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Julius Caesar, after ignoring the warnings

March is the month of extramarital activities. It is named after the Roman god of war Mars and his famous chocolate bars. March is the time when wildlife crawl out of their burrows and start new families. At this time, Spring has officially sprung.

Traditionally, the New Year started on 21 March. Some calendars preserve this treatment, but Christians eventually chose 1 January and Scientologists celebrate on 1 April. Chinese celebrate Lunar New Year, which also gives short shrift to March.

March contains the Ides of March, on 15 March. Julius Caesar was told to beware them and, fatefully, did not, and did not get a second chance to do so.

March (also known as "My Beloved March") is owned by both Ranboo and Tubbo. It is also Tubbo's birthday (the entire month).

Other Marches[edit]

March can also mean the following:

  • Something that armies do between bouts of killing people and breaking things.
  • Something that high-school marching bands do between bouts of killing cadence and breaking keys.
  • March Madness, a university sports tournament in the United States, or a week of markdowns at department stores.
  • March of the Penguin Brothers, which is self-explanatory.

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