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The Lord invented LOL.

A Lord is a common British title, often used by royalty to feel even more superior to poor people than they actually are. Uncyclopedia has articles on the following lords:


  • Lords are not just lords because they paid someone to become lords.
  • Lords are not known for handling money poorly.
  • When in the presence of a lord there is no need to bow down, lick his feet, or call him "your fantasticness" when addressing him.

Gender influidity[edit]

The discerning reader will notice there are no female lords in the above list. The title of Lord is not gender-fluid; a female who has attained lordship is not known as a Lord but a Lady, though not all ladies are Ladies, and vice versa.

As we strive to get in touch with our inner non-binariness, it will not be long before British activists protest the designations Lord and Lady and demand a gender-vague title, such as Thingie.

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