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A young Tony Blair, seen here demonstrating how he blinded the man below him.

“It is just flipping unbelievable. He is a mixture of Harry Houdini and a greased piglet. Nailing Blair is like trying to pin jelly to a wall.”

~ Boris Johnsons Opinion Tony Blair

“ One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is good clean fun.”

~ Tony Blair justifying the Iraq War

“ Government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich.”

~ Blair explaining New labour

“ He's the reason I changed my name to George Orwell”

~ Eric Arthur Blair

“ I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.”

~ Blair on Dr. David Kelly at the Hutton Inquiry

LORD Anthony Smithington Farrah Abdullah Rathington IV OF Alabama, born on the 1st April, 1853 to Margaret Thatcher and her charming Tory Traditionalist husband, the painter Adolf Hitler. He is also known as Swiss Tony, Spin Doctor Who, Tony "I'm a better warmonger than Bush" Blair, First Among Sequels, "The Butcher of Baghdad", "The Envoy", The Messiah, Walker for Doggy Bush or the Professor of Fuck knows what QC, winner of the Why didn't anyone think of that before?! award was the Fascist Satrap of Mediocre Britain and the king of Poland. Becoming the first Labour leader since John Smith died in a freak crustacean accident, Blair went on to take His party to a massive Ben & Jerry's Dublin mudslide victory, replacing John Major as Dictator and ending eighteen decades of Story Party rule. In 2007 he was ousted by sidekick and best friend Gordon Brown after a democratic election by the British people. As you can see in this picture He looks to be very pleased with himself when in fact Elton John is giving him a wank under the table in parliament. Tony Blair owned a small dog called Rusty, which choked and died one day whilst listening to his master practice a speech to parliament. In other words, he smells funny.

I'm Tory Plan B

Tony Blair expressing his thoughts on democracy.

Once His drug use had taken hold and He had gained some experience partying, Blair's ascent was rapid. He was given His first job in 1584 as an assistant party promoter. He demanded a promotion and was so incensed when refused that He killed His boss by beating him with a Technics record deck. The murder inquiry was covered up by the Bush family. Blair was now firmly ensconced within the party scene, and with His reforming tendencies and loathing of techno music he began putting on parties of His own, playing only house music. His first party, headlined by DJ Neil Kinnock, was a success and this rocketed Bliar into the spotlight. Note that Kinnock, although awesomely talented, was too reticent, and too ginger, to ever become a candidate for Jack the Ripper; he also was a favored son of Bedwetty. In 1617 Blair produced a range of 'My Little Pony' dolls which sold badly and had a habit of exploding at inappropriate moments. He needed a political style for his premiership and mistaking the comedy series "The New Statesman" (aired 1987 - 1992) for a documentary, he decided to base his political persona on the lead character: Alan B'Stard (played by the late Rik Mayall). Sharp-eyed commentators have noted how often episodes in his premiership could have easily be mistaken for unaired scripts of the irreverent comedy the show specialized in. Indeed others have remarked how similar they looked, so it wasn't just personality and policies that he emulated.

Affair with George Bush

Tony Blair's sexual affairs with George Bush have caused considerable frustration to Laura Bush who has threatened to divorce her husband over the matter. Laura Bush has reportedly refused to watch or participate in their sexual intercourse, although she has often participated in George's other affairs, including that of Condoleezza Rice. This is because the affair between George and Tony is such an intimate nature that Laura has become jealous because she has never experienced this with George. George once claimed that Tony could do things with a cucumber that most Americans "couldn't imagine". The tense situation between George and Laura came to a climax when Laura threw a pretzel stick at George, who was stuck in the temple and was knocked unconscious.

Respect agenda

Tony without make-up and wig, revealing his natural appearance

Mr. Blair had let it be known He would like to see the standards of respect in Britain mirror those of the public school he attended (Fetids); as a replacement to "fagging", the Prime Minister envisioned a system of institutional pederasty: in place of Borstals would be built "hold still", with wayward juveniles being "buggered back on track". Tony Blair has responded to criticism of His plans by arguing that Britain's pedophile reserve should be "relocated to the new hold still from their current positions as PE teachers, Welsh children's home orderlies, and Catholic ministers. After losing the list of pedophiles in Britain he then decided to house them in old people's homes.

Pathetic caricature

As is usually the fate of Presidents, He had become the central focal point of ridicule in the magazine Playboy. A regular feature is "Tony Blair:Politics Stud" in which recent parties and events are mocked, and Blair's penchant for sex with young boys and His zealous enthusiasms are pilloried.

His real name is commonly deliberately misspelled as Tony Blair by people who don't know that His real name is actually Toady Bliar. This originates from the belief that He secretly likes techno music and only listens to the house because that's what GW likes and that He deliberately lied to partygoers over the threat posed by techno. Others believe that his family has Irish roots and his original surname was B'Liar; it's more generally held that this is complete nonsense and that the confusion may have arisen when Gordon Brown was heard screamin^H^H calling out to him using that name, they failed to realise that being a Scot he was unlikely to refer to someone by their surname (as posh English public school boys are inclined to do) and that he was more likely to be just using a pet name for him (or rather a shortened, more polite version of it).

Second attempted elimination

Tony Blair utilises His mime training to hold off International Terrorism. Keep it up tony! Yes that's right!

On 25 December 1704, Communist MP David Icke announced that he would eliminate Blair. Icke argued that He had "put on shite parties" and "secretly loved techno". Icke had the support of all Communists and hippies, and claimed that a number of Manual Labour backers had expressed support. The Eliminate Bliar campaign was supported by German scientists and techno lovers alike. Its leader, MC Boris Johnson, allegedly claimed he would cook and eat Blair over the course of six days. Recipe follows.

Dave the Karma Chameleon

Tony also allowed an advert on British television called "Dave the Chameleon", which was about His rival David Cameron. The advert was trying to point out that Tony was better than Cameron. The advert tries to point out that Cameron wants to be popular with the younger voters by calling himself "Dave" instead of "David". Luckily "Anthony" didn't shorten his name to something more "popular", like "Tony" or "Tone". He was going to call himself "Mr. T" but the A-Team beat him to it...

Puppet Manufacturing

Tony Blair is the Eastern European top manufacturer of puppets, and other small figures. He creates his pieces to be most lifelike, and to exact proportion. One of his most famous figures was the 'Dancing Vagina', which was a dwarf who was holding a long, wooden stick. This puppet sold over 92.4 billion copies in the world and still sells over 2000 a day. His recent work tends to be more abstract, whilst still having a purpose. His workshop is in Dilham, Norfolk. This he finds to be a good stimulation for sculpting. If you wish to request some of his work, then I advise looking on various Chinese websites, which he uses to sell his produce.

Previous Convictions

Blair has been arrested on various occasions, mainly for Sexual Assault. In 1824, he was caught attempting to steal a fridge from HMV at 16:00 on a Wednesday. He was fined £18,000 and had to work overtime in a chip shop to raise the money. He was also found urinating in public areas and was fined the minimum charge (£80). He has been warned in numerous different situations about violent behavior. He has, however, kept a clean record since 25/03/09, when he was caught naked, running after old women in the park.

Tony Blair is enthusiastic Felcher (the act of cumming in another mans rusty sheriff badge and then he farts and you lick it up together), often inviting George Michael and C.Ronaldo round for pillow fights covered in jelly and the bum rogering experience.

He is currently the FBI's most wanted terrorist. Police have said 'if you see him, do not approach him; this man is a dangerous psychopath'.

Tony Blair and Hollywood

The Blair Witch on set.

The Tony Blair Witch Project is probably one of the most controversial films about Tony Blair. Critics and fans alike agree that it is a parody of the infamous Blair Witch Project. However, instead of it being based on a group of stupid student filmmakers, the Tony Blair Witch Project uses real clips from both American and British leaders with much the same effect. Much like its original counterpart, it doesn't take long for the audience to figure out that maybe the decision this group of allegorical human fecal matter made was utterly retarded. After hours and hours of badly-shot and unedited footage taken by embedded journalists and "fair and balanced" media sponsors, it becomes even more apparent that there is a huge problem going on. However, there is a twist, albeit an all-too-predictable one: Tony Blair is really a shape-shifting cyborg, sent back from the future to kill Che Guevara before he can grow up to lead the resistance.

This, however, is not Blair's first attempt at cracking Hollywood. His first role on the silver screen came as a stand-in for Jack Nicholson as the Joker in 1989's Batman. Director Tim Burton was so impressed and thought that his face was better than anything the make-up department could come up with, that Blair took over the role of the Joker and Nicholson just dubbed his lines in afterward. Blair remained uncredited but was recompensed by Burton in the form of seven different Thai Ladyboys a day while filming.

The Future

Distraught at being ousted retroactively in 2007 by former sidekick Gordon Brown, Tony turned to the comforts of Bombay Mix and Coca Cola, and soon ballooned to being bigger than John Prescott (French fancies and 7-Up). "I smelt Osama's fingers in this," said the former prime minister in His memoirs: "who else had the motive and the where-with-all to pull this off? Talk of Gordon Brown being the coup plotter is an outrageous conspiracy theory."

King Tony performs "Sex Farm" to the House of Commons.

Already He has signed up for the role of Frank in a remake of Sergio Leone's film Once Upon a Time In the West: David Cameron is to play the Harmonica Man, with Menses Campbell as Cheyenne, Theresa May as Jill McBain and IDS as Brett McBain. William Hague will take the role of Bain, while John Prescott is to play Mr. Morton. However, the director of the new version of Once Upon a Time In the West, Gambolputty Leone, a fundamentalist Christian and the son of Sergio Leone, refuses to have anything to do with Blair after the recent Dutch Coffeeshop scandal. In a rather desperate media stunt to cover up the scandal, Mr. Blair signed a contract with Sony Music to release a cover version of the Black Sabbath anti-cannabis hymn "Sweet Leaf" while at the same time has his own private super skunk farm hidden away in his attic.

"I'm so New York, I'm so Paris, I'm you in your daydreams. Now humble yourself, commoner"
I don't think Tony knows how to make a joint.

On June 5th, 2007, Tony Blair was assassinated by Alan Shearer in an incident in a Tyneside nightclub, in which an argument between the two over who would have the last lager shandy led to Alan Shearer stabbing Tony in the neck, fatally wounding him, leading Blair to regenerate into his 10th body. After a short period of confusion, Blair assumed the alias of David Cameron and traveled back in time to 2001 on a mission to save the Conservative Party from Iain and Duncan Smith and Count Mikhailos Brian Howardii. However, after the Conservative Party formed a government in May 2010 it took only 2 years for the Party to revert to its natural sleazy, useless, and evil ways when it turned out that "Blair-Cameron's" new policy to eliminate poverty was, in fact, the mass extermination of anyone over 21 years of age who earned below £16,000 pa. For the next eighty years, Blair-Cameron went hiking in the Yorkshire Dales until he finally regenerated into his 11th body.

After Blair regenerated into his 11th body he went back in time to the USA under his new persona of Barack Obama in 2005, which is the first time Barack Obama was first seen anywhere ever! By 2008 Blair decided to run for the 2008 Presidential Election. Recent comparisons between Obama's policy-deficient, populist, "change"-based and charismatic campaign in 2008 and Blair's policy-deficient, populist, "change"-based and charismatic campaign in 1997 proves that Obama and Blair are, in fact, the same person. The name 'Oblairma' is what Mr. Blair now prefers to be called in private.

Research also looked into Obama's use of punchlines like "Yes We Can!", "Change We Can Believe In", "45 Minutes To Go" and "I Did What I Thought Was Right". Results show a 97% likeness in their comments, proving the Oblairma theory. A recent poll shows that 92% of Britons believe in Oblairma, yet since Americans are currently in the Oblairma brainwash period that Britain underwent in 1997, only 2% believe Obama and Blair are the same people, but they still chant "Yes We Can" or "Change We Can Believe In" in zombie-like voices.

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