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Instructions, in case you couldn't find the link.

The Uncyclopedia drinking game is pretty much the greatest game ever invented. Chess and checkers players always argue which of the two are second, but no one, and I mean no one, dares to deny the dominance of the Uncyclopedia drinking game.

To play, you have to have a few things: beer, a computer, and the internet.

To begin the game you must follow a very precise process, or else the entire experience is ruined. First, plug in the computer. Second, get on the internet. Third, type into the address bar. Once you're at the Uncyclopedia main page, take turns clicking random page, and whoever clicked on it sips according to the rules below. Get your beer ready. First one to throw up or pass out loses.

Important note: If you're under twenty-one (even in countries in which it is legal to drink when you are eighteen, or sixteen, or four... but who cares?), use soda (or whatever kind of drink you like), and instead the loser is whoever first has to use the bathroom. Naturally, no one under 21 will wish to ingest an alcoholic beverage anyway.

Take a swig when:

  • The page has an Oscar Wilde quote on it.
    • Two sips for each non-Wilde quote.
  • You find a User signature on the article.
    • Double if it's an anonymous IP.
  • The word "invented" appears in the first sentence.
  • Mr. T is mentioned.
    • 2 sips if it's Mr.T's page
  • Chuck Norris is mentioned.
  • The page has been vandalized.
    • If there's more than one instance of vandalism, take one sip for each bit of graffiti.
  • The article was written by one of the players in the game.
  • The article has more than three templates. Quotes and whatnot do not count, "templates" only refer to those big colored box thingies.
  • The article is listed in more than five categories.
  • Any of its categories are red links. Two sips for each red-link category.
  • The article has one liner headlines.
  • The page contains obscenites. One for each swear, maximum of five sips from this rule.
    • Double that for explicit images. Maximum of five pictures, or 10 sips, not inculding ones from the above rule.
      • Triple if it's in the title. Maximum 9 sips for this rule.
  • The page contains more than five images. Not including those in templates.
    • Two sips if there's a link to a non-existant image.
  • A sentence isn't capitalized. Three sips maximum from this rule.
    • Additionally, one sip for every two non-capitalization grammar mistakes. Three maximum, not including above rule.
  • One sip for every three misspelled words. Three sips maximum for this rule.
  • The article is a stub.
    • Two sips if it's ICU.
      • Double either of these if it ought to be labeled a stub/ICU, but isn't.
      • Three sips if it's up on VFD.
  • The page is a featured article.
        • Four sips if it's material for QVFD. Don't forget to do us a favor and add it to QVFD!
          • Take two more sips if it's already on QVFD but hasn't yet been deleted.
Note: Check the history, it might just be vandalism, in which case you should finish your entire glass and move on to the next page.
  • The page references Kitten Huffing, AAAAAAAAA!, or any of the other Uncyclopedia in-jokes. One sip for each individual in-joke mentioned.
  • You have edited the article at least once.
  • The page has been protected. Semiprotection given to all featured articles based on policy doesn't count.
  • Two sips if it's marked vanity and allowed
    • Three sips if it's marked vanity and on VFD.
  • One sip for each unexplained list. Maximum 3 sips for this rule.
  • One sip for every five red links
  • One sip for every time a first person pronoun is used (I, my, etc.) Maximum 5 sips.

Drink an entire glass when:

  • The page has Oscar and/or Wilde in the title.
    • Two glasses for a top 10 of 2005/top 10 of 2006 article.
    • A full glass for a currently nominated article.
      • Add an extra half a glass if it shows the Nomination template but isn't on VFH.
    • Half a glass for a quasi-featured article.
  • There's a Steve Ballmer quote that the admins haven't removed.
  • There's a Kanye West quote that the admins haven't removed.
  • You wrote the article (or at least the first edit).
  • Do NOT click any links!
  • You reach a You have two cows page.

Drink two entire glasses when:

Drink three entire glasses when:

If the page is the Page with no links :

  • You automatically lose.