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This is a new category[edit]

this is the section where you see the pissed at us responses. Touch a nerve with an article, we're not trying to piss you off. But amuses us when they see the responses.

RationalWiki has a rap sheet for doing this; just take a look how many are pissed at them. So what happens when this is borrowed for us, let the humor fly out and show The Babylon Bee how funny they get when material is fact checked too. Enjoy the twists and turns as this section is being added by the day. The new category is in place so make yourselves at home.

When you see the brain cutting the cheese, this is when you know they're pissed. If you tell the truth better damn well start laughing or laugh at yourself in the process, hell we're idiots no matter which way we see it but not Encyclopedia Dramatica god forbid. Let's add some more articles to this shall we?


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