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A typical Russian practising a typical Russian sport in the middle of a typical Russian Summer.

Russian may refer to:

  • Russian people, however there is no article with such name, for more information see Russia
  • Russian Empire, same thing as Russia, except that it is how the country is being referred to right now
  • Russian Ocean, a name that the Americans gave to the greatest part of Russian territory
  • Russian roulette, one of the most important activities of the Russian nobility
  • Russian reversal (phenomenon), one of the games Russian children play
  • Russian Revolution of 1917, one of the most important events of the world history studied in at least 15 countries (former USSR republics)
  • Russian Czar, a honorary title given by a Russian monarch (often to a person who is his son).
  • Ukrainian, in Ukrainian "Russian" refers to someone from the Ukraine.

It is important to disambiguate among the above meanings, for example if you decide to play a Russian game, Russian roulette and Russian reversals are hardly the same thing. However, if you decide to visit the Russian Empire, you may encounter several challenges if it has already got replaced by water.

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