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The is also a common misspelling of the commonly used word "teh", usually abbreviated as '9'.


Why on earth would you care about researching the word, "The"?

  • touches self and cries*

You I mean, not me of course.

The began as an orphaned love child of the Spanish articles "el" and "la", "el" evidently being the deserting father who doesn't pay child support, and "la" the drug-addicted mother. On the day of The's birth, the English language was born, and Latin died in a cataclysmic explosion. The is most likely the most famous thing in the history of the world, seeing as it is the most commonly used word. Every time you read, write, hear or say 'the', you are fueling The's propaganda network. For such a powerful force, The is very sublime, and is the least remembered word of the average sentence.

Modern Use[edit]

The is also a very sneaky character. Not only will you, on average, not remember its use, but is resides within other words. For example, The can be found cleverly hiding in them, they, thermal, them, then, thespian, their, goatherd, and them. It also disguises true meanings of words such as where it replaces a space in psychotherapist / psycho the rapist

The is the most common word in the Brown Corpora.

The in Law[edit]

The has taken up the family business of his neglectful parents, being an article. The main competitor of the The monopoly is 'a', or in some cases, in which the 'a' feels lonely, 'an'. The can be used in front of almost any noun, except names, and even occasionally verbs. 'The' was almost killed, and had to be placed in emergency treatment after the start of the common use of the word 'teh'. This imposter to the Glorious The consistently and violently raped The, namely by avid computer nerds, and people socially challenged. This rape case quickly ascended to the Somewhat Important, Though Not Necessarily Supreme Court of Vocabulary and Grammar, one of the highest funded organizations in the U.S., almost doubling FEMAs annual budget. Completely surprisingly, some people have take offense to this. In the court case, The's lawyers swiftly brought an end to the legality of 'teh'. The use of 'teh' not in quotation marks is highly illegal, and can be punished by lynching, burning, huffing, or death by Cher.

  • The is not to be mistaken for the. The The is not the other the, because the The doesn't have the the's lower case 't', as in the. The the is more common than the The, for the the doesn't do the specific functions the The does do. The The deserves the the to be set to the 'the' form for the the isn't as good as the The, and the The is the The as a noun, not an article. The The creates the the, the article. If the said sentence is true, the the is the The's offspring, making 'T' to 't' the defining thing between the father and the son, as in the the and the The.

The also cures A.I.D.S.

The in other languages[edit]

The in Gaeilge language means burger.

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