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This man's got the right idea. Whenever you're eating a burger that's as large or larger than your head, you should always wear a helmet.
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The Burger, common enemy of the Heart, has is to be one of the greatest foods known to Man, along with sub sandwiches (and any other sandwich in general), seafood, pizza, grilled chicken, and tacos. It was first invented by Ronald McDonald of McDonalds, Nebraska in the year 40BMcD. He created the first Burger when his wife had the arrogance to refuse to bear him a son and instead burdened him with a loathsome daughter. He gave the order to his guards and the two were promptly ground up, grilled, and placed between two sesame seed buns before being thrown to King Andre's dogs, which to this day are the only animals known to be able to stomach and even possibly enjoy a burger (see McDonald's). Upon learning of this, much of the peasants gathered the audacity to revolt against the king. They were turned into burgers as well, and with the help of Merlin they were brought to life and set loose to destroy mankind. Since then the burger has become the national food of america (it shows)!

How To Defend Against Burgers[edit]

Should a burger attack you by waving it's salads at you there are several things you can do. The wisest of these is to run away screaming, as the burger will then chase you until you die of exhaustion. This will be a damn sight longer than if you just stared at it with your mouth open, you gormless twerp! Other methods of protection include covering yourself in a blanket as this may confuse the burger enough for you to run away without being chased. The other way is to masterbate as it will draw the ceiling cat near to scare the burger away. The almighty ceiling cats can defeat burgers and cheeseburgers.

The Big Mac Attack war of '63[edit]

A Typical Big Mac

The Great Burger War of '63 is when the burgers unleashed their biggest weapon on us yet. The Big Mac. Whilst initially looking tasty, they were actually bloody dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. There was no defense against these behemoths unleashed by the McDonalds corporation against the world. They still ruled, until the Soviets used Russian Reversal on them, meaning that instead of everyone being pwned by the Big Macs, the Big macs were pwned by everybody. Thus an end to the war, but it's scars still live today. The McDonalds corporation has opened a restaurant chain to try and get hosts for their next dangerous burger invention, but no-one likes it very much and it has been closed down no less than seven times.

Burgers Used As Drugs[edit]

Whilst in no way advisable some people actually try to use burgers as drugs and there is actually a king of the burger drug industry. This king blatantly advertises his product and claims to be generous, but actally he's a lemon in disguise. To correctly use a burger as drugs you must have spent your whole life from the moment of birth dead, otherwise you will die soon. If you meet these criteria all you need is a straw, which you then use to poke and distract the burger while you grab and inhale with your other hand.


A baby enjoys his daily dinner.

Burgers are usually made from ground meat or meat substitute, then re-shaped to form patties, cooked (if applicable) and eaten. Burgers made with beef are traditionally known as hamburgers, though, due to the profusion of burger types over the last few decades, are also called beef burgers. Other meats such as venison, bison, pork, chicken, turkey, human, or fish can be used. The name generally changes accordingly, with the name of the burger prefixed by that of the meat source. For example, a turkey burger uses ground turkey meat, a buffalo burger uses ground meat from a bison. A Jersey burger consists of hamburger and fish (filet or burger) in one bun. Veggie burgers (alternately called a tofu burger. vegiburger or garden burger) use a meat substitute (for example, tofu, TVP, seitan (wheat gluten), or an assortment of vegetables, nuts or soy protein, which are ground up and mashed into patties) for the vegetarian and vegan consumer. Burgers not made from beef are often marketed as more exotic than hamburgers or as being healthier than beef-patties.


There are usually other accompaniments or condiments piled onto the meat portion. These might include any combination of cheese (a cheeseburger is not a burger made primarily from cheese, but rather a hamburger with a slice of cheese in it), vegetables (lettuce, tomato, onion, pepper, pickles, hamsters) and sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, orange sherbet, etc.)

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