Worst 100 Video Games of All Time

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Here are the worst 100 video games of all time, in human history. This list contains Games that do not exist, Blatant nonsense, and opinionated fact. Watch at your own risk.


100. Castlevania Lords of Shadow
The worst Castlevania ever, due to the fact that it's technically Gods of War where you play as God and slay all evil, eventually running an epic conflict against the magic wielding zombie "Satan." And the fags who created it said IT IS A DIFFERENT SERIES.
99. Contra hard corps uprising
The legendary contra has forever ruined. FOREVER.
Play as you, Jew, Osama bin Laden, George Dubya Bush or Jaws, and do the WTC with your 1337 skills for teh lulz! The final weapon is the NUKE!
97. Operation V.I.D.E.O.G.A.M.E.
The idea that Cartoon network creates a game about adult pwning kids had failed so miserably that it caused a mass outcry to kill Craig mc. Crapper and Ted turner because their cartoons stopped being funny for the 90000th time.
96. World of warcraft
Despite acclaimed by many as the best MMORPG ever, in truth it is a mind controlling program to cut down the reproduction rate of mankind, produced by Blizzard, or the malevolent source of faggotry himself.
This fag used to be a karate fighter, but once he touched World of Warcraft, he never saw the light of the day again.
95. Gaia Online
Forged by the deepest level of faggotry, weeaboos and Furries themselves, they squirmed into this pile of Japanese faggotry and fat. Even the Japanese anons ridicule this pile of weeaboo-nazi fuckfest of an "online game."
94. Hitler: Legend of Lulz
Play as the furher and create teh lulz by pwning teh jews and chinks and commit lollercaust!!!! However, watch out for the allies anti-lulz vigilantes!
93. Plants vs. Zombies war
After EA bought popcap, we knew the apocalypse had come.
92. Rule 34: Powerpuff Girls Edition
91. Castlevania: Simon's Quest
Oh dear. Not only is this game crap, you just fell asleep while grinding hearts by killing the same 4 monsters just for a holy water. Right at the start of the game.


90. H Story
of the weirdest things to fap to you fap to a anthromorphic robot with a name called "Curly Brace". Your penis should be cut off as a sacrifice to pixel.
If a sick fuck masturbates to this, it's most likely You. No Exceptions.
89. 初音ミク and Future Stars Project Mirai
Anyone playing this game is a 40 year old basement dwelling weeaboo, or a 16 year old hippopotamus.
88. Dr. Kawashima's brain washing
This game requires you to stare onto the screen and it will hypnotize you to sacrifice a 3 year old child for him to rape. alas, it's legal in Japan. Then you wake up like there's nothing happened.
The creator has been pwnt by Islam 1337 hax0rs for some reason.
86. Wikipedia MMORPG
Boring basement dwelling at it's finest.
85. Minecraft
A shitty sandbox game virgin graveyard where lonely men die alone. Examples of fags who play are basement dwellers, weeaboos, and bronies.
84. Runescape
Another pitiful graveyard where lonely men go to die.
83. The benevolent god, our savior
You can't fucking lose in this game. NEVER.
82. DeviantART
MMORPG where people share their art, Talent and Prose. Also the main export is Beautiful masterpieces and Elegant poetry.
81. Castlevania 64
Konami wanted to create something that its fans wouldn't buy. They did a bit too well.


80. I wanna be the guy
Masochism at it's finest.
79. Satan's ultimate warrior
Play as a Satanist and Liberate all those who are brainwashed by thy greatest dictator and eventually pwn the dictator himself in the name of the dark one!
77. My Little Pony:Friendship is magic:The game
Friendship and magic at it's best, it is so manly that even Feminists won't touch it. only 40 year old basement dwellers and neckbeards, as well as hardcore Bronies.
76. The conquest for judgement
Religion-based 3D fighting game for the Wii. It has caused Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Mayans, pagans, and Satanists team up to kill Hideo Kojima for making this.
Concept of "God" From the conquest for judgement. WHERE IS YOUR GOD NAO?????
75. The Powerpuff girls : him-and-seek
pure faggotry at it's finest. Cartoon Network should never make games since this point. Never.
74. Twilight the game
Despite twitards love everything twilight, they can't help nauseating upon seeing the game played for even one second. Even Castlevania judgement had never saw such faggotry.
73. Ecoterrorist
Jihad under the name of Mother Nature! Burn buildings, sink whaling boats, assassinate logging company CEOs and steal animal from inhumane zoos in this green jihad for mother nature! You eventually have to make a greenhouse device that turns the world into a sea of trees!
72. Seizure: the game
71. Furaffinity
Like DeviantART, but with more Furries and lulz.


70. Zork (uncyclopedia version)
In fact, all Uncyclopedia text adventures sucked. THEY ALL SUCK. Don't create one.
69. Jihad
Kill all infidels in the name of Allah! starting from a Christmas cracker in a us family, to a mass attack on the twin towers! ALLAH ACKBAR!!!!!!!!
68. Pokemon Gen X
The 10th generation of pokemon. Nobody cares.
67. Dildo wars
A Fighting game where you fight with dildos! From a carrot to a mecha dildo that can shoot laser semen, you name it! Join the sex toy fun now!
66. Independence day
that's why movies shouldn't have games.
65. Civilization peace
No wars. You just sit there, and make friends with other nations. Where's the fun of that?
64. Pokemon furry
If there's a fetish, pokemon always take it first. including furries.
63. Fan-made My little pony game
Now with horsecock for you to clop with.
62. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
400 minutes into the game, and you're screwed.
61. Daikatana
Romero wants to make you his bitch. NO SERIOUSLY. DON'T


60. Syobon action

“Syobon Action hates you. You’ll find this out the hard way: every jump, platform, mushroom, pipe... even the cloud in the background is out there to kill you. In time, you will hate Syobon Action.”

~ playthisthing on syobon action

This says it all. Not to mention that you will probably go insane while playing this.

59. Nature: the game
Play as an low tier animal and raise yourself up the ranks. Just make sure that there's no respawn in this game, if you got eaten, you might as well as dead.
58. Amerika's klan
Play as the KKK and your goal is to exterminate all niggers from America, then parcitipate against a final battle against the lord of all niggers, Barack Obama. HEIL TEH KLAN!
Gauranteed to crash your operating system, no matter it's a windows, mac or linux. WHERE IS YOUR BACKUP NOW????????
56. Okami
Fit for furfags and weeaboos of all ages.
For americans who are not furfags.
55. Loading screen
54. Drug dealers from the Dark ghettos
Play as a drug dealer and sell marijuana, syringes from street toilets, and cocaine. just don't let the cops spoil the fun.
53. Math: the game
Highly educational role-playing game with maths that you, a basement dweller won't suceed in defeating. Overall a basement dweller's worst nightmare.
52. trick virtual girl
Once you thought you had found a sexy teen, it turns out that it is......A GUY!!!! YOU HAVE FELL INTO A TRAP!
51. Super Smash Bros. Tourneyfag version


50. Resident evil:Legacy of 34
Umbrella decided that everybody might as well as have a mass orgy so they invented a virus where people turn into sex-hungry zombies. Orgy ensues.
49. Meme warriors: Revenge of the power 5
In case if you don't know what the power 5 means, you better not.
48. The impossible quiz
an insult to human intelligence.
47. Call of duty:The text adventure
Call of duty, now in text adventure version!
46. Gurochan
Guro hentai game. cut a girl's body and reveal the Sexually appealing intestines! then you can hook it out as long as she is alive!
45. Pong: The next gen
Now in 3D graphics!
44. Extreme gullotine WII
Gullotine them all within 20 minutes! The highest value target is Barack Obama!
43. Semen shooters wii
Let's see who can shoot the semen into the hole! Purchase viagra to make your penis bigger, Lubricants to make you shoot more longer-ranged semen, and Bonus appearances of mike tyson and Jesus!
42. Bible: the game
Play as God, Jesus, Moses, John, Paul and more in this epic quest of violence, gore and Malevolence, all for the name of thy great dictator!
A review of Bible:the game.
41. UncycBot
All he says is nonsense. All he bleches is a blatant pile of lies. that is all.


40. OS crasher ultimate
Now with Guaranteed BSOD.
39. Your mom
For some reason she doesen't do anything.
38. Echoes
All it does is playing that annoying mosquito sound.
It doesen't listen your commands. When you call this game to go left, it drops you onto a pit. All it does is to troll you to death, and that's it's job.
36. Atari's world next gen
ET the game, pac-man atari, pong, jet set willy and more, now in 3D graphics!
34. Communist China Online
Online game where you destroy the evil reign of the chinese communists! The final boss is Chairman Mao! Reported to be illegal in china, and anybody who played this game in china were tortured to death in a torture chamber.
33. Holocaust Tycoon
Do you want to know more?
32. Uncyclopedia: the game
Meh, you can't become a sysop. just quit it. Also, you die out of boredom while admins destroy all your articles.


30. Rise of the robots
Once thought to be super 1337, It turns out to be an angalamation of putridness, faggotry, and Disastrous gameplay. First, You can only control 1 cyborg, and that cyborg can only kick. Why they can't just give him some laser already? Secondly, you can't fucking even run past the FIRST guy you meet due to your "Cyborg"'s gayness.
29. I wanna see you suffer
28. Final fantasy 20
Predicted to release at 2020, and it single handley brought the videogame industry to it's demise. thankfully it hasn't happened YET.
27. Pokemon online simulator
26. My little pony: Order of celestia
Another blatant castlevania ripoff, crafted by the hands of faggotry, or lauren faust.
27. Ju-On: The grudge
You will lose your ability to sleep. forever.
26. Superman 64
Marvel, quit making videogames about your shitty heroes.
Concept art for the box cover of the game
25. Bat Fuck Insane: the game
Basically this game is full of laser beam eyes, seizures, dancing Goatses, dancing milk, SHOOP DA WOOP, I'M FLAPPIN MY ARMAS!!!!!! AND UR MOM IS SOOOO GHEY!!!!!!!!! Then a clown hypnotizes you at the end and you become just like trippin' on shrooms.
24. Club penguin
if you are 18 year old or above, you should never play this game unless you are a pedo.
23. Sonic 2006
2006 is acclaimed by many rabid sonic fantards as the disaster of the franchise. This is the only thing they say that was right.
22. Neopets
21. Pokemon Diamond and Jade
Bootleg games at it's finest. It's crappiness supresses those nostalgiafags that are ruining the franchise, and it fats and instructs anyone who play it for it's sheer faggotry.


20. Black Box
There's a small box for you to walk around. that's it.
19. Disaster Movie: the game
As of movie based games are not crappy enough, It's the most disatrous plagarism "movie" made into a shitty game. Truly an ultimate combo for sheer horror.
18. Charlie's angels
This is so terrible that Your mom shat bricks upon seeing it. Thieves called "Monument pirates" stole the statue of liberty within 5 seconds, Boneless Mollusc ninjas wearing swimsuits fighting other swimsuit people, and the worst "Jumping" animation that is concieved into mankind, All melted into this pile of movie-game faggotry. Nobody can stand this game for more than 5 seconds straight, and those who survived the impact died of laughter.
17. R34 Paheal: The grand orgy
It's the grand orgy of the century, and All your childhood dreams, ponies, pokemon, powerpuff girls, curly brace, transformers, battletoads, Imaginary friends, Kim, Belmonts, alucard, dracula, Mario, zelda, link, luigi, weegee, hitler, Jill Valentine, and more had joined this fuckfest of the century. Lulz and hilarity ensues.
You are grateful to see the end of the world, in which it spirals into a mass orgy.
16. Godslayer: Rage of athetism
Religion has sinned mankind since the start of man, and the master of athetists will slay all religion, salvage all infidels, and break free of the world from the grips of thy greatest dictator! plus bonus burka sex scenes!
15. Black screen
There's a black screen. other than that you can just die already.
14. Table Hero
Just like guitar hero, but with table and stick.
13. Call Of Duty: Black Ops
If you are playing this game, just die already. And you read it right.
12. Out of jimmies head: the game
not only it is the most unfunny title that has shown in the face of cartoon network, This game idea is outright terrible and Ted turner will be pwnt by a mass public outcry. Then, players will start to question the exsistence of the game itself, as it has spiraled to the depths of vahalla.
11. Faggotry: the game
This game is quite good, aside of ponies having buttsex with each other, wolves fellating each other in a 69, Ken fingering Barbie, Naruto and sasuke Yaoi, Cave story porn, Castlevania porn, Men dressed as unicorns, hitler shooting laser beam eyes, Anthromorphic horses raping jews, Black people raping Pokemon.... you name it, it's here.


10. Red Ring of Death
One Xbox game that it's fanboys will never want to play.
9. Atari Pac-Man
Despite pac-man is an excellent title, Atari has sucessfully turned it into a masterpiece of faggotry. Anyone who played this game should wash their eyes and ears with industrial nuclear soap.
Not only that it is a huge piece of win, it even rocked the sale charts.
8. Custer's Revenge
Naked 8-bit Hentai game made by atari. Anyone who bought it turned into a puddle of semen.
7. Free online games
Your computer has just became into virus heaven.
6. Ipad pokemon yellow
Scam of the century. Caused public outcry in pokemon fandom.
5. Blue screen of death
Not only this game is the bane of windows fanboys, it's not a matter of if this game plays, it's when. once this game plays, this will be the last thing your windows did, because yo' pc will haff it' ass kicked.
4. Internet
Not only playing this game will make you even more lifeless than a Zombie playing world of warcraft, it is impossible to defeat, since the final boss cannot be defeated by you.
3. Life
Life is like a game, but you have only 1 life, no super powers and no continues.
2. Football Manager 2010 by EA
You won't go to the world cup. Never. Not even me, possibly due to boredom. Also, is the same game as 5 years before.
ET has stunned many players with it's revoloutionary graphics.
1. ET: The extra terrestrial
This is the win of the 20th century. Not only it has hit the roof of sales for a game that has produced within 4 months, it has revolutionized the gaming industry, and forever sealed a curse that movie-based video games become top winning sellers. this all of course, was sarcasm.

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