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An Uncyclopedism is a joke that people do on Uncyclopedia. Uncyclopedism is a portmanteau word originating from the words Uncyclopedia and -ism. People who use Uncyclopedisms like to humor an audience as much as Oscar Wilde likes to.

The term Uncyclopedism was coined by Oscar Wilde when he was trying to come up with words to refer to Uncyclopedia style joking. Many people who use Uncyclopedisms have a lot on their mind to unleash for the world of humourous comedians.

The world of comedy is driven by comedians, and Uncyclopedisms made up about 69% of all the comedy in the world. 404 people have been humored by these Uncyclopedisms, and link rot will rot away humour on the Internet.

Examples of Uncyclopedisms[edit]

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