Top 100 Not In The Least Bit Sexual Things To Do With No Pants On

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1. Pretend you are Pete Laing and attend a barmitzva.

2. Admire your awesome underwear choice.

3. Play monopoly.

4. Play monopoly with friends who don’t have pants on.

5. Talk on the phone and say: “Guess what?” “What?” “I have no pants on.”

6. Ring them back and explain that you were joking or that you put your pants back on.

7. Grin because you didn’t bother putting pants on.

8. Text people and tell them you don’t have pants on.

9. Do a handstand.

10. Swim in the pool.

11. Swim in the pool with no pants on because you were told by a crazy girl to do it.

12. Run around your house.

13. Run around with other friends.

14. Throw a pants-less party.

15. Claim to be wearing “Invisible Pants.”

16. Sit in a spa and put your pants on your head.

17. Play hide and seek.

18. Point at someone's pants, accuse them of being non-believers and that they will be condemned to hell for their sins.

19. Do your finances.

20. Run around your house five times!

21. Start eating your pants and claim you're really a goat in disguise.

22. Walk the dog.

23. State the obvious, "I have no pants" or "You have pants."

24. Dive into a pool full of girls whilst shouting “LOOK GIRLS I’M PANT LESS!!!!”

25. Draw a picture of pants.

26. Pretend you're a dinosaur that eats pants.

27. Never stop running around your house!!!

28. Listen to music.

29. Watch movies.

30. Walk up to a group of people you don't know and say “You know it’s so nice out I think I’ll let it hang out!” *thumbs up and huge grin*.

31. Do a radio show.

32. Eat ice cream.

33. Discuss philosophy and the meaning of the universe in regards to pants.

34. Protest against pants about how they are the shackles on the people that must be smashed. Caution: One should smash their pants after taking them off.

35. Huff a Kitten.

36. Read magazines.

37. Attack old people.

38. Put fireworks down your underwear.

39. Wait for someone to notice your pantslessness and accuse them of having perverted thoughts about your underwear.

40. Say, "I think I'll take my underwear off" backwards.

41. Go to an expensive restaurant and try to get a table.

42. Eat chips.

43. Take pictures of people in pants.

44. Walk around with a Free Hugs sign.

45. Talk with a british accent.

46. Walk around the streets at night grinning.

47. Run from the people who will bash you.

48. Go to an open mike night and read out sophisticated poetry (about pants).

49. Base Jump.

50. Go bowling.

51. Write a letter to the Prime Minister about pants.

52. Play video games.

53. Go to the local McDonald's and order your pants.

54. Walk around town with friends and comment on the “idiocy of people who don’t wear shoes whilst in public.”

55. Bird Watch.

56. Go fishing.

57. Give a lecture at a renowned university.

58. Do yoga.

59. Start a "War on Pants."

60. Be the life of the party, taking your pants off at the party is one thing but turning up before without ‘em on is seriously cool!

61. Clain everyone wearing pants are squares.

62. Sit in a public area with a sign that reads This is a sign

63. Confess in church that you have sinned by not wearing the pants of the God.

64. Loiter in the street.

65. Try to convince loiterers to do something fun.

66. Swim with the dolphins.

67. Swim with the sharks.

68. Make up a zombie plan.

69. Repeat everything you say.

70. Do nothing - just bask in your lack of pants.

71. Ride the trains and don’t buy a ticket.

72. Write a list of things people didn't know about you.

73. Read War and Peace

74. Go to the theater.

75. When its in a really quiet scene stand up and shout “OH MY GOD SOMEONE HAS STOLEN MY PANTS!” wait a moment then say “Oh false alarm people I’m just not wearing any.”

76. Stand in front of a clothing store window whilst staring at a pair of pants and deeply sighing.

77. Run while screaming from a catholic church.

78. Turn around and run screaming back into the catholic church.

79. Try to convince people to take off their pants as well.

80. Create an apocalypse cult dedicated to the removal of pants.

81. Rub baby oil on your arse cheeks then sliiiiide!

82. Cover yourself in mustard.

83. Watch the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny. [1]

84. Video log on Youtube.

85. Go to the gym.

86. Pump iron and have a conversation with other gym-goers.

87. Laugh at people wearing pants.

88. Tell people that you wouldn’t be wearing pants if you were sober.

89. Rap (seriously rappers might as well not be wearing pants).

90. Go to the football stadium.

91. Ignore everyone.

92. Mime.

93. Sing about how you wish you had pants in public.

94. Start a religion about pants.


96. Go to church and try to act normal.

97. Karaoke.

98. Wrestle a bear, a dog, your brother, your uncle, or anyone else not wearing pants.

99. .sliame sdrawkcab dneS (See what I did there?)

100. Read a list about things to do without any pants on.