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"147,3661.2 idiots have visited the Random Page on purpose."

~ Maddox on Random Page

This is the Random Page.

Some Pig...

It has been certified to be 100% Content-Free. It attacks spine-chilling clever trick Republican, and attaches pyrrhic statue ass swell.

If you visit this page purposely - OK, but if you wanted to visit some REALLY random page, just click the hyperlink on the left, YOU IDIOT! (But first read this article! :))

/b/ will rape me for this.

And now a short bit about the Pig:

A man walks into a bar with a pig. The pig has a wooden leg. The man lifts the pig onto a bar stool and orders two beers: one for himself and one for the pig, but the bartender doesn't want to serve the pig.

"Sorry, buddy," the bartender says, "but we don't serve pigs here."

Coincidently, circles + 45 = Oscar Wilde

"But this pig is special!" the man says, "He saved my life! My house caught on fire, and this brave pig beat the front door down and braved the roaring flames to wake my wife and I, and then he went down the hall to my son's room. The smoke was too much for my son, and he passed out, but the pig grabbed his pyjamas, and pulled him to safety!"

Anthony Deluca was at his house and he smoked some weed and was like w0000000SHHHHH!!!!

"Wow!" cries the bartender. "Is that how he got the wooden leg?"

"No," says the man, "He got the wooden leg because it wouldn't be right to eat a special pig like this all at once."

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If you have hit this page from clicking the "Random page" button on the navigation panel, congratulations! You have just won an all-expenses paid trip to this page! Thank you for playing our game, and please enjoy your stay, you lucky lucky person! Please sign our talk page
If, however, you got here via any other pathway, you obviously cheated. You therefore lose big time; and, for ironic effect, you are eaten by a lurking grue. Luckily for you, Oscar Wilde comes along and slays it with his extreme sarcasm and cuts you out of its stomach. Unfortunately, in a fatal double dose of irony, you are then eaten by Oscar Wilde. (Better luck next time.)This counts for all except for the person that put this scentence in (HA! BONUS! YEAH! *shoots self in head* OW!)

This page is certified 110% random by the RIOA.



36+10 = pie?

If a man dies, is death manly?

If 36+10 = pie does pie? = 46 or does pie = pie?

56 Walnuts are my friends!


I am tree

I am 76.34573425703948570394857390458739485790314857?

He is?

Chimps look nothing like Chips...

Thusly I am a chip

How to count to 9 in 1337: l Z E A S b T B q

If a man has four testicles, and three of them have testicular cancer, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie-Pop?

The Mass Effect System Of Eating Soggy Worms With Beer And Cowboy Boots On Your Terribly Achy Suckerfish Sized Nuts=========[edit]

Other-wise known as TMESOESWWBACBOYTASSN.Led by Johnny Bravo of the Elite Squad Of gay Baby Orange`Halo Players And Such,is an organization that specilizes in making big whooping cough recovery centres for the blind dolphin people of Rawskooshwybibobubybibobubybebadatosheeeepowk.System of A down is the main fans of the Dolphin Yellow Sinnersit Tina!!!!! also catsthatlooklikehitler.com

Actual Views[edit]

Most likely these were all on purpose and the only cure is more cowbell. My alcohol is refilling on the zany YouTube Poop, because it already exorciseed on your mom's baseball bat.

My grandpa uses toe-jam for deodorant, gooey.

When adverb beheaded quoteland in 1,234,567,890, crystal jumped in the library.


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