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This article is about the meme-filled website. For other uses, see Encyclopedia Dramatica (disambiguation).
so i herd u liek mudkipz

Encyclopædia Dramatica, or ED, is a shitty-ass wiki that joined teh internets at least one hundred years ago. Being the sewer of the interwebs, it specializes in drama, memes, and other shit nobody cares about. It also specializes in featuring liars and libel queens, character assassination, racism and misinformation sometimes it's useful when looking up fan fiction and their own articles on the subject. At the cored had been a history of cyber-thugs who failed journalism class and use of the term piss-blogger applies because of the demons they unleash on everyday press. This is an attempt to capture what they do in a nutshell but at the same time, we're factual and look up more than one source, including The Independent and The Onion.



The Encyclopedia Dramatica was founded by a bunch of 4chan shitholes who were butthurt when Wikipedia wouldn't let them post an article about some LiveJournal faggot. They had started up as a site called LJDrama, then boiled over to MySpace.com, Facebook.com, YouTube.com where they call it JewTube.com and will make accusations that are called out as high up as Henry Rollins.

No further details necessary. Srsly, that sums it up nicely. One of the people who is helping with editing certain sections was a victim of them, but they were pissed when they them, Something Awful, and Fandom Wank all called murderers in a video blog. It gets unfunny fast when they use ethnic slurs and including the n-bomb as part of the mix. It's a mix of subhuman quagmire where facts die and accusations remain.

According to Wikipedia:

"Wikipedia's evil twin. It’s a site where almost every article is biased, offensive, unsourced, and without the faintest trace of political correctness. A search through its archives will reveal animated images of people committing suicide, articles glorifying extreme racism and sexism, and a seemingly endless supply of twisted, shocking views on just about every major human tragedy in history.

That's where the reason this section is fleshed out to have the funny as focused when it's condensed in a single page.

ED is dead

In early 2007, the admins started putting up fake "We desperately need moar money" banners on top of the pages to scam money out of their dumbass readers. On May 17, 2007, they closed the site down to make it appear as though the site had truly died.

Acne-ridden teenagers everywhere cried into their unwashed pillows and slit their wrists. A few days later, the site came back like a bad case of crabs. In April 26th 1992, it was dead again; they replaced it with another, less gay site. It was a haven for what's known as piss-bloggers and those who got off on stalking the subject, invading their privacy and infringing their copyrights. They're pissed at RationalWiki too. A five year memoir was published July 2007 and reissued with revisions, in 2008 he made damn sure Sophie Lancaster was voiced. Fan Fiction was one of the most informative article they had on site but even then, you know you're in for misinformation and edit wars ensue when caught.


they got trolled with this photo, the user bugmenot, admin hates Factfinder510 over his edit war on the admins page page.

In March 30 2011, Encyclopedia Dramatica was completely dead and replaced with OhShiternet. Thousands of ED users left ED after its destruction. Like a hydra, two more sites rose in its place, with 10 more active servers.

Thank God for that. It could then be found on ED.ch after the site was down for several hours, in that time many of its users suffered from a severe case of internets withdrawal. Sometimes you have the urge to counter-troll and throw a grenade in a tent, a little napalm into the mix too. Counter-trolling with a verbal napalm of fact checking from ABC News, Newsweek and other new media circles to fight back. This became her nightmare when a book in the small press was published then revised in 2008.

Dead yet Again

In March 2012, ED.ch was dead not even after a year it was launched. It was dead for 2 days before being moved to ED.se where it has remained ever since.

Apparently the cheap bastards forgot to hold up their end of the bargain for their Swiss hosts and they then moved to a Swedish server, as you would expect their article on Sweden encountered much "improvements" to appease their new hosts.

That didn't last long either, and now ED resides at a Spanish website address. They're now owned by user BugmeNot and sees edit wars on his profile alone. They've seen ED.rs too as a host where they were hosted at since too, but they refuse to take down pages that are designed to libel as they were caught shitting on the memories of those who are not around. One of the people who called them to the rug, did equate them to murderers. They needed help from Fandom Wank, Something Awful and their LiveJournal ass kissers. The domain is hosted out of Kosovo, way to [piss] on veterans on that war you assholes.

Style: meh lack there of....

OMFG, Look @ teh dancing turtle!! Look at me, I am ass raping the truth. Look at me, I mock the dead who were murdered. Look at me, I am fucking scumbag who made the murderer of Sophie Lancaster a hero.
For those interested in the full story, the self-proclaimed experts at Wookieepedia think they have an article about Star Wars.

Encyclopedia Dramatica's only style of "humor" is badly written hatred toward everything. This drama, as they call it, is trademarked as Lulz. The "Lulz" can be regarded as a state of mind, whereas the functioning faculties of the mind are completely disregarded, completely lost, and are seldom accounted for ever again. According to Faux News, the pseudo-word "lulz" is a corruption of the acronym LOL. Hence, lulz are the laughs of the corrupted. They're fond of the Chewbacca Defense.

RationalWiki can give insight about this defense as TV Tropes also gave insight too along with the wikia counterpart All The Tropes. This defense is very common with Independent Baptist when evolution is on the table as they shout scripture louder and louder so Flying Spaghetti Monster hears them.

Their page on Gigli is really unfunny, as it is stated that "the film is one of the best of all time, clearly on the cutting edge of humor." This page gets borderline malicious, under the guise of satire but the one about butt-babies becomes progressively gross and pornographic.

It gets racist real fast too as they don't do the bloody research. Pleez give me more articles and we'll making you famous by turning just men into pariahs. Though when someone gets factual they end up kicking them off using their favorite tool, the banhammer. The CEO of Fandom connected with one of the subjects they libeled after saying, "Look, you can't do this as you're putting someone who is a just man on trial."

Lulzites: Ream of the EDiots

This happy user has created his first article.

Anyone who likes this shit are the biggest fucking losers history has ever known (these people are referred to as EDiots) aka their version of a fantard. ED's fanbase is composed primarily of 12-year-olds who think that shock images, misspelled words, lieking a really shit Pokemon, a poorly-drawn Luigi, and being complete assholes to people are the funniest things evar. These are the same kids that ride the short bus to school. And the remaining percent are emo faggots who use this site in an attempt to make themselves feel better.

The open use the site as a LiveJournal alternative in order to rant about how much the world sucks. This is why the entire site reeks of teen angst. The publishing industry factions borrowed some of their wording, then bullied publishers because they saw a whistleblower taking out their fun. Wordpress, Tumblr, and YouTube.com with real reporting played with, became their nightmare then becoming published well they attempt to scoff but seeing a meager pay with some magazines, it gave followings.

One of the attempted victims of ED fought back in video and in print, Degrippo's name is in print and gets a pick-apart in a vicious way — he was proving he was out to get them, more so take them out with the trash. She attempted to invite him to Lulzcon but he said, 'Get lost you bloated whore'. The whole messing with those who live too close to home for her would have came back to haunt her when the incident of Sophie Lancaster was mocked by knuckle-dragging horse fuckers. She saw a Twilight Zone style attack as countertrolling becomes the art form.

The site turning on her became a waking nightmare when someone gained access to her private phone number. The mocking of the victims of MySpace Mom went to far as they were playing the Holocaust as a joke. This one had contributors here firing at them where they combined a lot of the sources from other places they harassed to gather up information to show how nasty they can get. Borderline vile in nature. 🤮 Some of who use emojis on twatter these jokers play LiveJournal Witch Hunt in the right place.

If you fail to see the awesomeness and humor in this image, YOU PHAIL AT LIFE MOTHERFUCKER. In truth this is a slur to Italians if they're watching close enough. Nintendo might be a tad pissed.

More so wanker collective than anything, dumb enough to use the n-word and have a man doing a rule 34 on another male. Wordpress and Tumblr are their banes too because of the informative nature how they are effective tools to pair documentaries that carry venom. They have moments of Lynch Mobs, and users like BugMeNot speaks in all caps. The admins in the current eras blank their pages, with something factual and shocking. They will pull the page out known as "kittens" and just to warn you that's not kittens they use but mutilated genitals or others they ripped from Rotten.com (why isn't there a page here about them?)

I mite be a douche bag and a liar but I GET U FREE PRON at www.insertXXXsite.com!!! I even fucking plagiarize for respect. I lie, steal and nothing short of committing murder. My name is BugmeNot and I want you to get the fuck off my Internet

Even if one actually finds this shit amusing, it'll get stale very shortly. Hate this, old meme that. Blah blah blah. You soon become immune to the lulz, and the shock value no longer affects you. In fact, the images of mutilated genitals actually arouse you. Thus, Encyclopeda Dramatica is essentially a homoerotic catalogue site.

Admins and Other Animals

æ The Moar You Know Did you know
that... the whole thing is run by Kikes?
Girlvinyl asked, "Now will you buy me a gift from my Amazon.com wishlist?" The collective response: Fuck no you fucking Jezebel. Stop stealing from our dinner table. See you in hell.....

The site's owner, Joseph Evers, is a 51 year old pedophile who likes to raep little boys for lulz. He uses the pr0n images as bait, then meets up with them at Lulzcon. When asked in court why he stuck his shriveled cock in a boy's now goatsed anus, he pleaded, "I did it for the lulz." Needless to say, everyone was butthurt and confused when they eventually found out that Joseph Evers doesn't exist. The bastards end up celebrating criminals who murdered Sophie Lancaster, "We mock the dead" and piss on truth for the lulz, yeah yeah fuck you too. Fucking shirt lifting pedophile offering free dick. I now wish I can unsee what you attempted to vandalize thank you very much. Take a social studies class and learn how to be informative.

DeGrippo caved when she was confronted, Pacione's Law, never troll someone who lives in striking distance to countertrolls. Truth burns the hell out of them because they get their information from Stephen Glass, there are some places on the site that are useful such as Fan Fiction.

But even then they don't fact check their material, especially with Archive of our Own is involved because they will TOSSed out the truth tellers. Some aspects were informative about Fandom Wank but they don't care about truth, and truth is funnier when one looks into the events of Something Awful plagiarizing creative nonfiction from effective countertrolls. The question of Stephen Glass was hired to write articles as he could easy been a contributor at some point. Fanlore.org and this site is a match made in hell. WritersCafe.org saw Bully: A Study take out a rival publisher who was using them and Fandom Wank as sources to lie about the said publisher.

Get The Fuck Off My Internet

They attempt to even sound journalistic it almost because they hired this Fabulist to plagiarize their sources. He fabricated every source he came up with. The Cabbie Homicide and the takedown book, fact checked against The Chicago Tribune and People Magazine. Key users were using the real news rags as toilet paper. See: New Republic and Spring Breakdown. The film Shattered Glass will give insight about what he did. Plagiarism is another one where one gets factual with them and they kept it.

This is the one the becomes evident when you hit them with loaded questions, and they will go for the snarl words. Tell the truth no mater what you do, be informative and invite them to look into Stephen Glass because it will get them in a journalism fraud or journalistic hoax. When you know you had a win on your hands is when they pull out the page Kittens. "Don't ask because you can't unsee it and you're grabbing yourself when you see how much they ripoff Rotten.com."

They do this "the get the fuck off my internet" then you know you touched a nerve. The avoiding in mentioning key players but when you see their misinformation being thrown around, the parts that's actual information and are informative are on a iUniverse headache. The one that Lulu.com had to put up with. The vote to ban, the heavier the edit wars get the meaner they get. When you're funny handling them, as they don't like when Fan Fiction becomes factual and their most in depth article about details of Fandom Wank that Fanlore.org provided. Fanlore.org bans what's known as Hostile Editing, the practice of telling the truth about casual copyright infringement. They would call them Truth Trolls when it was really a countertroll.

They don't like information presented in a way where it's able to give Wikipedia a run for their money with moments you're keeping a straight face or when RationalWiki has the section known as category: Fun. Where Encyclopedia Dramatica and Rational Wiki agree is when you have sources on The Fundie (Independent Baptist.) Okay that's something you really are asking whose researching who? Their article on Fan Fiction is 7000 plus words fleshed out and proofread too, where they don't sound like L33t and a 13 year old wrote it. This is what happens when Ambrose Beirce was being found toying with their website to be effective on lessons how to make people laugh when the truth is told.

When you have them pulling this out. You know you poked a dead body with a stick.

The most informative have to be when it came to author of Org's Oddessy and that's huge ouch, when they had it right on Furries. They're the bane of all of us too, but even then you're going to the sourced publisher to gain insight about the headache in the small press where the Furry Fandom is screaming, "Get the yiff out of my internet." one of the new contributors had spent a stint on their free division. The funny comes when everything is fact checked and raise the right questions, you see this is more informative than their entire site put together. We managed to captured the essence of their extra shit sauce in just a 2500 word article. There is your information here pal, careful when your real life friends find the site and prepare to have a video camera handy when firing back.

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