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“There is only one thing worse than a Richard Curtis film, and that is genocide.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Richard Curtis

Richard Whallaby Anthony Curtis, CBE (born 8 November 1956) is Mediocre Britain's foremost screenwriter, best known for such works as Bridget Jones's Dairy, Love Possibly, Wedding, Two Weddings, Three Weddings and the acclaimed sequel Three Weddings and a Bar Mitzvah. In a Channel 4 programme, 100 Greatest People Referred To In Oscar Wilde Quotations, Richard Curtis scored as 72nd. Richard Curtis's long term partner is Sigmund Freud. It is believed that without him the British film industry would be in Tatters - Tatters being a small village in Cornwall and home of Britain's greatest actresses, Billie and Piper.


Could be the Nine O'Clock News

The Black Udder


Black Udder II

Black Udder III

Black Udder Gets Milked

Bridget Jones's Dairy


Two Weddings

Three Weddings

Three Weddings and a Bar Mitzvah

Love Possibly

Notting Gate

How Do You Take Your Tea?

Hugh Grant and the Philosopher's Stone

Hugh Grant and the Temple of Doom

Hugh Grant's Day Off

Hugh Grant IV: A New Fop

Hugh Grant V: The Fop Strikes Back

Hugh Grant: Full Throttle

Hugh Grant: Divine Comedy

The Girl Who Wants You To Support Make Poverty History

Richard Curtis: Why I Bother to make Crap Films and get so many Posh Awards aka the secret of my Success (Documentary)

The Vicar Of Dribbling

Cunt his oscar winning self-biopic

Well-known Quotations from the Works of Richard Curtis[edit]

"Luke, I-I-I-I-I am your father." ~Hugh Hugh Grant V: The Fop Strikes Back.

"I'm a vicar with boobs! Why did the chicken cross the road?" "I don't get it." ~Geraldine and Alice, The Vicar of Dribbling.

"I'm going to make out with Bill Nighy. Make Poverty History!" ~Gina, The Girl Who Wants You To Support Make Poverty History.

"Love is all around... now, let's kiss." ~Hugh, repeated line.

"Thanks for the job, Richard." ~Rowan Atkinson