Worst 100 Uncyclopedia In-Jokes of All Time

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According to God Chronarion's True Word, the following are the worst 100* Uncyclopedia in-jokes ever made. Readers are required to have their sporks to hand.

* Chron does not care to count this list too closely, and believers are wise not to criticise divine numeration policy.

Update: Haha! It seems my quest to get some of the crud articles mentioned on this page deleted is starting to work! Some of the articles have been deleted, hence the redlinks.

“I have nothing to declare because it would only be edited and used in a false quote on Uncyclopedia.”

~ Oscar Wilde on being an in joke

100-81: Being stupid and just not funny[edit]

100. Kakun's special page
This guy is so good he gets his own page at VFP! Wow...
99. Stop Mhaille from Making Images Petition
Come on, his images aren't that bad. They're just sick.
98. The
What the heck was that all about?
97. You, No, not you; somebody else.
96. Nikki Lesson
Who are ya?
95. This page does not exist
No shit, Captain Obvious.
94. Oscar Wilde is gay!
If ya don't believe me check his biography! Of course we know this is all rubbish. Wilde was of course a heterosexual metrosexual.
93. Talk:Incompleteness Theorem.
No, you shut up, dimwits.
92. Drama
Please, he's just a scapegoat to blame all our problems on.
91. Sophia
Get a life, it's a potato! Jebus Christ.
90. Spontaneously Exploding Head Syndrome
Oh really?
89. The KTs
What is this tripe?
88. Order of Uncyclopedia
Zuh? Am I missing something here? This is clearly a load of ego-boosting nonsense.
87. Talk:Gay Jesus
The site of the religious war of 2010. First talk page to advance on Vote for Good.
86. Hitlerbear
Nazi Germany stereotypical poor image editing. Give me a break.
85. Church of Uncyclopedia
Newb-alienating at its finest.
84. Comedy Banning
I mean, seriously, what is the point of one minute bans? Also, why would any admin block themself? Eh?
83. Goatse
Just ew.
82. Developers!
Pointless redundancy. Stupid.
81. Hostility towards Encyclopedia Dramatica
Just because they're 12 year old goatse-loving retards doesn't mean we have to insult them about it.

80-61: Vagueness and The Cabal[edit]

79. Sauron
Who is this nonentity? Erm, please prescribe some medication to the author.
78. The Cabal
I'm not even going to say anything about this.
77. Carlow Crab
Some sort of crab called Carlow? Buuuh?
76. Uncyclopedia is the best
Somebody forgot to take their pills.
75. Tourette's Syndrome
What the BONER?
74. Edit war (video game)
More admin nonsense.
73. Context
I don't get it.
72. Jordanhill railway station
A railway station? Come on...
71. I Am Your Father
Eh? I thought this was supposed to be Star Wars or something.
70. Featured Article Candidates
People should take this more seriously. I mean, don't you want some good featured articles?
The Mouth Freshener
68. More random profanity which some people actually find funny.
67. HowTo:Kill Yourself with a brick

I might be taking these steps now

66. Nobody cares
...about this list.
Enough repetition, already.
64. Redundancy
Prime example of how to be stupid and not just funny. However it seems this is what passes for comedy here.
63. Anything to do with iPods
Look, can't you think of anything better to do than make up iPod clones?
62. King of the Internet
Extremely vague. Probably only kept because two admins understand it.
61. TuobA:aidepolcycU
A rather low form of humour. Worse than puns.

60-41: Long-standing Crud[edit]

60. Babel:APPL
Look, if you really must parody this old cliche, at least make it IE compatible.
59. Oscar Wilde
Look, I had to put this on at some point. He is not funny.
58. Uncyclopedia's guide to wiki formatting
Self-reference sucks.
57. Insert title here
Insert rant here.
56. Jesus
Please shut up about Jesus, for the love of bananas! You'd have thought 2024 years would be enough time to make jokes about something else. Sheesh. This and Bible become setups though the latter doens't get old when jokes about creationism become something of a visual.
55. Uncyclopedia:About
This has absolutely nothing to do with Uncyclopedia. This kind of 'opposite' humour is not funny.
54. This article is Ugly.
It may not be as ugly as this list, but it still needs to be fixed. Please make this look like a proper wiki article by adding pictures, links, headers, paragraphs or any other formatting needed. (see here for instructions and look at these for examples).
53. George Bush doesn't care about this article
George Bush? Another easy target. Surely you can be more original?
52. For or against???
Hey guys, let's spontaneously vote for crazy ridiculous stuff! It will be ironic, and thus chest-burstingly hilarious!
51. My sojourn
As if the vacation pictures weren't enough.
49. Flag of Scotland
One of the worst pages on Uncyc, and that's really saying something. On top of that, the main image has been poorly Photoshopped MS Paintified with a bunch of tired old cliches.
48. Game FAQs Random Madness
You think this is funny? Go and watch The Fast Show or something. Now that's humour.
47. Romania, Lithuania, Finland, Latvia, Estonia and other random European countries
Quit with the reverts. OK? I'll have you know these are very interesting places, and with the pace of life being as fast as it is there, they're bound to have lots of revisions.
46. Chuck Norris, Oprah, Hitler, Steve Ballmer, Kanye West, Bill Gates, George W. Bush, Michael Jackson, , Mr. T, Paris Hilton
People who love people. . .and have had long runs as in-jokes on Uncy.
45. What I Didn't Know about Romania
Pretty much everything, except that it's called Romania.
44. Your head asplode
It's 'explode', you illitarut nincumpoopes!
43. That binary code article
This is an extremely geeky joke which fits in well with the geekiness of this website.
42. Cabbage
Savage cabbages? Keep living in a dream world, incompetent fools.
41. HowTo:Get Banned
Only really funnny to regular Uncyclopedia fools users.

40-19: What the heck is this tripe?[edit]

40. Your face
And any other Rogue Punchlines for that matter.
39. Uncyclopedia:Uncyclopedia Is
What exactly is Uncyclopedia?
38. Floccinaucinihilipilification (and Fanta and anything else on CVP)
Only funny because it's a long word. No no no.
37. Shot your fuck up
Enough gratuitous profanity already.
36. Poop throwing monkeys
Take a raincoat in there with you, and wear glasses.
Thanks for experimenting with Uncyclopedia. Your alterations to the Worst 100 Uncyclopedia In-Jokes of All Time article were indeed very informative, but I'm afraid we must huff them. This is because Uncyclopedia is a serious uncyclopedia, and shouldn't be corrupted by that sort of thing. However, you may be interested to know that there is a very similar wiki called Wikipedia that would welcome your comical contributions. This is because Wikipedia is a parody of Uncyclopedia, and welcomes comical content written in good taste. You are welcome to continue editing Uncyclopedia, however if you wish to submit comical content please do so at Wikipedia:Flying Spaghetti Monster instead. Thank you.
35. Imperfect Sheep
What the heck is this random madness? How is it funny apart from the fact it is really dumb and someone was idiotic enough to think it was funny when they created it? It's going on VFD now...
34. Vtamn
Erm, what happened to all the letter 'i's? Put them back, now boy, or else.
33. Taco Bell Monster
"The animal is thought to have lived for more than millions of years in its native home, and fossil evidence supports that the cow/chicken hybrid has indeed been around for a very long time." What?
32. Jimbo Wales
Jumbo Whales? Like Pond Whales?
31. This Guy, That Guy, That Gay etc.
Non-notable people that don't deserve entries on Uncyclopedia. I mean, the fact nobody knows their names says it all.
30. The Uncyclopedia drinking game
Drinking = good. Uncyclopedia drinking game = bad. For shame.
29. Do NOT click any links!
This is one of those pages that make you laugh for about five seconds before you get bored and think it's just infantile.
28. Lorem Ipsum
What's this about? It seems to be a completely different language.
27. Admins
You need to make the admins sound less power hungry, self-satisfied and smug. Although that would just be lying.
26. Making up quotes QuoteUnquote Unquotable
"Gordon Bennett, have you ever seen such a collection of crud in your life? And why can't they decide on a name and stick to it?" ~ Oscar Wilde
25. Rate Your Admin
What is all this obsession with ratings? Stupid statistics. Probably egotistical admins attempting to alienate new users.
24. Uncyclopedia:Supersecret admin page
Not so secret now, eh?
23. Benson of the month
Who is this Benson person? A footballer or something?
22. Forum:Ministry of Love
Not really a ministry. Doesn't even have any love...
21. General Specific campaign
Excuse me, are we supposed to know this person?

20-1: The Ultimate in Alienation[edit]

20. Reefer Desk
How can potsmokers ever be of any help to anyone?
19. Uncyclopedia:Useless Gobshite of the Month
OK, I don't get this. Why encourage users to be annoying? Actually, the admins might hate that, so it's not necessarily a bad thing...
18. BUTT POOP!!!!
The most undeleteable template ever, brought to us by Sophia herself, praise Eris.
17. Russian reversal
Do they really speak like this in Russia? I seriously doubt it.
16. Famine goes to Wikia
He didn't really.
15. Your Mom, Yer Mam, Yo Mamma, Your Mother etc.
More cheap stuff. Cliched. Boring. ZZZZZ.
14. Wheeling Jesuit University
I don't see how anyone can find this remotely funny (El Presidente definitely doesn't).
13. Camp Fuck You Die
Abomination. Please, someone save by sanity by deleting this now!
12. Fisher Price
and Fisher Price: A Retrospective, a work and a history of literary genius.
11. Splaka's Rape Opping
10. Uncyclopedia Worst 100 lists
Dumb lists about stupid things. Any old fool can create a list.
9. Kitten Huffing
This is just the sickest of the sick. Children who read this will have their minds warped for the rest of their lives.
8. I love Pwn4ge. Ok.
All bow down to the mighty Benson. NOW DAMMIT!
Completely incomprehensible.
Shut up.
4. ...with SAVINGS!!!
Um, okay...
3. Uncyclopedia is the worst
No shit, Sherlock.
2. Euroipods
No comment. No. Comment.
1. Mr winkler is GAY

“I have decided to give this entire article an F for overall bad grammar, stupidity, pointlessness, incoherence and immaturity.”

~ Mr. Winkler on Worst 100 Uncyclopedia In-Jokes of All Time