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Faggotry originally referred to the condition or practice of being a bundle of sticks - a 'faggot' -, or a member of such a bundle. In modern times, however, the word has come to mean something quite different.

History of the word[edit]

It turns out that many sticks happen to be bent, and thus faggotry came to refer to the state of sticks that were bent. This was quite unfair to the sticks, many of whom are in fact straight, but nobody ever has any regard for the rights of inanimate objects. Then it started to be used to refer to bent people, and then for all sorts of other out-of-the-ordinary inclinations such as furriness because they were all equally bad and deserved to be lumped in with each other. Not only is there no such thing as a furry stick, or a weeaboo stick or any such thing, but the array of things that became simply referred to as faggotry were fairly different. Many of the furries and sticks objected to this because it was unfair to them, but it was the furries everyone heard because they yelled so much, whereas sticks can't talk, never mind yelling.[1]

In the human community[edit]

Humans referred to as faggots or said to be engaging in faggotry also tend to dislike the use of the term, not because they consider themselves offensive but because they would rather not be associated with sticks, whom they consider to be a lower life form, or perhaps not even alive at all. Sticks also symbolise punishment, as evidenced in the 'carrot and stick' model that represents a system of rewards and punishment, and as carrots symbolise a reward most people would rather be called carrots than sticks. Some exceptions exist, however, mainly those who enjoy causing others to suffer and are usually found to be mentally ill.

In the stick community[edit]

Reactions in the stick community to the change in meaning of the word have been mixed, and to this day it is a highly controversial topic. Many, mainly straight sticks, object to it and consider it offensive as they dislike being associated with the practices it has come to refer to. They are often careful to point out that they do not find the things it refers to offensive in themselves, but rather the speciesist[2] association of human qualities with sticks that it implies. Others, often bent ones, take pride in what it means and in being associated with so-called human 'faggots', though they do not engage in furrying or anything of the like. Some sticks have tried to start movements to reclaim the words 'faggotry' and 'faggot' (as faggot now refers mainly to a bent person), with the notable example of songwriter Twiggy Wood.

Song Proud To Be a Faggot[edit]

One stick by the name of Twiggy Wood wrote and recorded a song on the subject titled Proud To Be a Faggot, consisting entirely of 17 minutes of silence (as sticks are unable to sing). It was well received in the stick community and is still popular to listen to today, and was even referred to by some human critics as 'beautiful' and 'enlightening', but most humans do not consider it to be music.


  1. At least, this is what we are told. It is possible that they can in fact vocalise but we have been trained not to hear it, but saying so would be original research so we can't include it here.
  2. Oh wait, sticks aren't exactly a species...hmm...

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