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"FOX" redirects here. For the news organization, see Fox News.
FOX wordmark.svg
Fox's logo, which oddly does not depict foxes.
Country USAmericanflag.JPG United States
Founder and president Rupert Murdoch
CEO Homer Simpson
Parent 20th Century Fox
Launch date June 6, 1986
Language We speak Americano here, not Mexican't.
Slogan "What does the Fox say?" (1986–89)
"D'oh!" (1989–96)
"Fair and balanced" (1996–2017)
"Go Fox yourself" (2017–present)
Availability 1.725 billion households of coveted 18–49-year-olds worldwide

Fox (styled as FOX, as though the letters stood for something, even the X) is America's #1 television station. Run on the tyranny model by Australian billionaire Rupert Murdoch, it consists primarily of crude adult live-action/animated sitcoms, conservative-slanted news amidst a sea of liberal news, medical dramas, cooking and dancing shows, and a litany of cancelled programs.


Fox is notorious for cancelling many of its own shows, due to executives purposefully pre-empting their own shows in favor of mindless sports said shows being so meteorically popular that they spontaneously combust into cancellation before they even air. The manic cancellations tend to lower the audience somewhat, to which Fox's recommendation is, "Just buy the DVD box set. In fact, you better buy three or four, just to be safe."

Fox is known for its "edgy" television, which is much more HARD-HITTING and EXPLOSIVE than any other television network. To reflect this edginess, the network's slogan was changed from "Fair and balanced" to "Go Fox yourself" in 2017. This results in damaged Nielsen boxes, which distort Big Brother's ability to report accurate ratings. Thus, shows receive negative ratings at their peak in popularity. Fox has no plans to fix this, as its HARDCORE EDGE allows it to dominate television year after year (and when it doesn't, it can always show Independence Day).


7:00 PM 7:30 PM 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM
Sunday The O.C. OT We Still Have The Simpsons[1] The Great North Bob's Burgers Family Guy

Monday Local Programming American Idol
So You Think You Can Dance, Huh?
Tuesday Lethal Weapon The Mick[2] Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Wednesday Hell's Kitchen
The F Word
Thursday Beat Shazam Love Connection
Friday MasterChef Lucifer
Saturday Sports
  • Did we mention that Saturday nights have one-hour reruns of American Grit and/or Love Connection? No? Ohhhhh... you're missing out on great television.

Controversy and political slant[edit]

In the early days of Fox, social conservatives and the religious right hated Rupert Murdoch for his (at first) "sleazy" television programs on primetime slots. In 1996, Murdoch got to meet one concerned Michigan housewife, who wrote to Fox that she hated Married...with Children and The Simpsons for being too vulgar and sexually explicit.

Shortly after this meeting, Fox set up their own right-wing news channel, Fox News, and the housewife and the whole right-wing changed their minds about Murdoch and his television network niche. Indeed, if it weren't for the Fox Network's sleaziness, you wouldn't have Fox News to fairly-and-balancedly cater to the same people who once jeered at Murdoch's media enterprise.

Spinoff channels[edit]

In 1994, Fox created FX (pronounced Fox-Two), an even edgier network that allows the word "shit" and mild nudity; it can't get much edgier than that. In 2013, Fox launched a clone of FX (basically a clone of a clone) imaginatively branded "FXX" (pronounced Fox-Tutu), mostly known for airing all-day Simpsons marathons.


  1. On Sunday, further proving that Sundays are the only day people watch Fox.
  2. Or Fox Finds Another Live-Action Sitcom with Less Than 10 Viewers.

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