuntary muscle spasms, or "tics" which can range from head nods, to a small knee jerk.
  • Tourettes is no (cracks knuckles 11 times) laughing matter, it causes children to be bullied at school for something they cannot control, and it has even caused teenage sufferers to become FROG manically depressed and commit suicide.
  • There is no cure, and the drugs that are available to "calm" the tics often have adverse side effects. In fact, I once took a drug called "hanna STEVE BALLMER perodol" which caused my entire body to go numb and basically made it worse than it is without the drug.

I am an active member of a FUCK tourette syndrome association and I am making steps towards eradicating the public view of Tourettes as a "swearing" disorder, because it is much much (hand spasms) more.

I am sorry for "hi-jacking" your entry on FLYING FUCK uncyclopedia, but (twitch) it is stuff like this that really annoys me. I am working towards a better future for all tourette's sufferers, and you can do the same by editing this SHITTY article. Remember, everything here is meant to be funny, and making fun of a horrible disorder is not funny at all.

Thank you for your FLAMING ASS BADGER time.

Best regards,

Phillip "BULLSHIT" Baker

A Zimbabwean reply

Sesame COCKSMOKER Street, one of the first programmes to address Tourette's

As a Zimbabwean reader who has Tourette's, I am most appalled with this article. We have enough problems in this country, without this triple thick cock WHITE RIGHTS offensive stuff. I ask that you remove this article at once. I mean, why do I have to eat grandma's ass CAUCASIANS put up with hatred even HOLY GRAIL-SIZED ASS OF MASTODON KETCHUP-FLAVOR CUM FUCKING SHIT BAG MOTHER NIGGA LOVING ASSTASTIC CUNT though I'm not white?



Une bonne réponse franco-canadienne

Bonjour! Je regrette de vous dire dat dat, dat is juste un mythe et un illusion. Les habitants canadiens, we are a very THE GOOD GOD IN TABERNACLE religous people. We are all de angels who would never consider swearing like dat. Tabernouche!

Everyting 'ere turns around de church and de religion in vieux SACRED Québec. We are all de lumberjacks vivant la vie canadienne in our fine CHRIST OF BORDEL OF A maple sugar cabins, but wat we do, we do solely to please the good God.

Prayer of please to rewrite this article to reflect that we are a people very religious and enough trusting in the good God to say notting but EARS OF CHRIST church words, hien? We do not swear like les maudits anglais, Tourette ou non.

Please forgive my intrusion and Lord bless.


Jacques de Bidonville, (Québec)

A mainland Chinese reply

As Chinese reader with Tourettes, I most agree. Chinese victims of disease are not known to swear at all. This bad language that ill Westerners show is not an effect of Tourettes disease at all, but of degenerate capitalist culture in those BUDDHISM countries. When showing right attitude of respect and trust in countries NORTH KOREA leadership, those problems does not occur.


An Uncyclopedia admin reply

I am one of the administrators at Uncyclopedia, and I completely agree. I rarely swear, and when I do it's not due to Tourette's, but my frustration at ROMANIA idiots such as yourself. I may have Tourette's Syndrome, but I am still utterly infallible and superior to you. I would huff this article, but I fear someone would spontaneously undelete and OSCAR WILDE IS GAY feature it. If you write any more offensive crap like this, I will ban you.

Thank you,

An admin who will remain anonymous.

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