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..And that's the rest of the story[edit]

This section is for one of the newer categories added to the site as we revealed one of the new members the whole telling the truth and factual gives laughs as much as the satire does. Even reaching across the aisle to Persia and Egypt to find you the funny. Illinois is very much like that and not afraid to do this at the expense of others too. It's all fun and games until someone loses part of their genitals.

We're not joking here: Disclaimer Needed[edit]

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This article features first-hand journalism by an UnNews correspondent.
Don't ask us, just seek out and you will see the subject of trolling Trump discussed.

Sometimes the facts really are stranger than fiction. This is where Illinois became the experts on this; look what plays up in their own state then don't admit this plays up in Florida too. Just see for yourself and fact check us within UnNews:Main Page. Keep reading and see what was featured on the front page as Fan fiction and Fantard played this up too.

Let the fun begin when you can weed the truth from what lines blur from the fictional thoughts within the satire, but just don't drink anything when you do because this will be a regular Ripley's Believe It Or Not...

This will be all the areas where the Fact is stranger than fiction tag plays up and it's relatively new; though not many pages have this but came when the said page came up and the roster who is joked about are on the said pages. This is where humor meets immersive journalism.

None of us are fabricating our sources like Stephen Glass, but all the fleshed up articles one of them really did have the journalism cred and combines real reporting with the funny, check out Southern Baptists as they're going to bee tagged to the category next when the connections even get in on the act with the commentary as we're going to say "throw it in. How much can you get past the radar."

Would we Lie to you[edit]

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This article is written in the real or imagined writing style of its subject. If you do not find it funny, it is probably because you are the type who needed this explained to you. If you still do not find the article funny, that is surely because a joke loses its humor when it is explained. The authors sincerely hope that you will pick up your game and laugh without prompting in the future.