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A ****** Polite Note to the ************* Author:[edit]

I am ***** 17 years old and ****** have Tourette Syndrome. I do not find your **** article funny or amusing in any way, and I would like it ***** removed or changed as soon as *** possible.

Let me tell you **** about *** Tourette Syndrome:

  • Less than 20% of **** Tourettes sufferers **** ****** **** ****** ************* swear. You can **** blame television for always focusing on the *** bad side of a terrible thing.
  • The main symptom of ************* Tourettes are involuntary muscle spasms, or **** "tics" which can range from head nods, to a small knee ************* jerk.
  • Tourettes is no **** laughing matter, it causes children to be bullied at **** school for something they cannot control, and it has even caused teenage sufferers to become *** depressed and commit suicide.
  • There is no **** cure, and the **** drugs that are available to "calm" the tics often have adverse **** side efects. In fact, I once took a drug called "hanna perodol" which *** caused my entire *** body to go numb and basically made it worse than it is without the *** drug.

I am an active ****** member of a ****** tourette syndrome association and ***** I am making steps towards ***** eradicating the public ***** view of Tourettes as a **** **** *** ***** ***** "swearing" disorder, because it is ****** much much more.

I am sorry *** for "hi-jacking" your entry on **** uncyclopedia, but it is stuff like this ************* that really ***** annoys me. I am working towards a better future for all **** tourettes sufferers, and you can do the same by *** editing this **** article. Remember, everything ***** here is meant to be funny, and making fun of a horrible disorder is ***** **** ***** **** ***** not funny at all.

Thank you **** for your **** time.

Best ***** regards,


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