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The Emo was particularly the most important demographic during the 2000s.

The 2000s (2000-2009) was a decade that existed but no-one (except for 2010s kids and the kids who lived in that decade) wants to admit it exists. It also had emos. Lots of them infact. Made every millennial hate the 2000s. [1] From 2000 to 2001, 90s culture remained prominent in those two years and some would argue the 90s still existed then. By 2002, the 2000s culture was installed into the minds of children who grew up in the era [2].

For a large part of the 2000s, the Clintons were pushed by the Bush dynasty with George W. Bush leading the US by this point. This also coincided with the European continent transitioning from "poor nation states" to "superbly excellent" mainly due to the rise of economy and budget in the continent while the US was doing their thing. Truthfully, the decade has been misunderstood for years, yet has started to gain a fandom of it's own. The 2000s had the best rate of YouTube videos. It may depend on when you were born if you're a 2000s kid or not. If you were born after 2006, then you're not a 2000s kid. But anyone who was born in or before 2006 is a 2000s kid.

Children's entertainment also sucked after the 2000s. Just see the Wiggles now and compare it to before and you'll see.



The 2000s is universally agreed upon as the worst decade. Somehow, however, when kids born after 2006, they may know a lot about it and really like it even though they never knew it before they started using the Internet. However, anyone who grew up in the previous decade before the 2000s <rev>the 90s.</rev>, they argue that the 1990s was much better, even though the decades were very similar in the expansion of the internet and some of the TV shows which remained intact.

Contrary to what the egotistical Millennials want you to believe, the 2000s was the decade that pushed you on your edge for the sake of good entertainment. Just watch the Angry Video Game Nerd if you don't believe this statement.


The importance of the 2000's is foremost, that it was a revelation against the 90's and all their "cool" and "rad" quotes with movies to sell money for some overprivileged government officials. People no longer listened to Nirvana and Spice Girls and were able to complain about that stuff. Along with that, the 2000's implied a new era of television and the media came up with new special effects such as CGI which was an evolved version of 90s CGI.

The 2010s are exactly like the 2000s, but more mobile-centred and (contrary to what people believe) is much worse.


One of the greatest achievements of the 2000's was the arrival of Motion Controls which gave us games like Mario Kart Wii and Wii Sports. Also, the arrival of the Nintendo GameCube, the PS2 (the best of them all), the Nintendo Wii, the Nintendo DS and the Xbox 360. Gaming in this decade wanted to advance rather than de-advance (looking at you, Wii-U).

End of the 2000s[edit]

The 2000s ended when the year 2010 arrived and when YouTube introduced Content ID. What a bad year that was.

Important events of the 2000s[edit]

  • The War on Terrorism. Elvis Costello was part of the "Oliver's Army" that toured all of Afghanistan and somehow got drunk. Elvis later wrote Oliver's Army (the song) based on this experience. Actually, a bunch of armies were like this but they never wrote a song, unlike Elvis.
  • The Great Depression. America had the biggest problem mainly because George Bush kept the money in his bush. Where else was he gonna put it? In his backyard?
  • YouTube was invented by SteveYouSteveTube. He made the site to access a more family-friendly type of Pornography.
  • Samurai Jack started airing on TV.
  • Superman becomes less popular in the Western World.
  • Batman becomes less popular in the Western World.
  • Muammar Gaddafi becomes weaker in power as president of Libya and becomes more likely to die at the beginning of the next decade.
  • Music starts to suck more.



  1. Looking at you, 90s kids.
  2. Including the Duck Song. You don't remember that, do you, 2010s kids?


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