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“I always try to slip in an Oscar Wilde

~ Noel Coward on Bogus Quotes

“In Soviet Russia, dead horse flogs YOU!!

~ Russian Reversal on in-jokes

“This article is about the in-jokes of Uncyclopedia”

~ Captain Obvious on in-jokes

“Uncyclopedia's styled/

To leave all the n00bs quite beguiled/ So if you're new/ Here's what you do:/

Make up a quote from Oscar Wilde!”

~ A young man from Nantucket on Uncyclopedia in-jokes

Hello there, sensible person. Haven't the foggiest about Kitten Huffing? Perplexed by the sheer madness of AAAAAAAAA? Don't know the first thing about iHumor? Well, we here at Uncyclopedia share your pain. After all, every established bureaucratic sysop was a n00b too at one point (although they may find it hard to admit).

This handy guide will outline some of the more obscure Uncyclopedia in-jokes, breaking them down into more digestible parts so that a sane person can at least begin to comprehend them.

An excellent guide on the subject, with a whole chapter featuring hundreds of the most notorious Oscar Wilde misquotes. Rated "C" for "cliché".

So what is an Uncyclopedia in-joke?[edit]

Well, it can be defined as any joke that any ordinary, sane person would not understand. That is, only the people who created the article and a select few Uncyclopedians 'get it'.

See also: Worst 100 Uncyclopedia In-Jokes of All Time

What differentiates an Uncyc in-joke from regular in-jokes?[edit]

It is created by Uncyc users/admins, so is not huffed on sight.

The In-Jokes[edit]

This is it. The complete newbie alienating list in full. Beware, however, that these officially established Uncyclopedia in jokes are the result of years of exclusive in-bred humour and may be highly dangerous, causing intense headaches and in some extreme cases SEHS. So don't say you haven't been warned.


The pictures are what really make the AAAAAAAAA! article.

I'll get back to you on this. I'm not sure even if I know.

But, at the moment, what I think it's supposed to represent is the laziness of some editors who can't be bothered writing humour so resort to random humour. This is taken to an extreme by repeating the same letter over and over again. For a better picture of what's going on, listen to this audio clip to hear some of the vocal inflections and the vast array of emotion supposedly explained in the article.

In short: it is what you want it to be: whatever you personally perceive is the message. Everyone has their own personal interpretation.

Spin offs[edit]

Anonymous Slashy[edit]

Before Anonymous Slashy, the article on Asperger Syndrome was relatively bland by Uncyclopedia standards, and in a more strict Uncyclopedia, would have probably been deleted. This all changed after Anonymous Slashy, who through use of open proxies, made multiple blankings on the page while butting heads with other users. Although on his own the attempts would have proven futile, in the end there was a compromise between the masters of Uncyclopedia and a friend of the "true aspie", and for a time, the article underwent a severe downtoning.

Nevertheless, a parody article was written detailing the event, and even today references to Asperger Syndrome on the site may have a passing reference to Anonymous Slashy.

A wizard did it[edit]

In order to understand this, you must also understand the history of the phrase "A wizard did it". Which was believed to have originated in The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror X. So on March 30, 2009 decided to come over here and make an article about it. The article consisted of the two words "OHHH MAGICAL". At this point our good friend Dexter111344 came in and made it what it is today. It was then nomed for VFH on March 31, 2009 by Sockpuppet of an unregistered user. It failed. After that, it was nommed for VFD on July 13, 2009 by Cajek. Again, it failed. Then finally, after being nommed by Ethine it was featured on 28 April 2010. Thank the lord wizard!

Steve Ballmer, Kanye West[edit]

This needs a little set-up. In late 2005, a former Microsoft programmer told CEO Steve Ballmer that he was leaving the company for Google. Upon hearing this, Ballmer graciously threw a chair across the room before describing his respect for Google CEO Eric Schmidt thusly: "Fucking Eric Schmidt is a fucking pussy. I'm going to fucking bury that guy, I have done it before, and I will do it again. I'm going to fucking kill Google." Just around that time, New Orleans fell into the sea, to the general indifference of the Bush administration. This led Kanye West to claim that "George Bush doesn't care about black people," which was controversial for some reason.

Pretty soon, someone got the bright idea to preface every single article on Uncyclopedia with quotes from these two. See, they're really versatile! Look:

“I have done it before, and I will do it again. I'm going to fucking kill <insert name here>!”

~ Steve Ballmer on <insert name here>.

C'mon, that's great!

George Bush doesn't care about The Bermuda Triangle.”

~ Kanye West on the Bermuda Triangle

Why would George Bush care about a geographic area? That's absurd! In a good way!

Alas, a versatile joke is often a very stupid one. Soon, there wasn't anything that Steve Ballmer wasn't going to fucking kill that didn't care about black people. In fact, many times, Kanye West could rest assured that Steve Ballmer would make anything that didn't care about black people care about black people, by fucking killing it. By mid-2006, administrators had not only banned further Ballmer/West quotes, but began actively destroying existing ones.

Spin offs[edit]

  • Things George Bush doesn't care about, an all-purpose category that continues Uncyclopedia's proud tradition of driving jokes right through the Earth's mantle.
  • Things George Bush most certainly cares about, which does the exact same thing, but in an ironic way.
  • You may have shifted uneasily in your seat and wondered about those Admins you tangled with yesterday when you saw your own name as the person to be fucking killed in the middle of this answer -Relax! It is just a cheap programmers trick to increase adrenalin flow and check you are paying attention.

Non- exestant


On the 6/6/6, a mysterious message appeared in the village dump:


Was this the foretold coming of the Antichrist? Probably. A group of Uncyclopedians immediately proclaimed him their deity and thus was the birth of a legend. Though a writer of not-so brilliant articles, BENSON has had a section of the Village Dump named after him and even his own group of followers. He went through a period of inactivity, ending on October 2, 2006.

The Cabal[edit]

There is no cabal.

Captain Obvious[edit]

“This is the entry about me.”

~ Captain Obvious on his entry in Uncyclopedia:In-jokes

Captain Obvious states the obvious. He says things that you immediately understand. Therefore, he shouldn't say them in the first place. Also, don't let the title "Captain" fool you. He has never sailed the seven seas. The "Captain" refers to his stance as a superhero. He's a hero that fights crime extraordinarily, which is super.

Not to be confused with:


The primary cause of Uncyclopedians writing pointless article stubs. If the author were merely dyslexic, they would have written a tubs.

In all seriousness, though (coughs), there was a vandal that created mischievous accounts named after Uncyc users whom they disliked, only with the 'on crack' suffix.


This was a page that was created only with about 117 ==Contents== headers. It lead to a discussion, then a conflict, and then a flamewar, which users considered "Talk:Euroipods run amock". Users Squiggle and Insineratehymn then created a crusade to try and feature the article, only to have it fail miserably. The flamewar continued on the talk page, until Zerotrousers nominated it for deletion, which succeeded. Today, the page is now archived, under User:Crazyswordsman/Contents (and here), the original Contents page was replaced with a more decent article - which Spang says "There's more content, and the people are more content", and the flamewar still continues.


Ct - a similar article created by a new user and put on VFH, only to be huffed by Spang.


Not an in-joke on Uncyclopedia, but an in-joke on the Uncyclopedia QDB. Apparently, people began taking quotes out of context (or there was no context in the first place), and it was more funny than it was in context. A list of context-related quotes can be found here.


The humour behind this advertisement for the Empire-i-phone is derivative of Euroipods.

A gargantuan in-joke that parodies the Internet marketing campaign for www.euroipods.com from mid to late 2005. The offer is... well, view the article and see for yourself. RudolfRana put it best on the article's talk page:

This is funny because it's funny that n00bs really think they can get free iPods. I mean, come on that's pathetically funny!

Despite this, some users did not understand the joke, or at least find it humorous. This led to conflicts on the Talk:Euroipods page which would ultimately earn the article a place in Uncyclopedia folklore.

Spin offs[edit]

  • The Euroipods incident was immortalised in Uncyc history by the Euroipods Crusade article, which parodies the creation, furor and eventual featuring of the article.
  • Euripides was a humorous homage to the original, created by Imrealized in June 2006.
  • Neuroipods was a rather humorous take on the talk page, though not easily detectable as such. It was featured.
  • Eurosanta is a holiday season edition that makes you slightly uncomfortable.
  • Your "Eau aip Ods" is a poem about someone who took an innocuous happenstance much more seriously than he should have until it escalated to a ridiculous and somewhat frightening level.
  • Gay People is just childish.

Fisher Price[edit]

This started out as a piece of vandalism/slander where the user posted the sentence 'go eat shit fuckers' on 1 November 2005. The admins thought it was funny and decided to keep it. It still remains, after numerous VFD attempts and was actually featured on the front page on 19 August 2006. This is mainly down to the Retrospective spin-off article, an adjunct which serves as an analysis of the original article, with various (often wild) perspectives written by Uncyclopedians.

Spin offs[edit]

Adding to the joke, some users have claimed to be The first being Lstarnes, who was eventually banned for reasons unrelated to Fisher Price. The other being Fukshitfuck, who managed to convince Administrator Hinoa to delete it before he got an infinite ban, even though it was obvious that he was not the literary genius to write such a work of art.




In the month of October, an unknown user, who set his nickname to IRAQATTACK, entered the Uncyclopedia IRC channel. There, he repeatedly typed "IRAQATTACK!!!1111!!!1!" over and over again until Mhaille banned him/her. He turned into a life of wiki-crime using sockpuppets and replacing articles with a variation of "Iraq attack!!" he continued this until TheLedBalloon made him look at ED's "Pain series" article, after which he then gave up his evil ways, began contributing to uncyc positively, and held a grudge against ED. Since then, his words have appeared every now and then.



Hail Mary and pray that there will not be any more of these. God bless.

Jordanhill railway station (le Gare ferroviaire de la Colline-Jourdan)[edit]

A page parodying Wikipedia's 1,000,000th article of the same name.

Spin offs[edit]

  • Is made reference to in the original Zork game.

Kakun's personal VFP page[edit]

Uncyclopedian Kakun crapflooded the vote for featured image page with a load of his own (relatively sub-standard) pictures, thus bringing about the 2 self-noms per week rule. As a primitive VFP vetting measure, Kakun was given his own page for proposed self-noms to which he must post images prior to submitting them at VFP. Other Uncyclopedians then judge their suitability for VFP.

  • See also: Full details of this measure at Flammable's Office.

Kitten Huffing[edit]

A person 'huffs' a kitten.

One of the oldest and most famous of the Uncyclopedia in-jokes, this involves ingesting cats as if they were a drug. As you might guess, created by an anonymous IP.

Uncyclopedia presumes this originated from a viral video spread on the Internet.

However, there is the possibility these videos spawned from the original Uncyclopedia joke. You see, I'm not sure.

Spin offs[edit]

The KTs[edit]

It's an Uncyc admin pseudo-vanity article. The 'band' in the article is made of of four clones of Keitei.

Ministry of Love[edit]

Not really an Uncyclopedia in-joke as such, but still confusing if you have never read or heard of the novel 1984 by George Orwell. The book centres around a supposed future world where peoples' actions are constantly being monitored by the ruling entity 'Big Brother' and his collective, the Party. Minitrue, or the 'Ministry of Truth' ensures that Big Brother's version of 'the truth' is practised and exerted wherever possible. Failure to live by the State's rules can lead to a spell in the 'Ministry of Love', which Wikipedia explains quite well in this excerpt:

The Ministry of Love is responsible for the identification, monitoring, arrest and torture of dissidents, real or imagined...eradicating any remaining impulse of individuality or resistance, and replacing it with a sincere embrace of the Party.

My sojourn[edit]

Seriously, don't ever go on a sojourn with this guy.

As usual, That time I was nearly raped by a yak during my sojourn in Canada was one of those pages created that was so bad, it was good. Eventually a user combined it with another (in)famous article, i maed a yuky doody, to make That time I nearly maed a yuky doody during my sojourn in Canada. This opened up the gates to several more formula-based parodies, until this category had to be created. Despite all Vegas odds against it, the category was featured on 20 January, 2009.

Nikki Lesson and the 'other' Uncyclopedia[edit]

A while back, another Wiki with the name 'Uncyclopedia' was discovered in Netland. This was infinitely much cruddier than the original and was just some schoolkid's vanity site. The site's creator, one Nikki Lesson was contacted by Uncyc's legal team. The result of this case is still pending, though nobody cares anymore, really.

Nobody cares[edit]

Since its featuring, it has become a tradition to link the words "nobody cares", whenever they appear on a page, to the Nobody cares page (see the previous entry for an example). Even on IRC, which does not support wikilinks, "nobody cares" is often written as "[[nobody cares]]".

In Featured Article Candidates (a VFH spoof), it is the only article that has no votes whatsoever, or even a proper voting section.

Spin offs[edit]


Part of some sort of conspiracy involving rabid squirrels, but now that we've told you that, we shall have to kill you. Just like Steve Ballmer and Google. Oh, and there is no cabal.

Order of Uncyclopedia[edit]

This is a mickey take of The Order of the British Empire applied to Uncyclopedia and its users. Since its initiation, it has become a serious awards/ranking system for Uncyclopedians. Users can earn the titles 'KUN' or 'GUN' by winning Uncyclopedian of the Month or Writer of the Month respectively.


The user known as DiZ has been known to preach the values of Ouroboros to anyone willing to listen. He says that it's a religion older than most, and that Ouroboros is revered in many cultures. BHOP is not one of these cultures, however. DiZ made the mistake of comparing Benson to Ouroboros (slanderously, if you ask a Bensonite) and forever earned the ire of many Bensonites. Although he has toned down his preaching, he still has enemies on Uncyclopedia.

Pee Review[edit]

This is a play on words on Wikipedia's Peer Review. See also: Patented nonsense, Uncyclopedia: Reefer Desk as a play on patent nonsense and on reference desk.

This guy used to be famous. Sort of.

Russian Reversal[edit]

Wikipedia has a good article explaining this. In Soviet Russia, Wikipedia reads YOU!!

Shot your fuck up[edit]

Originated from one comment, in poor English, on Talk:Poland. Presumably the author misinterpreted the colloquialism 'shut the fuck up'.


Ok, let's straighten this out. There are two Sophias, both acting as Uncyclopedia mascots. One is the Potato logo of Uncyc, yes, that brown one in the top corner. The second, which the potato is named after, is the (human) female 'gnostic deity of Wisdom' to which a number of Uncyclopedians' poems and ditties are dedicated to.

This page does not exist[edit]

This page is a mysterious entry that, much like Schrodinger's cat, exists and does not exist at same time. However, admins are rumored to have the key to solve this mystery as they can bring it back and forth into existence, but a peasant user like you just can't create or edit it. Even if stuck in this quantum physics paradox of existence/non-existence, This page does not exist does have a talk page where users discuss its perplexing condition, whether in a philosophical tone or otherwise.

Spin offs[edit]

This page does not exist has been created numerous times by noobs and anonymous IPs, each time being annihilated. It has also become Uncyclopedia's first protected title.

Tourette's Syndrome[edit]

What the SHITTY???

This page was originally no more than a semi-factual stub, until an offended user, a self-proclaimed sufferer of Tourette's, wrote a big rant on the talk page. It was then copied to the original page with a lot of expletives inserted; this was the birth of Template:Expletive, and the birth of the in-joke.

Uncyclomedia Foundation[edit]

This is Uncyclopedia's mirror of the Wikimedia Foundation, except it does nothing. Then again, the original Foundation does nothing useful either. See also UnBooks, a parody of Wikibooks and UnCommons, a parody of Wikimedia Commons.

Uncyclopedia is the worst[edit]

The Uncyclopedia is the Worst saga spawned a commemorative t-shirt.

This article came about after a derogatory message in the Village Dump, which some people thought was funny. Someone suggested it should be expanded into an article, so an homage article was created, ripping into Uncyclopedia in a kind of ironic fashion in the same tone as the original post. Almost as if it was written by the person who created the original Forum topic.

Now, the article has evolved into a kind of repository for all derogatory remarks posted in the Forum, on discussion pages and even elsewhere on the Internet.

The last word on this article shall be left with the article's original author/compiler, Hindleyite:

Personally, I think there's nothing wrong with self-depreciatory humour. After all, we take the mick out of everything else, so why not ourselves?

Spin offs[edit]

Wheeling Jesuit University[edit]

From what I can gather, this began as some sort of vanity page for a local University that completely spiralled out of control, largely due to overzealous efforts by school officials in Wheeling, West Virginia (yee-haw!) to force the original author(s) to remove it. Check the number of sub-articles. It is kept as permissable vanity on Uncyclopedia because it is actually pretty funny in parts.

Oscar Wilde[edit]

Oscar is a mascot and 'founder' of Uncyclopedia, to which literally thousands of quotes on the website have been (mistakenly) attributed. Recently things have been getting a little bit out of hand, leading to the use of unneccessary Wilde references being outlawed. Starting to be phased out in favour of Noel Coward and other such literary figures (yeah, like that'll ever happen).

Mr. Winkler[edit]

Reminiscent of Fisher Price, a new user submitted a vanity stub with such terrible spelling and grammar that (some of) the users, namely Codeine, found it funny and decided to keep it. Many, many spin-offs were created there-after.

The original author, LotofLOLS who was banned for page blanking used a proxy to evade a ban and requested that his ban was lifted at a forum topic The ban was eventually lifted. For a short while, LotofLOLS was on Uncyclopedia's good side, before he created a forum requesting that the Mr. Winkler article be removed. LotofLOLS was indefinitely blocked hours later for starting drama. He used the same proxy to evade his ban and created multiple sockpuppets. Afterwards, a user impersonated Mr. Winkler and created a forum topic threatening that legal action would be taken if Mr winkler is GAY wasn't deleted. There were several grammatical errors in the statement, which lead users to believe that this wasn't an English teacher.


Some users have begun to get sick and tired of this in-joke, causing some of the spin-offs too be deleted via VFD. The spinoffs remaining in the mainspace include:

...with SAVINGS!!![edit]

Created in a lab by noted scientist Savethemooses, the "...with SAVINGS!!!" phenomenon was an artificial meme planted in an IRC discussion for the purposes of seeing how long it would last and how many people it would piss off. Interesting to note is how, like memes in nature, it too managed to have a two-pronged effect when it was invoked: it either invited more people to join in, or it drove some users to near-homicidal insanity. Results are expected to be published in the Meme Journal Quarterly in Fall of 2007.

<insert name here>[edit]

Uncyclopedians like to make fun of <insert name here>, who is universally recognized as the most useless user here. As Captain Obvious might say, by using {{USERNAME}} you see your user name. This is used frequently in talk pages and sometimes in articles to make it look like the reader is specifically being talked about. It can work as a sort of initiation, as Noobs often believe they really are being targeted, especially when they see people complaining about or threatening to block <insert name here>.

<insert name here>, YOU ARE NOT THINKERER![edit]

What started off as a joke on the IRC channel spilled all over Uncyclopedia. The joke stemmed from people wanting to see Thinkerer on the chat. When this started, whenever somebody came on the channel, people would shout YOU ARE NOT THINKERER!. This went on for many days, which then prompted the creation of the article UnTunes:You're Not Thinkerer! and, eventually Category:Users who are not Thinkerer.


The Thinker also had a vanity stub created by an IP after a mild edit duel. Though the page was deleted, the full text remains at an undictionary entry. This page later provided inspiration for Mr winkler is not Thinkerer, crossing over with the Mr. Winkler joke.


See this entry on Wikipedia.

There was a sensible explanation for this fine piece of madness. Unfortunately, it was eaten by a grue before it could be revealed to the world and is now lost forever.


What the hell, I may as well discuss this here. It seems that my medications combined with unusually hot weather have inspired me to create something based on two well-worn memes, Jesus and Cthulhu. Something unique to Uncyclopedia. Thus was born an Uncyclopedia in-joke (I am not testifying as to any humor or value being attached to such), Cthulhu-Jesus. Even now It's tentacles writhe and stretch, up, up toward the light... our light. I Googled it, and it's original as far as I can tell. More to come. Zimbuddha.jpg Rev. Zim (Talk) Get saved! 01:40, July 14, 2010 (UTC)

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