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This article attempts to explain a joke in minute detail, as if to an idiot, a very small child, or a very small child who is also an idiot. It also attempts to explain its own explanation, which, if successful, could result in crashing the universe. Please do not crash the universe.

An in-joke, also known as an inside joke or in joke, is a joke about the insides of things. Outside jokes are jokes about the outsides of things. Inside jokes are funny, outside jokes are not. If you do not find an inside joke funny, it must be because you are outside the in-group of insiders inside which inside jokes are made. If you are outside the inside of the in-group of insiders, then you are inside the out-group of outsiders inside which inside jokes are not made. Your insides are inside you, and so if you are inside the in-group, your insides are also inside the in-group. So an insider's insides are a fitting subject for an inside joke, but an outsider's insides are not necessarily a fitting subject for an outside joke. Inside your insides are more insides which are inside whichever group you are inside, and which may or may not be the subject of an inside joke.

It should be noted that inside jokes should only be told inside. If an inside joke is told outside then it becomes an outside inside joke. An outside inside joke can be turned inside out and thus become an inside inside joke by using the invert method. However the invert method can only be used by insiders. An outsider attempting to invert an outside inside joke into an inside inside joke may instead create an inside out inside joke. Only an insider can then turn an inside out inside joke back into an outside inside joke which may then be inverted correctly into a true inside inside joke.