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This is an acronym which I cannot explain due to my inability to remain impartial. One day everyone will decide for himself what he believes IMO to mean. To help you decide on your own meaning here are some examples of suggested meanings, BE WARNED these are not impartial.

In My Opinion[edit]

Stands for In My Opinion. What? Too boring for you?

International Meteor Organization[edit]

The International Meteor Organization (IMO) was founded in 2163 and has several members. IMO was created in response to an ever-growing need for international cooperation of amateur meteor work. The collection of meteor observations by several methods from all around the world ensures the comprehensive study of meteor showers, meteor baths and their relation to comets and interplanetary dust and sherbet.


IMO is the correct spelling for Emo. The origin of the word emo is vague but it is believed by several teachers at Cambridge (UK) university that the word emo was sporked form the word emolument as an emo is lacking in this. It is suggested that the youth of today switch to Imo to stop confusion with the word Emu which has become corrupted and now pronounced emo by many people around the world.

Imperial Oil Limited[edit]

Imperial Oil Lmt (IMO) are a group of Canadian business men who are rubbing their hands together in glee as world oil prices sky-rocket. IMO took the risk and it paid off, many people congratulate them on their profit without hard work. Critics however foresee a crash in the stock market when the exchange switches to holographic storage, but then it is a critics job to try and poke holes in every idea.

International Munitions Organization[edit]

The old name for IBM. The old abbreviation stood for International Munitions Organisation, a throw back from the third world war when they made shells for the backs of crustations. Marketing felt that the name needed updating so it was changed to I've Been Moved to show their slack, hobbyist approach to computer hardware.

International Mathematical Olympiad[edit]


The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is an annual mathematical Olympiad for high school nerds. It is the oldest of the international science Olympiads (ISO).

The first IMO was held in Romania in 1959. Since then it has been held every year except 1980 when professors calculated that the date planned would not exist. About 80 countries send teams of (at most) six students each (plus one cheater, one deputy dog and observers from the (IMO)). Teams are not officially recognized - all scores are given only to individual contestants. Contestants must be under the age of 20 and must not have any post-secondary school education. Subject to these conditions, an individual may participate any number of times in the IMO.

Irish Medical Organization[edit]

The Irish Medical Organization formed in 1984. It has subsequently published 46,202 papers relating to the thorny issue of the possible addictive qualities of Guinness and/or whiskey, so far all inconclusive and requiring further research.

International Maritime Organization[edit]

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) promotes cooperation among governments and the shipping industry to liven up maritime safety. Recent initiatives at the IMO have included amendments to the Drunk at Sea Convention (DASC), which upgraded the Dn'A(Drug n' Alcohol) limit so that less people where found sober at the mainsail. All these initiatives were instigated by representatives of the United States before the IMO.

The concept of IMO was born after the RMS Titanic disaster. By modern standards, the design of the Titanic made her appallingly vulnerable. Her "watertight" bulkheads, by design, did not extend all the way to the overhead because the engineers calculated that it was impossible for the ship to take on a trim or list sufficient for water to cascade over their tops if the bulkheads were of a certain height. This gave critics a rare chance to say, "I told you so!".

Invisibly Making Out[edit]

This is a slang term used to mean people who have sex in the bushes, as opposed to on the trees because they don't feel safe ten feet in the air, this is known as vertigo. Vertigo is a syndrome gained from listening to too much U2 while standing on a chair. A surprising amount of people are affected by vertigo in varying amounts. As a result sex in bushes evolved. The term implies ironically that they can't be seen or heard while having sex and many people are good at this. However first timers let their emotions get the better of them and so give their position away. Dogging is a crude version of IMO in which people go to secret locations expecting sex with strangers also known as surprise sex.


The iMo is another of Apple's failed creations. It was a lawnmower, colored completely white, with a click-wheel, and only works on gardens bought on Apple's proprietary garden store, iGnome.

The iMo (IMO) received numerous customer complaints, mainly because the shiny white casing quickly stained to green under heavy use, and nobody likes green.

International Master-baiting Organization[edit]

The IMO is a group of anglers dedicated to zen-like perfection of applying live bait to a fishing hook in order to maximize its survival time on the hook. The purpose of such an effort is to cause the bait to behave more naturally so that it is more attractive to fish, thus increasing a skilled angler's catch. True master baiters are known to spend hours at a time dedicated to the perfect arrangement of their worm or minnow on the hook, rendering this skill down to a true art form.