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“Go eat shit fuckers”

~ Fisher Price on in-jokes

An in-joke, also known as an inside joke or in joke, is a joke normally told on the inside (of a prison cell). It is not reserved for other people, though other people can still "get it." They "get it" by a series of mouth gestures known as smirks, grins, and outright guffaws. These translated gestures tell others that there is, in fact, a joke. Most people don't get it. Or do they?

The percentage of people who do get the joke is entirely unknown, as people will often lie about their knowledge of its existence. The most clear cut way of examining the awareness of an in-joke is to see it publicized in news articles and on network television. Online encyclopedias are useful sources of in-jokes.

Some popular inside jokes:

  • horses if you debate at Glamorgan
  • The Pope has some kind of real authority, influence, or power.
  • Michael Jackson still has a singing career.
  • Ashlee Simpson knows how to sing.
  • Women are intelligent.
  • Chick flicks are enjoyable entertainment.
  • President George W. Bush is a real president, and a competent, intelligent human being.
  • Actors and liberal arts majors are important to human society, culture, and history.
  • Movies are not utter crap nowadays.
  • Music, (specifically rap) is worth listening to.
  • Stu Lynn
  • battery acid
  • "But we are inside"
  • "Until it gets Privatized!"
  • Hickory WHAT? Smoked WHAT?
  • clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap!
  • It's TIBBE time!
  • TEB.........
  • EeeeennnnnhaaaWWWWWW!!
  • MUH!


Inside jokes were traditionally used to slide through the 4th dimension, but this has long become unfasionable, as it was becoming unfunny and used all the time. Doctor Who was a large advocate of this practical use, but the TARDIS would get huffy, so he stopped. He was constantly a fan of them throughout his life, however; even when retiring from Time Lord work and regenerating into a Dutch mink farmer with laser-beam eyes.

Users of inside jokes were quickly split into different groups by God, generally regarded as the greatest inside joker who never existed, in an attempt to excuse unoriginality by clustering jokers, comedians and regular users of SomethingAwful, Ebaumsworld, YTMND, or College Humor together.

  • Chuck Norrises. These inside jokers were and are advocates of any inside joke that had been repeated to death, especially when Death was too tired to bother with listening. They love facts, so are usually allergic to Wikipedia, a well-known parody website.
  • MMORPG Players. Usually associated with, but not limited to, World Of Warcraft. These religious sects were particularly keen on the Shamans (prominent inside jokers), who they associated as deity figures. A good analogy is, say, Harry Potter having a compulsion to worship facial expressions that look remarkably similar throughout his biopics, regardless of actual emotional motivation. Similar to Potter's repeatedly unsuccessful attempts, utilising many directors, to alleviate the malady, MMORPG players may actually try to escape from inside joke culture, only to fail, being pulled back by Leeroy Jenkins.
  • Emos. 'Nuff said. Oscar Wilde is generally regarded as the pinnacle emo, even though being the originator of the "'Nuff said," quote; his poetry composition about the wallpaper refusing to leave can be found across the internet, although the famous inside joke poem tends to draw criticism from people like to laugh at the religious sect. In general, laughing at this subgenre of inside jokers is associated with just a few people who find this funny.

Whilst the inside joke has increased in sophistication over time, there are some who find that a decreasingly sophisticated inside joke can be extremely humourous, if the plagarism level is kept to a reasonable low. Meta-inside jokes are considered very low brow, and isn't as funny as the author thinks it is. In today's world, the editing staff of Uncyclopedia, the popular information resource, may find inside jokes jolly amusing at times, but usually, it is only funny to them and about three of their friends.


Inside jokes are funny, but only sometimes, and can be considered trends that aren't worth documenting. Other popular criticisms include funniness over stupidity (a general gripe) and spelling and grammar. Nonsense is generally preferred, but only if Tetris, or even Whack-a-mole, are unavailable.

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