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~ Oscar Wilde


~ Every online game player


~ Loogan Herr


OMGWTF ("Oh my God, what the fuck?!") is the most used phrase in online gaming. This may not necessarily be the combined -- OMGWTF -- but may also be used in either half -- OMG -- and/or -- WTF.

Other meanings may be;

  • Orgy Making Gay Walnut Tanning Flags
  • Oh My God World Totaly Fucked....World Best BF2 Clan
  • Old Monkeys Grow Weird Turtle Farts
  • Omitting Movie Gravity When Tarantula Flying
  • Overtly Mixing Gravy Whilst Turkey Fixing
  • Obese Midget Grandparents Wank The Flamingo
  • Opium Microscopes Granulate Wet Tires, Floyd
  • Onionrings Might Get With The Frenchfries
  • Old Mother Georgia Whips Theodore Finally
  • Oogle Moogle Google Woogle Toogle Foogle
  • Offering Myself Gets Wasted Tryout Flapjack
  • Oblong Mustard Grounds Wink Three Fish
  • Oscar Might Go Wee Twice, Fool
  • Odd Masters Graph; Wing Turtles Fight!
  • Overweight Mother Goes With The Flow
  • Obvious Machine for Gathering Whole Tankers of Fudge
  • Overall, Massive Grues Won't Take Feeling-up
  • Open Mom's Gopher While Tempting Fargo
  • Omnipotent Mangled Gyrating Wedded Turtle Fappers
  • Only My Giant Worm Titty Fucks
  • Openly-Mentally Geeky Wok Turning Freaks
  • Orgasmic-Mental Gyration Will Triangulate Fudge-packers
  • Oprah Matches Gail With The First-timers
  • Oh My Girlyman's Weeny Teeny Fudger
  • Oh My Fucking Wanking Tit Friend
  • Oscar Meyer Gives Weiners To Fatties

Proper Usage[edit]

The proper usage of OMGWTF (WAHHHHHHH! is interchangeable) is during the throws of an orgasm or during a midnight duel between two Frenchmen armed with small herrings (the proper French pronunciation is "Poop").


For more swears see swearing!


The use of OMGWTF is considered illegal in all known countries, states, islands, atolls, provinces, peninsulas and territories except for France. The most common punishment for use of word is death by cheese grating and the offender’s remains must be consumed by his closest relative if not his neighbour. The more uncommon punishments can range from being locked in dark room while bring forced to listen to nothing but Jet albums for 53 hours (This is considered a capital punishment as 98% of prisoners kill themselves while the surviving 2% are stabbed for liking Jet) to being beaten repeatedly with soggy mattresses.


See Storms, no precipitation.

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