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A Scout Trooper's helmet records the last thing before their death, but won't let them glance over their shoulder.

“ Phew bichchew fwoosh! ”

~ Oscar Wilde on Scout troopers

Scout Troopers are a class of soldiers in the Imperial Army from the First and Second Great Star Wars. Scout Troopers forage the woods, like Aragorn, but they can't talk to tree's or animals like druids and Disney princesses. Scout Troopers don't play an important role in any of the movies, but they do have really cool hover bikes that go VROOM!

Scout Troopers are culled from the ranks of the Imperial Boy Scouts, where they earn merit badges in skills such as forestry, woodworking and blaster shooting. Although they are well known for riding Harley Davidson speeder bikes, though they rarely practice and prefer to spend their time singing songs around campfires.

Clone Scout Troopers were often used as despatch riders to relay encrypted orders to the trenches on the front lines, and were useful in breaching no man's land by hovering over landmines.


First Order Scout Trooper with rocket skates.

Scout trooper armor was very different than that used by a usual storm trooper; designed for maximum movement and flexibility during combat. Scout troopers wore white boots with a tan bottom, one boot having a pistol holster. A black body suit was worn with pockets and knee pads to avoid road rash going 300 miles an hour; along with black gauntlets. Pouches that held their weapons and tools were attached at the waist. A groin flap and waste recycling unit provided additional comfort. A computer is housed in the back of their power armor that gives them the strength of over five ewoks. Unfortunately they don't have any personalized energy shields, cloaking technology, or even camouflaged paint jobs, making them stand out like a sore thumb.

A scout trooper may be armed with a sniper rifle or rocket launcher. Scout trooper helmets incorporated enhanced macrobinocular viewplates capable of locating energy emissions, target magnification, night vision, and motion tracking. Due to the ergonomic design of the scout troopers helmet it allows no peripheral vision, making crashes into giant trees highly likely.

Along with realistic humanoid robots to fight their wars, the new republic eventually developed personalized hover boards making their technology on par with other 80's sci-fi movie earth circa 2015 and 2019.

Rule of Two[edit]

Much like the Sith, Scout Troopers always travel in pairs. In the season one finale of The Mandalorian, two Scout Troopers were able to retrieve Baby Yoda but were tragically killed by its nanny after the rabie infected child bit one of them. A parade for the two Troopers were held after Moff Gideon survived his Malaysian Airlines plane crash, as the pair were widely recognised as the Empire's worst sharpshooters.