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You're not Thinkerer...


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You're not Thinkerer (you mother fucker) You mother fucker
You're not Thinkerer
Why can't you be
I was hopin' it would be Thinkerer, when I saw you sign on to IRC

TKF, you're not Thinkerer
And Lah-jleg-oh, you're not Thinkerer that's right I pronounce it Lah-jleg-oh, not El-Jay-Lego
Not at all, 'cause it's easier for me to say

Wo Thinker, I've got a confession (I've got a confession)
Thinker, I've got just a little bit of an obsession (with you)
And you're humorous drinking habits
Wo I've got an obsession with the Thinkerer

Why can't you be the subject of hilarity (why can't you be)
I saw you log into IRC, and you're not Thinker
Just like me

Hey you mother fucker, you are not the Thinker (you are not the)
You are not the Thinkerer
No you're not, no you're not, no you're not, no you're not the Thinker
No you're not the Thinker at all