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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for OMG!?

Owe-Em-Gees (sometimes known as Online Motherfucking Group) are strange and elusive creatures that inhabit the deep forests of hyperspace, and so little is known about them that most people only know them as a phrase ("OMG")used to express excitement or surprise. The appearance of the Owe-Em-Gee is questioned, but it is usually an "Octarine" coloured, 3D word, with tiny wings. It bites and scratches. Their close relatives include the Roffle and the Zomg. Their predators include the evil Stuffoo, which is known for its ability to silence an unwary Owe-Em-Gee by amushing them from the front, and the Dubble-ewetee-eff, a bizzarre creature with nasty, questionable habit.

It has been said that RMS took power on them, using his secret GNU weapon.

The Notorious Owe-Em-Gee[edit]

Owe-Em-Gees appear daily in many conversations on the web: in forums, IM conversations, e-mails, MySpace and other blog sites, etc. Internet conversations are their breeding grounds. When many OMGs suddenly insert themselves into a conversation, you know it's breeding time.

EXAMPLE--a typical Instant Message conversation (if these are actual screen names I don't apologize)

Robzorg2341: Did u kno that The Killers r playing in Oakland tomorrow?
Ninjakiller666: OMG OMG OMG OMG RLY?!?!?!?!
Robzorg2341: OMG r u hi?
Ninjakiller666: OMG how did u kno?
Robzorg2341: omg WTF n00b

In the example above, breeding season was at its peak for OMGs. As you can see in the last IM, a young OMG was attacked by a WTF, which ended its life mercilessly.

A more common use of the OMG sign is Oh My Groin.


OMFG or more commonly know as Oh My Farting Grandma is an uprising text talk acronym.