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Sid Owen and Bianca

Sid Owen (Born Sidney Sid Sid Sidney Sid Rickkkkyyyyyyy Rickkkkkky Jannnninnnneeeeee Pat Pat Pat Jeffrey Sidney Sid "Sid" BoSidney Sidney Owen III) was during the 1990s Britain's worst actor, and a failed pop star.

He remained in the public eye until giving up acting due to hearing loss he suffered playing opposite Biancha Butcher (Patsy "Biannnca" Palmtree) in the highly unpopular British soap EastEnders

Early life[edit]

Owen was manufactured by snooker legend Cliff Thorburn and amateur golfer Nick Faldo during a drunken session in 1973 at their woodwork shed in Cheshire.

Acting "Career"[edit]

Since 1993 Sid has been voted consecutively as Britain's worst actor ever, year in year out, beating fellow shite actor and national arsehole Dean Gaffney to the accolade.

Owen would have been voted as the World's Worst Actor but was pipped at the post by Steven Segall

Owen was raised in Hackney East Landan (Cockney for Lannnndannn] and enrolled to the Ross Kemp School of Acting.

Kemp liked Owen so much that he cast him in EastEnders initially as Rolly the Poodle before allowing him to become [Ricky Butcher] a role which he obliterated using the vacant "think i farted and shat myself" acting method.

Owen had to leave EastEnders for offending Ross Kemp's brother Martin Kemp (of Spandex Ballet fame) due to releasing a shite pop record. Owen's (s)hit hasn't been played in any form on any public radio stations in the western hemisphere since 1996.

Sid owns a black Vauxhall Cavalier which doubles as is both his transport and his house.

As of January 2018 Owen was seen delivering Pizzas in Epping Forest

It is widely thought that Owen was the sex child of Max Bygraves but this was later found to be innacurate when the Television Presenter Andi Peters stated he was Owen's father...despite being gay....and black.

Owen recently starred in a TV advert for a well known betting firm. It swiftly withdrawn when over 7 million complaints were received by OFCOM by annoyed viewers regarding an obvious fecal matter stain on Owen's jeans.

In 2019 it was confirmed that Owen had emmigrated to China to learn the ancient art of feudal gerbil cleansing